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Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products

It is believed across the world that products that value high are good. Indeed that could be true in many aspects; apart from the cost tag, the product should be rare and exotic. Most of the most expensive and unusual facial products are made from some unimaginable source material and substance. The truth is that today, source materials that were used for long throughout human history have been replaced with new, complicated materials that one cannot comprehend. This has happened mainly due to the advancement in technology of engineering skin products from extracts of some peculiar materials such as nightingale droppings fueled by ever-rising demand for unusual facial products. You will agree that all luxury facial dermatology products do have a “star component,” a mineral very rare to find, an extract from a strange plant or a serum bioengineered to guarantee you the regaining of youthful skin texture. This article is created to help you find out the top 10 most expensive unusual face products.

1 Volumizing Serum – ReVive Intensite

Considered the most expensive unusual face product where an ounce is retailing at $600 means that ReVive Intensite is magical in helping users achieve their required skin tone. It is developed to rub off wrinkles through skin cell plumping and improving the volume of your face, KGF (keratinocyte growth factor) is a major component, and it is essential in enhancing the growth of cells for the intestines, mouth, and skin. It is said that KGF has the capability of multiplying cells eight times faster compared to normal growth. Although our bodies can release growth factors on their own to cure wounds, clinical research has established that applying KGF topically has a rapid healing rate for the burns considered to be second-degree.  Voluminizing Serum – ReVive Intensite is highly expensive because producing its main component, the KGF, is almost impossible with one gram of pure KGF retailing at $4 million, being the most costly material on earth.

Intensite Volumizing Serum Filler Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 1 expensive face products

2 La Prairie Jeweled Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

La Prairie Jeweled Skin Caviar is indeed an unusual face product. The things that make it so expensive could be quite unexpected. The packaging that takes up to two days of work to make is a crystal-encrusted jar christened Swarovski. The constituents of the powerful cream that rejuvenates a tired skin include alpha hydroxyl acids, Caviar firming compound, a powerful mixture of unknown proteins from sea creatures, extracts of phytotherapy and bioengineered special chemicals. The Caviar firming compound, with all its constituents, adds up to $204.4 an ounce.

La Prairie SKIN CAVIAR cream Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 2 expensive face products

La Prairie SKIN CAVIAR cream Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 3 expensive face products

3 Orlane Hypnotherapy

It is believed that if you have got an unusual facial product that you want to market, and it has the backing of a wonderful story as well as great science facts, then you will sell it like a hot cake. Orlane Hypnotherapy has a great science backing in the sense that the product’s name, hypnotherapy, happens to be clearly explained in pyschodermic, a form of skin care treatment that involves curing both the mind and the skin.

The psychological thinking Hypnotherapy is based on the fact that the skin is usually affected as a result of the stresses experienced by the brain. The main constituent of the product is Psychorepair retrieved from Arctic cranberries which contains omega-3 that infuses with the skin to rejuvenate the tissues of the skin, hence stopping the aging process.

expesive skin care prouct Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 4 expensive face products

4 Essence – Creme de La Mer

Most unusual facial products originate from the least expected constituents, and Essence – La Mer is that kind of unusual products as its major constituent is christened Miracle Broth made by combining kelp and algae that’s growing off San Diego coast. The formulated cream then is allowed to ferment for four months while in NYC waiting to be packed in uniquely designed tubes that are magnetized. Prepare yourself to spend $3,100 for Essence supply that will last for three weeks.

Crème de la Mer The Essence Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 5 expensive face products

5 Facial Conformer – N.V. Perricone

The facial Conformer Consists of three main constituents; compounds of amino acids released by cells in our brains that signal other cells to begin skin rejuvenation and enhance exfoliation known as synthetic neuropeptides. The second ingredient is a kind of chemical whose function is to carry out skin toning and improve the actions of further antioxidants, and lastly phospholipids responsible for repairing damaged skin by producing moisture equivalent to our body’s oils.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer 1 Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 6 expensive face products

6 Facial treatment concentrate – SK-II

SK-II is made from Pitera yeast extract that is a highly concentrated nutrient substance that brightens and makes the skin smooth. It also controls the body pH, improves normal exfoliation and enhances moisture. Pitera is very unusual in that for it to be obtained from yeast, the process must take place in a managed environment. It is relatively expensive as 30 grams retails at $300.

SK II WHITENING SPOT SPECIALIST CONCENTRATE Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 7 expensive face products

7 La Prairie Cellular Cream – Platinum Rare

Cellular Cream is produced by La Prairie. The constituents of the rare platinum which enables it to mix well with human skin by recharging electron balance in the human skin to prevent aging hence protecting the DNA of the skin and replacing the skin’s moisture to make it look soft and beautiful always.

la prairie PLATINUM RARE cream Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 8 expensive face products

la prairie PLATINUM RARE cream 1 Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 9 expensive face products

8 Premier La Crème – Kanebo Sensai

The constituents of Kanebo Sensai‘s Premier La Crème are no known beyond the organization producing it as they advise people interested in finding out to see the labels on the pack. However, they say that they have the biggest breakthrough in solving facial challenges that come with the aging process, aromatherapy among other areas.

Kanebo Sensai Premier the cream Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 10 expensive face products

9 Recovery Complex – TNS

The $250 Recovery Complex TNS (Tissue Nutrient Skin) was highly recommended by Allure magazine and Oprah for its effectiveness. Additionally, rumors have it that among its constituents is foreskin but what is sure is NouriCel-MD which is an active ingredient in cell behavior for the skin.

TNS Recovery Complex Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 11 expensive face products

10 No Fun – Uguisu

The product is made from the extracts of poop from Nightingale, and it helps in brightening, retexturing and skin healing because the poop extract contains guanine. Undergoing an hour spa session of Uguisu will cost you $180.

uguisu no fun powder Top 10 Most Expensive & Unusual Face Products - 12 expensive face products

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