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Top 10 Latest Salt and Pepper Grinders That Match Kitchen Trends

There are lots of innovative products in the market today which have been designed to improve lives in one way or another. Amongst these products, there are some which you can’t do without it. Whatever the case may be, they will always be needed around the home to help in the execution of various tasks. One of these products is salt and pepper grinders. Whether you want to admit it or not, these are essential tools that you can hardly do without in your kitchen.

So, you have to read every detail of this post as it will be exposing some of the newest salt and pepper grinders which are perfect for your kitchen. They have been predicted to be one of the trendiest kitchen items this year. All you have to do is choosing the ones that will meet your needs based on features and also the size of your budget. They are the best in the market, so you don’t have to worry about their quality.

 1 Gravity Pepper Grinder

The Gravity Pepper Grinder has been able to take technology to another level. It is one of the best innovations that you can add to your kitchen. If you are looking for a way to grind your pepper in a better and more effective way, this is one product that can help you. It can turn on and off automatically without you having to lift a finger. It has been produced with acrylic and Stainless steel material thereby ensuring that it is very durable. Also, it has been manufactured in a way that helps in grinding the spices easily and quickly. With this Gravity Pepper Grinder, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a much better meal.

 2  Oak Wood Pepper Grinder

Are you looking for a tool that helps grind pepper, sesame, sea salt, and others without stress? There is no need searching any further as you can have access to Oak Wood Pepper grinder. This grinder can make all the difference given its complete features which are unique. The traditional pepper and salt grinder will come with those fancy lights and other features. However, Oak Wood Pepper grinder is different as it looks like a classic grinding tool.  Just as the name sounds, it is made up of wood and can be used in homes, hotels, and restaurants. One of the best features of this grinding tool is that it gives you the freedom to choose how you want your pepper or salt to be grounded. As you make it tighter, the grinds will be smoother while if you want it to be coarse, make it lose. It is a simple tool that meets all your grinding needs.

 3 OXO Pepper and Salt Grinder

Another top pepper and salt grinder that most homeowners will make use of. The reason isn’t farfetched as its features have been discovered to be very outstanding. It comes in a set which contains different grinder that you can make use of in grinding various items. For instance, one grinder can be used for pepper while the other is used for salt. The tabs can be easily rotated to help you adjust whatever you are grinding. For instance, pepper can be either coarse or fine through this feature. It has been designed in such a way that you’ll know when refilling is needed because of its clear bodies.

4 Premium Salt and Pepper Shakers

It is one of the most innovative salt and pepper grinders you can add to your kitchen. It has very high quality and can make all the difference when it comes to helping you make that tasty meal. With its ceramic grinding mechanism which is highly adjustable, you will be able to grind items to your taste. The coarseness can be adjusted just for the way you want it without any stress. One of the most significant features of this grinder is the fact that it can be easily operated. You only need to hold its head and get the body twisted for it to start working. Refilling isn’t just easy as this grinding tool also comes in a vast capacity to ensure that you put in lots of items. And this can be a time saver.


5 Cuisinart SP-2 Stainless Steel 

Cuisinart SP-2 Stainless Steel has been able to do one thing which is to ensure that pepper and salt grinding is taken to another level. It is easy to operate and also elegant regarding design. Also, it can be adjusted to produce any degree of coarseness that you want. Its rechargeable feature is also worth mentioning since it enables you to know when it is ready to be used. It is also has been produced with steel thereby ensuring that it is easy to maintain. This material also is highly durable which giving you excellent value for money.

 6 Olde Thompson 5080

Olde Thompson 5080 has been existing for decades, and it is experienced when it comes to designing products of this nature. Its pepper and salt grinder hasn’t failed to live up to expectations as it isn’t only of very high quality but also very durable. Pepper and salt have their respective compartments. The direction of knobs will determine whether your item will be coarse or fine. For instance, turning the knobs clockwise will ensure fine grind. On the other hand, a coarse grind will be gotten by turning it anticlockwise. You don’t need any specialized knowledge to operate this excellent tool.

 7 KitchenBliss Pepper and Salt Grinder

KitchenBliss pepper and salt grinder has been outstanding. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, this is one tool which should be present in your kitchen. Through this, you will have that precise grind which will make your meal taste delicious. There are very few grinders in the market which have managed to combine both functionalities and looks. The good part is that KitchenBliss grinder is one of them. You will be able to adjust the coarseness of the item you are grinding in seconds. Also, it is highly durable due the glass and stainless steel which has been made with. The capacity shouldn’t be ignored too as it makes it perfect to be used by families during special occasions.

 8 Gift Set – Wooden Mills Grinder

It is a different grinder which stands out amongst the others mentioned above. Solid beech wood is what it has been made with and looks professional. It comes with carbon steel millworks for slicing, grinding and extraction of minimum flavor. It also enables users to adjust pepper and salt grinds with great accuracy easily. This grinder has had lots of positive reviews over the years. Just remove the top and fill in your salt and pepper into the grinders. The best part about this is that despite their qualities, they are very affordable.


 9 Kibaga Salt & Pepper Shakers

If you are searching for the perfect grinder to grind your sea salt, pepper, or spices, there is no doubt that Kibaga Salt & Pepper Shakers can help you out in the best possible way. With this grinder, you don’t need any of those spice shakers that are bulky because a mill such as this makes you become a professional cook within minutes. It will help you grind your pepper and salt to any level that you want. With its stainless steel, your spice freshness will be intact. It is perfect for every homeowner that wants to experience something unique when cooking.

 10 OXO Grips 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder

Just as the name implies, this is a grinder that can be used for both salt and pepper. It is a flexible and convenient grinding tool that anyone can easily use. Its top functions as salt shaker while the bottom can be used for grinding pepper. The salt shaker functions as the knob to aid easy grinding of pepper. For the adjustment of coarseness, there are five settings. It is also worth mentioning that refilling it is effortless to carry out. Too, the odor isn’t absorbed by this grinder due to its non-corrosive ceramic nature. It means you will get a fresh taste every time you use it.

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