Top 10 Coolest Artists You Should Be Familiar With in 2022

Art is all around us.

It’s curated by the hands of careful and artistically inclined people that have a fervent inclination for the craft and a love for lines, colors, and shapes as a form of explicit expression.

Often, we see the art at plain sight and marvel at its grandeur, but we often don’t know who is the artists behind it. It’s important to know the artist as well as the art, for they are a vessel through which a particular art piece comes to life.

 So, I’ve compiled a list of up-and-coming artists you might not have heard of just yet. 

1 Cornelia Baltes

Cornelia is a painter graduated from the U.K. School of Fine Arts. Her sculptures and paintings are participatory exhibitions where people can come and participate in.

She deliberately uses color and shapes to the advantage of her pieces. Her beautiful pieces are worth looking at.

2 New Noveta

New cannot be contained in a box when it comes to the type of artist she is. She doesn’t just stick to fine art prints and paintings; she goes out of her way to include performing arts in her art pieces.

When it comes to innovation and artistic crossroads, New Noveta doesn’t hold back with her unique approach.

3 Melike Kara

Melike is a German artist with a knack for color. She is a contemporary artist that both sculpts and paints, and she’s created buzz within her artistic community.

4 Mario Pfeifer

Mario works in New York, and Berlin and his most recent noticeable work are the music video Zombies, in which a depiction of the now retired President Obama.

Mario’s work seems to hover around the human condition by mashing up various depictions or famous figures and entities without necessarily being critical of them artistically. Mario is an artist you should check out and see his work for yourself.

5 Tina Trahan

Tina is an up and coming artist from Louisiana who specializes in colorful fine arts pieces. She does great work that reflects everyday life which contains a cheery and holistic inclination.
Also very skilled at painting murals, Tina Trahan has proven her strong presence in the art world by participating in numerous festivals, competitions and exhibition shows.

6 EJ Hill

Ej lives and works in both New York and Los Angeles creating statement pieces around amusement parks, alluding to his childhood amazement with them.

He works with a museum to display his work in LA and is constantly looking to improve his artistic process.

7 Felix Kiessling

Kiessling works in Berlin with photography, sculptures, and installations. His sleek and modern art exhibits depict objects of everyday life in unusual ways, sometimes with collaborations with other artists.

8 Pia Camil

Pia uses her culture to create her artistic pieces that depict the mashing of cultures and societies in her native country, Mexico.

Pia aims to express herself through different ‘throw away’ pieces and manufactured content as well. She makes sure her exhibits always include bright colors which are possibly influenced by her cultural background.

9 Li Ming

Li Ming tends to make political statements about his native country China, through his artwork. He uses various mediums to express his ideas and has had many exhibits in different countries, including his homeland.

10 Rachel Rossin

Rachel’s self-taught eccentrics have been present in one of her more recent works, Zieher Smith & Horton. She creates art that is abstract and mashes up depictions of her own life to create telling and refreshing exhibitions and pieces of art.

All of these artists are only a glimpse into the world of art as there are thousands more that deserve mention. But I decided only to include these top 10 up-and-comers and give them artistic exposure of the work they are doing.

As artists, they carry the burden and the responsibility to create beautiful pieces with a statement and an impact and make for a better and more expressive world for us all.

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