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A sailboat is a boat that uses the propulsion of the wind without an engine. Sailboats can be divided into “dinghies,” under 5-6 meters, non-habitable, without motor, intended for sporting use or short excursions; and “keelboats” that are boats equipped with a weighted keel and generally equipped for a longer stay (for example with spaces for cooking, sleeping, bathrooms, etc.) and navigation with a wider range.

If you are into sailing but don’t want to buy a boat, you can rent a boat.

Where to find a Sailboat rental? Contrary to popular belief, renting a boat is not necessarily expensive, but above all, thanks to the spread of rental in recent years, it has become increasingly accessible.

1 Samboat: many solutions for all purposes

For this reason, Samboat can offer you a large fleet of sailing boats that satisfy all travel wishes and needs: various sizes, number of cabins, guests on board, engine power, and construction site. Not to mention that the platform offers sailing boats for hire worldwide, opening the choice to many destinations.

Samboat is a website that offers you the things you need and can help with any problem.

Leader of the boat rental of the line, they want to offer more and more navigators the possibility to access the sea. Beginners or confirmed skippers, everyone must be able to find the boat that suits them.

Booking a boat anywhere in the world in just a few clicks is the ambition of SamBoat. Since their integration into the Dream Yacht Charter group, they continue to innovate and offer more and more boats.

They impose clear guidelines to guarantee safety and respect for the environment.

2 Rent your boat all over the world in one click

They have a goal: to make more and more navigators navigate every year. Giving access to the sea to the greatest number by offering a wide range of boats at the best price.

Discovering, sharing, and escaping are the keywords of every sea trip. They want to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time aboard their boats.

Their priority isensuring sea access in just a few clicks. Their team members are working increasingly to facilitate and modernize access to the nautical world.

Environmental issues directly impact amateurs of the ocean. As major players in boating, they must protect, alert, and raise awareness.

The starting price for renting a sailboat varies according to the boat model, duration, and season. It also depends on the size of the boat and other things. The total cost will increase as larger and more capacious sailboats, and extra services offered by the owners are preferred.

Then pay attention to any discounts and promotional periods made available by the owners, generally for weekly or multi-week rentals.

The starting price for renting a sailboat varies according to the boat model, duration, and season.

3 Wonderful destinations in all Europe

What is the biggest obstacle in renting a sailboat on Samboat? Choose from the countless destinations available! If you have not yet identified the ideal destination, check the Sambaot website. You will find some tips and suggestions on where to go. You will find routes you cannot miss.

Why not rent a boat in Trieste to have a double choice? On the one hand the wonders of the Venice lagoon, and on the other the intriguing landscapes of Croatia … Which one will you be tempted by? the Egadi, to the major ones such as the splendid Elba Island and the inevitable Sicily and Sardinia.

Among the other wonders of the Mediterranean, the colorful towns of the Côte d’Azur cannot be overlooked, including Nice, Cannes, and Marseille, as well as the natural landscapes of Corsica.

If you are looking for an emerald sea and enchanted islands, the best routes include Corfu, Mallorca, and Malta.

Don’t forget that renting a sailboat with Samboat takes you to discover the most beautiful coasts overlooking the Mediterraneanandt and is available worldwide.

But why rent a sailboat? Elegant, majestic, and with a unique character, the sailboat has always fascinated and left enchanted. Wouldn’t you like to parade in front of some of the most beautiful bays in the world aboard a splendid sailing model? Treat yourself to an exclusive trip and let yourself be guided by a professional skipper if you don’t have a driving license or feel you don’t have enough experience: Sambaot has the perfect answer to your needs!

And if you plan to make more stops while sailing, keep in mind that finding space in the port for a sailboat is much easier than a yacht and catamaran. Economical, practical, and convivial, renting a sailboat will allow you to spend unforgettable moments with family or friends, exploring not only the most beautiful coasts of Europe but all over the world.

sailboat rental
Elegant, majestic, and with a unique character, the sailboat has always fascinated and left enchanted.

4 Do I need a boat license to rent a sailboat?

The need to present a boat license to sail on a sailing boat depends on the legislation of the destination chosen for the holiday. And also, on the rules imposed by the owner of the boat, some tend not to make their boats available without presentation of a license and nautical experience.

In Italy, for example, it is possible to rent a sailboat after having presented a nautical license. And sometimes a curriculum that proves experience on board. If you do not have a license but do not want to give up this experience on board, you can rent a sailboat with a skipper and let a professional sailing guide you safely along the route of your choice.

In France, for example, no license is required to sail with a sailboat, while in Spain, a permit is only required for boats up to 6 meters in length and specific areas. Conversely, in Brazil and Portugal, it isimpossiblee to drive a pleasure sailboat without a boat license.

sailboat rental
It is possible to rent a sailboat after having presented a nautical license.

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