Top 7 Ways Technology has changed the Shape of Global Education

The advent of technology is beginning to revamp lots of sectors which otherwise have been struggling to meet up with the demands of the times. We are living in times when everything seems to be changing rapidly. And this has even been more evident through the emergence of technology as it has managed to improve various areas of the modern day society. Amongst these sectors, education seems to be benefiting the most from its emergence. The primary aim of this post is to reveal some of the ways through which technology has improved the shape of education around the world. You will be exposed to some of the changes that global education has experienced through the development of technology. These otherwise wouldn’t have been possible in any way.

 1 A Global Platform 

Perhaps it is one of the areas where the impact of technology on education seems to be very obvious. Formerly, learning seems to be limited to certain locations and regions. This implies that as a learner, you will need to move over to such locations to get a certificate or degree. This deprived lots of people undertaking their favorite courses as they couldn’t meet up with the high cost of traveling to such countries where the courses were being taught. However, all of these seem to have changed rapidly due to the advent of technology in recent times. People in Africa can undertake courses being managed by universities in the US through the internet. Internet courses are now being offered by the majority of the institutions around the world to ensure that learning takes place comfortably and conveniently. The best part about this is that it has introduced a more cost-effective system whereby people can acquire skills and knowledge on a tight budget.

 2 Improved Assessment 

Formerly the process or procedure for assessing people seems strenuous and hectic both for the students and even school administrators. It was a manual process that was prone to errors. However, all of these have been digitalized to make the process efficient. For instance, students are now being evaluated online within a couple of minutes. The results for these assessments are released immediately. One of the benefits of this system is the high level of flexibility that it offers to students because it gives them the freedom of choosing the ideal time when they will take such tests. Another benefit of this development is that it has enabled students to take part in such an evaluation process irrespective of their locations around the world. They only need a system and internet connection to be part of the evaluation process.

 3 Effective Teaching – Learning Processes 

Technology has been able to impact the teaching and learning processes in global education positively. For instance, through the advent of the internet, teachers, and students can carry out effective research on various subjects. Students writing their projects can visit various websites and search engines from the comfort of their homes to get facts about their chosen topics. It has created a platform whereby teachers can expand their knowledge about different subject matters. Students are limited to reading only textbooks as they can also download e-books of their choice to source for information. The best of all about technology in this regards is that it gives both teachers and students easy access to various categories of information within a matter of seconds. Formerly, visiting the library is inevitable when it comes to sourcing for information. With the advent of technology in the form of search engines, all of these have changed.

 4 Better Creativity 

It is true that students were creative back then when technology hasn’t been introduced into the educational system. However, such level of creativity isn’t near what is being experienced at the moment by students who use one form of technological discovery or the other in their everyday learning activities. Schools are creating platforms where students can become innovative. They are doing this through the introduction of various technological means like video games, solving puzzles and others. According to experts, through gaming models, students will become an effective problem – solvers. Although there have been lots of experts criticizing the use of video games by students claiming that they have a way of making them lose focus, one can’t argue the fact that it steers the creativity in them. They will begin to do some reflective thinking which helps to bring out the best in them.

 5 Improved Simulations and Visualizations

With technology being integrated into education, learning has now become much easier than before. It helps most especially given the fact that students are different regarding their learning abilities. For instance, teachers are finding it very easy reaching out to students through platforms such as Google Drive, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Also, teaching has become even easier than before through the use of projectors, laptops, and other inventions.

 6 Constant improvement of teachers

Through technology, teachers are beginning to see the need to upgrade their skills. All of these are to ensure that they keep up with the pace of the changing times.  For instance, there are teaching jobs requiring teachers to possess IT skills. This will only help teachers applying for such jobs see reasons why they will have to upgrade their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Technology in this aspect has helped to create an education system whereby teachers are constantly looking for ways on how to update what they already know.

 7 Improved Abilities 

There are lots of studies going on about how to improve the abilities of the average student. This has led to the introduction of various devices and applications to ensure that the learning process is smoother than it used to be for students. Some applications have been developed to aid the student in learning much faster. They can recollect concept easily and improve their cognitive abilities.

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