Top 10 Smart Home Devices Which Will Fit Your Budget

So, are you ready to upgrade your place to a smart home or have already started doing so? The main challenge is to decide which gadgets and devices you should get to make a complete smart home without breaking your budget. Today, I will show you 10 smart home devices which cover almost all home needs within a mid-range budget.

There is no exact ‘smart home’ definition revealed yet. So, we cannot set an example of a smart home to learn and know about smart home essentials. In the technology world, every smart design is Internet-Connected, and the house seems to be the most potential area which can be changed with the smart devices and systems. We have seen the era of smartphones, and the era of homes becoming smart homes has already started with the appearance of automated devices and systems like security systems, door locks, switches, lights, speakers, clocks, cooking utensils, and appliances. And this is not a fiction of science, but it is an Internet of Things (IoT). For having a smart home or when we talk about home automation, then IoT is a key thing to mention. Now, let’s see the top 10 smart home devices which will be trending throughout the year.

10 Amazon Echo

The Echo is a Bluetooth speaker and voice assistant from Amazon and powered by Alexa. It works with almost all types of smart devices used in your home directly. Not only connects, but you can control the smart home systems through the ‘recipes’ created by yourself. Though the Amazon Echo is a futuristic device, it is an accessible and practical smart home speaker. It has rapidly growing integration and features which make it one of the best smart home devices available at affordable rate. It is not only a Bluetooth-capable speaker, but also can read the live weather forecast, can manage your to-do lists, smart shopping management (maintaining the list as well as cross-checking the purchased items), can set alarms and timers, and much more. The software development kit from Amazon does nothing but adds more crafting capabilities of the Echo device.

9 Philips Hue

If you are searching for the smart lighting concept for your home, then you are searching wrong, because Philips Hue is the alternative name to that. It not only works smartly, but it provides fun too. There are lighting options available which can turn to blue via your smartphone’s app, but the Hue adjusts with the mood of the room! It is not cheap, but not at the budget-breaking cost too. It is a must-have kit for every smart home enthusiast. The smart lights not only end with saving your money but also give a kick start to the home automation process. Though the price can put the beginners a step backward to purchase it, the integration of Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT make it a better investment. Also, another cheaper option from Philips is newly introduced in the form of a Hue Wireless Dimming Kit. It comes with a white-light bright bulb and a wall switch that can be turned to a magnetic remote.

8 Smarter WiFi Thermostat

The smart thermostat with a built-in WiFi helps you to control your home’s temperature from your mobile device or PC. The smarter WiFi thermostat from the brands like Ecobee3 and Nest comes with a larger display and some additional features to deliver the best possible comfort at your home. The WiFi-Enabled Smarter Thermostat works with voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and smart enough to understand when to turn off/on your cooling or heating equipment to maintain the temperature and energy profile of your home. Its sensors know which area of your home are empty and which are occupied to deliver the comfort when and where needed. It not only saves energy but also saves your bill when you are not at home.

7 Scout Home Security System

Being one of the best DIY smart home security systems, Scout has an impressive customization feature which will make you worry free from redundant sensors and charges on the security of your home. It is a solid starter kit for home security with movement and motion sensors and camera. You can also get an additional cellular backup feature and live to monitor by paying a few extra bucks.

The Scout Smart Home Security System gives more freedom of choice compared to other A-La-Carte Security Systems. For the users of a stand-alone market, Scout is a good option with four accessories. With the door panels, access sensors, motion sensor, HD camera, etc., the Scout home security system allows to set home security modes like Home, Away, Sleep, Vacation, etc. and can even customize them and add new as per your preferences.

6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

We have talked all about controlling smart home devices with voice assistant, smart lights which change with room mood, WiFi thermostats to maintain the comfort level smartly, and even the coolest and advanced smart home security system. But this list cannot be without mentioning about smart home cleaning solution. By now, you most probably know what I am talking. Yes, I am talking about the Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

The Roomba 980 is the latest and smartest vacuum in the category of robotic semi-autonomous vacuum cleaners. With so much smart and advanced features like 120-minute running time, auto recharge and resume cleaning option, visually localized navigation, carpet boosting for more powerful performance, and much more, this robotic vac has changed the way of cleaning. Low-profile design, simple operation, and scheduling capabilities add nothing but the value to the money you have spent on it.

5 Harmony Elite from Logitech

Still using the old way of push buttons to control things? Well, you need a smarter concept for your new technical house. The Logitech provides the Harmony Elite which is a universal remote for your smart home. It not only controls your stereo system or TV, but also connects with all the Bluetooth, infrared, Z-wave, and WiFi-enabled devices.

Harmony Elite is a combination of Harmony 950 touchscreen remote and the Harmony Hub. The remote comes with a 2.5inch display to navigate through the menu easily. It comes with the Harmony app with the support to Android or iOS to control the house from anywhere anytime. This universal smart home remote may look a bit expensive though with the price tag of around $350. With the ability to control both the entertaining and smart devices like Philips Hue, the Logitech’s Harmony Elite is a powerful & versatile smart home controller.

4 Wi-Fi Smart Plug from TP-Link

How many times do you forget to switch off your TV or other equipment while going out? How will it be beneficial to have a smart device which gives you a comfort to turn on/off your device from anywhere in your home? With the TP-Link smart plug, you can turn off the devices even when you are not at home using Kasa app on your mobile.

The WiFi-enabled smart plug by TP-Link can be paired with the Alexa app or the Google Voice Assistant to control the things at your house with your voice. You can set the scheduling for the device to switch on/off according to the needs. For example, you can set the timing of the turn on and off lights according to the sunset and sunrise. This smart wireless plug is easy to setup that helps you to manage your house electronic equipment from anywhere at any time.

3 Google Chromecast Ultra

Smart homeowners need smart entertainment options too, right? But, what if you don’t want to go for the ones like Apple TV or Roku? Well, the Chromecast Ultra from Google lets you view 4K Ultra HD/HDR with excellent picture and electric speed. This streaming device works over the WiFi network and plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. The Google Chromecast Ultra can be setup using the iOS or Android device and Google Chrome. It comes with a built-in Ethernet adapter too if you want to connect it through cables. Though it does not come with a remote control or an Amazon video support, you can manage it with the mobile apps easily. It’s one of the best streaming devices that are smart, powerful, small sized and yet available at affordable rates. Get it today.

2 June Intelligent Oven

Smart cooking is what everyone will love. The intelligent oven from June is a smart countertop that is built with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help you cook smartly. It also comes with a camera, WiFi capability, and other hi-tech features which allows you not to provide many inputs. Put the food you want in this smart oven, let it ask whether the food is what it thinks it is & how do you want to cook it. The remaining will be handled by this machine.

The smart oven from June cooks almost every type of food intelligently and perfectly. It also comes with easy to clean pans to make your task more quick and enjoyable. Whether you want to cook meat, vegetables, fish or even waffles, you will get it done in no time. In other words, this smart cooking machine provides you food like a master chef with more than 50 inbuilt programs.

1 August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled

When we talk about the smart home, how can we forget about mentioning the door locks? The Apple home kit enabled smart lock from August provides the door connectivity to your smartphone for keeping an eye on who is leaving or entering your home. The keyless ability allows you to lock or unlock your doors with the help of your phone and gives access to your family and guests.

You do not need to remove the existed deadbolt switch to install the August smart lock. You can easily mount this lock on it to grant the quick access to the door. It comes in a sleek design and can be operated with your voice. You can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi. You will get the email notifications for the entry/exit to the door if you wish to. Though the advanced version is the perfectly suitable for the Apple devices, you can have support for the IFTTT services too.


The pickup of the smart home development is in top gear nowadays. Some devices and technologies are introduced day to day which can turn your regular home into a smart home or even make it smarter than before. The new generation gadgets are becoming must-have things for smart home developers, and the competition is so tough that users sometimes get confused which one to choose over another. But, one thing for sure is that with the help of the smart gadgets, you can turn everything from door locks to setting the mood of lights into smart operational ways. All the products mentioned here are a well fit for the modest budgets and are readily available for purchase. If you have any other smart device in mind which can be a revolution in the ‘smart home’ concept and also falls into the category of ‘budget-systems,’ then please mention in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by!

Guest Writer:

I am Mandip Pandya, a technology geek always looking for new and cool stuff online. I like to share my thoughts and research to the people. If you want to explore more articles of mine, then visit Internet Geeks.

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