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Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts

Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, it can be useful to use efficient project management scripts that can keep all the data arranged, organized and tracked. It can consolidate all the information about your business in one place. It is important to choose one of the Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts that have been listed here. With these scripts, you can keep every project on track and not have to miss any deadlines anymore. Each of these has been tested and compared for efficiency.

1 RISE – Ultimate Project Manager

It helps manage team members, projects, and clients, and can help in convenient collaboration with teams and the supervision of work. This project management script can easily be installed and used. It comes with easy tools for project management, and the ability to assign tasks to team members as well as create project tasks. Clients can be easily added to the script, and one can easily add comprehensive details about notes, tickets, estimates, payments, invoices, projects, contacts, etc. for every client.

Rise project management script

Rise project script

2 TITAN – Project Management System

This is a robust PHP management script that can help manage events, tasks, projects, etc. It comes with a number of amazing features. The application can be installed and organized very easily and comes with enough support. It is powered by PHP and MYSQL. There are interesting and useful features such as Ticket Settings, IP Blocking, Calendar, Social Media Settings, etc. There are Global Settings that let people change the name of a website, file upload types, logo, etc. and enable registration. There is Optional Google ReCaptcha execution, Brute Force Login Protection and more.

TITAN Project Management System Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 1 project management scripts

Titan project management script

3 WORKSUITE – Project Management System

The script allows keeping all the tasks of teams in one area, and it lets people work and collaborate for actual results on a real-time basis. This is the simplest and most powerful way of team collaboration. It comes with features such as Management of Clients, Employees, Projects, Task, Invoice, Personal Notes, Project Timer, Client Issues Management, Payment management and more. The script has witnessed various updates, such as managing permissions and roles for users, multiple taxes invoice support, Stripe Payment Gateway and PayPal payment gateway addition for invoice payment.

WORKSUITE Project Management System Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 2 project management scripts

Laptop work discussion Project Management System 2 Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 3 project management scripts

4 Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

This project management system acts like a full-featured HRM Solution that comes with three forms of attendance system, Leave Holiday, Payroll and more. It makes accounting, billing, transaction, and sales easy for users and lets them ensure easy project tracking by adding time management, project-wise invoice, public and private note, milestone, bugs, tasks, attachment, and comments. The system comes with Invoice Management, Import Option, Deposit and Expense options that allows lead tracking in one spot, and to follow the progress easily.

Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 4 project management scripts

Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO client payment Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 5 project management scripts

5 Project Box – Team Management Tool

This is a robust PHP CodeIgniter project management software that helps establish and manage projects, and also ensure easy collaboration with other users. This application consists of accounting systems, invoice, time logger, forums, tasks and more. This is a very secure system that can safeguard data from CSRF attacks and XSS attacks. There is HTML Filter, CodeIgniter Framework, and PHPass Library. The pages are enabled with Captcha for preventing spam practices. Project Box can be used to include Pay Plans that can let users charge other users for project creation.

project management software

laptop makeup artist portfolio 1 Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 6 project management scripts

6 Freelance Cockpit 3 – Project Management and CRM

The script comes with an easy dashboard that offers an overview of invoices, events, messages, tasks, and projects that are open. Outstanding and received payments can be viewed easily. There are ample useful features such as Project Management, Lead Management, Client Tasks, Tasks Timers, Project Timer, Project Milestones, Tasks Timesheets, and Support Tickets. Clients can use the script to pay easily through credit card with the help of the stripe service.

Freelance Cockpit 3 Project Management and CRM Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 7 project management scripts

7 Ekushey Project Manager CRM

This is the most robust and state of the art team, client and project management application that helps users to connect with a company or team at all times. The system helps in automatically tracking the entire project records. The application provides users with permission for customizable access and comes with Private messaging, Support ticket system, Intuitive event calendar, 360 project visibility and various other features. It is easy to manage and organize the projects of clients.

Ekushey Project Manager CRM Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 8 project management scripts

woman typing on laptop essay writing Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 9 project management scripts

8 ProMS – Premium Project Management System

The system helps manage team members, clients, and projects, and allow collaboration with the team and supervise tasks with robust tools. This is a very secure script that comes with HTML Filter and other features to prevent XSS and CSRF attacks. This is a secure system and allows password encryption. The core features include Projects Timeline, Team management, Client management, Timesheet Management, and Project management. The script helps in the management of files, discussions and project tasks. The informative dashboard helps manage private notes as well.

ProMS Premium Project Management System Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 10 project management scripts

business discussion laptop Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 11 project management scripts

9 X Project Manager CRM PRO

The script lets users assign a project to staffs, setting start time and end time and tracking the progress of projects. Whether it comes to setting tasks or milestone, everything is possible with this system. Users can set the status of leads, attach files and comment and allow multiple attachments from clients and admin. There is one click database backup feature, and the ability to track online users. The script has the multi-language support that lets users understand and use the X Project Manager CRM easily.

X Project Manager CRM PRO Client Details Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 12 project management scripts

laptop woman 2 Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 13 project management scripts

10 Project Manager with Billing Accounting CRM PRO

The script allows full Customer Relationship Management, Billing, and Accounting, and can be perfect for any freelancer or company. It has multiple uses and comes with a modern and clean design. When it comes to tracking the goals, tickets and leads and email integration, the software can be beneficial. It can boost business performance and appear very professional. Users can simply set a goal to be achieved, auto-calculate and send an email confirmation for various modules. They can track all the leads from the same dashboard, create attractive proposals for customers or leads, boost sales and so much more.

Project Management software Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 14 project management scripts

woman working on a laptop 1 Top 10 Best Project Management Scripts - 15 project management scripts

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