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Breakout Strategy:’s Guide for Beginner Binary Options Traders

Binary options trading is becoming an increasingly popular method for many investors looking to generate profits. With its fixed risk and reward system, traders can potentially earn significant returns within short time frames.

One popular method in binary options trading is the breakout strategy. This guide from, a leading educational platform for traders, will provide beginners with a clear understanding of the breakout strategy and how to employ it effectively. If you’re looking for strategies tailored to specific platforms, check out these Deriv trading strategies for beginners or take a look at other guides on the platform.

1 What is the Breakout Strategy?

The breakout strategy is a fundamental concept in the realm of trading, not just limited to binary options. It is premised on the idea that prices, after being confined within a predictable range for an extended period, will eventually move, or ‘break out,’ beyond this range, leading to significant price movements in a particular direction.

Understanding Price Ranges

Before diving into the breakout itself, it’s vital to understand the dynamics of price ranges:

● Consolidation Phase: Often, before a breakout, there is a period where the price of an asset consolidates. This means it moves within a relatively narrow range, bound by resistance (upper) and support (lower) levels. This phase can be seen as a tug-of-war between buyers and sellers, with neither gaining a clear advantage.

● The Pressure Cooker Effect: Think of the consolidation phase like a pressure cooker. As pressure builds up over time, there is an eventual need for release. In trading terms, this release is the breakout. When either the buyers or sellers gain the upper hand, the price will surge in that direction.

The Concept Behind Breakouts

Price levels of resistance and support are like barriers. When these barriers are breached, significant price movement can occur as new traders jump in to exploit the trend, and others exit their positions to avoid potential losses.

Support Level: It’s the price level at which an asset tends to find buying interest, preventing the price from dropping below this point. If the price drops below the support level, it’s a bearish breakout.

Resistance Level: Conversely, the resistance level is where selling interest outweighs buying interest, stopping the price from rising above this point. When the price breaks above the resistance level, it’s referred to as a bullish breakout.

Significance of the Breakout

The reason breakouts are so closely monitored by traders is that they often signal a new trend’s beginning. Once a breakout occurs, it’s not uncommon for the asset to continue in that direction for some time. In the context of binary options, predicting this breakout can be immensely profitable as traders can potentially capitalize on this swift and substantial price movement.

Factors Influencing Breakouts

Several factors can lead to a breakout:

Technical Patterns: Chart patterns like triangles, flags, and double tops or bottoms typically precede a breakout.

Fundamental Catalysts: Events such as earnings releases, regulatory changes, or macroeconomic data can cause a price to break its range.

Market Sentiment: Shifts in the overall mood of traders, driven by news or global events, can lead to breakouts.

By understanding the underpinnings of the breakout strategy and the forces that drive these significant price movements, traders can position themselves to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities they present.

Breakout Strategy
The breakout strategy is a fundamental concept in the realm of trading, not just limited to binary options.

2 Identifying Breakouts

To employ the breakout strategy, you first need to identify these levels:

1. Historical Data: Review past price charts to find historical resistance and support levels.

2. Trend Lines: Draw horizontal lines on the chart to connect the historical highs and lows. These will represent your resistance and support levels.

3. Volume Indicators: A genuine breakout is often accompanied by increased trading volume. Keep an eye on volume indicators to differentiate between false and true breakouts.

3 Implementing the Strategy

Once you’ve identified potential breakout levels, follow these steps:

1. Select Your Asset: Choose an asset that has clear support and resistance levels.

2. Set Your Time Frame: Decide on the duration of your binary option, whether it’s a minute, an hour, or longer.

3. Monitor the Price: Wait for the price to approach the identified levels. 4. Enter the Trade: If you believe a breakout will occur, purchase a binary option predicting the price will rise above the resistance or fall below the support.

Potential Challenges

While the breakout strategy can be profitable, it isn’t without challenges:

False Breakouts: These occur when the price breaches a level but then reverses. To mitigate this risk, look for confirmations such as significant volume increases.

News and Events: Sudden news or unforeseen events can disrupt patterns and create unexpected breakouts. It’s crucial to stay updated with market news.

Technical Analysis Skills: This strategy heavily relies on technical analysis. Enhance your skills with continuous learning and practice.

Wrapping Up

The breakout strategy offers binary options traders a method to capitalize on significant price movements, given they can identify and predict potential breakouts effectively.’s most crucial expert advice is to practice regularly, remain informed, and employ risk management techniques to increase your chances of success.

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