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PMP and 5 Must be Tools in Your Inventory

Project Managers are always in high demand. The reason being that these managers carry their vast experience, intellectual skills, capabilities, and the knowledge they have gained so far. A good project along with his/her experience and skills will always need tools to make wiser decisions. It is a must for every project manager to keep himself updated with the fast-growing technology to make smarter decisions. It is recommended that he/she should undergo Project Management Professional Course to keep oneself update and get a thorough understanding. There are a lot of online Project Management Professional courses offered to help the managers to get a clear understanding of their role and work more smartly. Project Management Tools play a significant role to make sure that there is a proper and organized communication and collaboration between the teams during an on-going project. Most of the tools mentioned below allow the project managers to assign tasks, schedule these tasks, set a milestone to an on-going project, keep a track on the budget, figure out the risks involved, and track the progress. Here is a list of tools which are very helpful for a Project Manager to make wiser decisions.

 1 Cyfe

It is an all-in-one business dashboard. All business irrespective of small or large can benefit from this tool. Cyfe allows the Project Managers to analyze the Marketing data, sales data, support, and all the information from social media. Cyfe reduces manual workarounds by using built-in widgets to extract the data securely from Google calendar, salesforce, etc. The built-in features of Cyfe tool include TV mode, to view the data on a big screen, customized dashboards, real-time reporting, goal setting, offline alerts, and others. It also allows for mixing unrelated metrics to create new insights. FreshBooks, Basecamp, Google Analytics, Zapier, and many can be integrated along with Cyfe tool.

 2 SAP Lumira

It is a BI and analytics tool used by small and large companies. SAP Lumira gathers data from multiple resources and creates final data using a data visualization technique. It helps the users to understand the reason for a particular loophole and helps the user to understand the data pattern using data visualization technique. With the help of SAP Lumira tool, the user can create interactive infographics and maps which can be shared across the different platform which may result in faster decision making. Data analysis, data visualization, dashboard, reports, benchmarking, and more other attractive features are available in this tool.

 3 Zoho Reports

It is a drag-and-drop business intelligence tool which helps the project managers and users to analyze the data visually and make important decisions from the data retrieved. It helps the users to connect and combine the data from different sources to create dashboards, visualize data and create reports. It has some widgets and can also feature to add data, analyze the reports, pivot tables, and create charts. It also provides the option to download and print the reports.


This application lifecycle management solution is mainly designed for development teams to respond in case there is any change immediately. TD/OMS supports Windows, Linux/Unix, and IBM platforms. It assists in minimizing software defects, testing, software development, modernization and enhancing customer satisfaction. Also, it comes with various options such as task manager, release manager, audits, and training management.

 5 Whatfix

Whatfix is a project management tool built for small, medium, and large scale enterprises. It helps in creating customized individual training programs and onboarding to make sure there are successful software migration and change management. The tool includes in-built widgets to condition triggers which help in workflow, tips to employees to understanding the working of the tool better, online chats, and analytics reports to gather data and keep track of the user engagement.

Each of these tools can be used to get better insights into the on-going project which will help in making better decisions. These tools also can be used to set goals and create deadlines and get a better visualization. So whenever you are making any collaboration, these tools will make the process much more efficient.

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