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Top 10 Unusual Hobbies and Interests That Make Money

Hobbies are great if you want to have some fun and break free from all the stresses life throws your way. But how about having a hobby for a living? Yes, you have read it right. Below are some hobbies and interests that could be a bit unusual but are guaranteed to help you make some money.

10 Pet Walking and Sitting

If you like being around animals, you can consider pet walking or sitting as your hobby, which you can also take advantage of to make money. Dog walkers can earn an average of $15-$25 per hour. So you can transform your hobby into a part-time business.



9 Stocks

Stocks Investment might not be an ideal hobby, but if you want to secure your future, investing in stocks can make a difference.



8 Making Videos

If you always entertain your friends and other people you know by making videos, you can turn this as your profitable hobby. Once you upload your video on YouTube, you can have a chance to earn money.



7 Couponing

Collecting coupons may be an ordinary hobby for some, yet it can actually help you make money through offering it to people you know or using it when shopping. The saving you can enjoy from coupons is like giving yourself some money.



6 Computer Games

A lot of people assume that playing computer games is just a waste of time, yet the truth is, it’s quite the opposite. There are events or annual tournaments that will allow anyone to earn money through playing computer games.


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5 Umpiring or Refereeing

If you love sports, yet you no longer have the stamina to keep up, then there is a solution for that which is considering being an umpire or a sports referee. Through this you will be able to be in the game you like and paid for your time.



4 Organizing

For those who spend their time planning their weekends and itineraries, you can use your passion to help other people and get paid for it. You can offer your services as a personal assistant or casual event planner.


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3 Garage Sale Maven

Did you ever drive by a garage sale and wondered if there are some undiscovered treasures for sale? If yes, then, you are definitely not alone. Being a garage sale maven is one of the top unusual hobbies and interest that make money as you can resell the yard sale items you’ve found on online sites.



2 Urban Exploring

Do you love to head out and explore every hidden nook and corner in the city? Then, you now have the best chance to transform your hobby of urban exploration to a great part time job. If you are familiar with your urban landscape, you can earn some cash every week by becoming a bill and sticker poster.


1 Personal Shopping
Okay, so you love to shop. If your forte is fashion, you can actually become someone else’s personal shopper. Think about it, you can have the best time of your life and at the same time, you get to help someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time or the right fashion sense for picking out the perfect outfit.



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