Top 10 Best Countries to Retire in

Unfortunately, for some people, retirement is not the best time for most of the people, for they feel depressed for having their career and everything they have been working so hard for, for very long years, come to an end. Not to mention the depression that some of those about-to-retire people go through, but their problem is not actually with the retirement itself; the problem lies in the way they perceive the matter, for it is not the end of your youthful working days, but it is only that you are not obliged to work a full-time job anymore and that is actually something to look forward to, for it means that you have got all the time in the world to do everything you have ever wanted to do, so you are actually lucky for getting to that point of your life because other people actually die young while they were still working and never get the chance to feed their curiosity toward all of the hidden treasures in the world or even get to do the simplest jobs in their daily lives because they had no time.

Here is how retirement should be perceived; it is the start of something new; a new adventure, besides; recently, living in a different country after getting retired has been trending for the past few years and it seems to work really well because the number of retiring people who travel abroad keeps on going up. They move to countries that are lower in cost in terms of living, visas, residence, rules, benefits, and entertainment for sure. However, this does not include all of the countries around the world, for sure, because some countries might actually be even more expensive than the one you are already living in and if that ever happens, you will regret the whole idea and go back to where you came from. So, if you are up to living your years of retirement abroad but do not want to make a mistake, check out this list of the best 10 countries where you can travel to.

10 Malaysia
Malaysia was surely expected to be somewhere on that list because it is commonly known for the whole world that this place offers a cost of living that is highly penny-wise and that is exactly what you will be looking for when it comes to living your hometown. Malaysia does not only offer an economical living, but it also offer healthy food that is known to be high in quality and cheap in price, besides; it is one of the countries that are rated as a top when it comes to healthcare. Although the countries in Southeast Asia are known to hardly let a foreigner own a property at their own homeland, Malaysia is not included to be one of them, in fact; it is one of the very few places where you are capable of buying the ownership of a property. With all of those benefits that are offered, it seems like Malaysia is one of the countries that should be highly considered.

9 Malta
When it comes to choosing a retirement destination, you definitely tend to look for the countries that will be friendly to your own budget and savings, but, unfortunately, that might lead you to overlook some countries that might be the best for you when you do not even have an idea about their existence. One of those countries that are usually overlooked is Malta and that is maybe because it is a relatively small island that you can travel around it in less than an hour, but its size is nothing to pay attention to with all the lifestyles that it offers. For most of the year, if not all of it, you will be enjoying a warm weather and lots of sunny days, consequently; you will feel energetic for all year long and that is the spirit that you need to catch up with everything you might have missed while working. Most importantly, the cost of living is deemed to be very equitable, for some studies have actually stated that you can live in Malta with your partner with less than $3000 per month which means that it will be much cheaper if you are going all on your own. The healthcare is also known to be of high quality as well as low prices that you can even cover all of your doctor visits without being afraid to run out of money. Basically, you will have a great healthy and financial life in Malta, but what you might not have known is that you will also be having lots of fun, visiting its historic sites and enjoying its vast beautiful water, doing lots of activities that include snorkeling, diving, or swimming.

8 Portugal
Thanks to its economic cost of living Portugal is rated as one of the best places around the whole world where you can retire although the rest of Europe is known to require a high budget in order for you to be able to afford living there. And by low cost, we actually mean that the cost of residency and properties are included for sure, besides; there is a whole community of emigrants, so the country is used to having a lot of different cultures, as a result; you will be able to get along with your own language.
In Portugal, the city where a lot of people get to travel to when it comes to retirement is Algarve; a city that is known for possessing a beautiful coast and a lot of entertaining activities where you will hardly feel bored. Living on a planet where dangers are plaguing us from all corners of the world, it is also deemed to be one of the safest places around the world right now, promising you a peaceful retirement period.

7 Belize
If you are not willing to go so far away from the states and would love to be surrounded with people who speak your very same language and have a culture that is a bit similar to your own, then Belize should be on the very top of your list. When we say Belize, we are not actually referring to the whole country, but we are specifying Cayo in particular.
Belize is known to be a nice country with an amazing warm weather, besides; you can easily find residency and banking services for foreigners and the best part is that you are allowed to run your own business in this country without having to pay taxes. The only downside of this country is that the healthcare is known to be risky if you are not going to stay in the capital, but other than that you have got a place that is perfect in almost everything and not to mention the natural landscapes it possesses, including rain forests and rivers. It is a place where you will always feel like you are on an adventure of discovering something new from the moment that you get up until you go back to your bed, exhausted yet satisfied.

6 The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place to reside in where you will be surrounded by dazzling waters, moreover; you can easily have your own residence as well as business, not to mention that you can be easily qualified for their citizenship, but either way, being a citizen or a foreigner, you will stay get to enjoy all of their offers and lifestyles; it is known to have a very economic cost of living that you can even pay less than $1000 per month if you happen to live on your own and even if your partner is joining in, you both can live with almost $1200 per month.

5 Columbia
Columbia is a beautiful country full of amazingly dazzling landscapes and views, besides; there, you will find a fascinating warm weather. Most importantly, this country offers a living that is relatively low in cost and it is also full of nice architectures, especially; in the big cities. So, you will enjoy visiting all of the touristic sites and you will still be able to keep your budget in check.

4 Costa Rica
It is widely known that Central America is deemed to be one of the best places where you can retire, but, of course, there are places that are better than others and the top best one out of all of them is Costa Rica. For over a lot of decades, Americans have been clustering there, to Costa Rica, as soon as they retire and the reasons are quite obvious. This country has nice warm weather all year long and the capital city, San Jose, possess a lot of natural views that could literally take your breath away and these are actually equitable reasons for you to go and enjoy the rest of your life at that place. Needless to say, the cost of living in Costa Rica is relatively low that even the rentals are cheap with no taxes and easy residency, consequently, you will be able to enjoy a semi-luxurious lifestyle.

3 Ecuador
Ecuador is known for having friendly people who will make you feel at home even if you are oceans apart from your hometown. Although that might be a good enough reason for those who love having a peaceful social life, they still need more than just friends and, as luck could have it, Ecuador is capable of providing you with this, for it is known to have a high-quality healthcare that is also easy on your budget. Besides, the affordability and availability of real estate to either rent or buy pushes Ecuador to the very top of the lists of the best retirement destinations.

2 Panama
Although Panama is considered a relatively small country, it is located between two long coasts, but that is not exactly what made popular to be one of the best destinations for the retirees, in fact; having a medical care with international standards and yet affordable is one good reason for it to be highly considered, besides; it offers amazing residency programs for the retirees; the kind of offers that are actually hard to turn down.

1 Nicaragua
Nicaragua is one of the retirees’ top choices because it is deemed to be relatively close to the United States, but, of course, it offers a very low cost of living compared to that of America. Recently, Nicaragua has become so popular for being modernized although it is said that the government is strict with limiting the freedom of expression, but if you are someone whom politics never seem to spark their interest, then it is a nice country for you to enjoy its beautiful views and beaches and still keep debts at bay.

Now that you have known the best 10 countries to live the rest of your life in, don’t waste more time. Pack your things and fly.


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