Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in

Being in the 21st century should make us grateful for a lot of things, for had we lived in a century from the past, we would never have the chance to explore what the world has to offer from technology and progression in so many different aspects. On the other hand, we have got to admit that life in the past was so much simpler and people were so much closer, but they never got the opportunity to easily explore other cities because airplanes might not have been invented yet, besides; they never knew how it feels to have friends from all over the world because you can easily communicate with through brushing your thumb over the little screens of your phone; they might have actually thought that you were crazy for smiling at a piece of iron, not knowing this little thing has a lot to do with your life and your daily activities, but here is the ugly truth; with every privilege, comes a price and this price is not always affordable for everyone. In other words, life may actually have become easier in a lot of different aspects, but that does not mean that it did not get harder when it comes to the cost of living. People nowadays pay a lot more taxes, their monthly income is not always sufficient for, at least, affording their basic needs and you can hardly afford to buy any materialistic thing without sacrificing another, be it for physiological, psychological, or even social purpose. Sacrifice became a way of life for those who were not lucky enough to be millionaires or never got the chance to lead a luxurious life, but that is actually not the case all around the world, for some countries are much cheaper than others and will give you the opportunity to enjoy a happy life empty of sacrificing. These prices and lifestyle differences occur for a lot of different reasons that you might not be concerned with, but what you should actually care about is to know which countries are these so you can have a better life. Check out this list.

10 Panama
Panama is one of the best countries to consider when you are trying to find somewhere with a low cost of living, for you can live there for a whole month renting a bedroom for only $450, besides; your essential needs will never mess up with your budget because you will not be exceeding the price of $75 in total. Moreover, if you are a retiree, you will be granted tax incentives as a foreigner, but it is the perfect place for anyway who wants to live without sacrificing any of their needs. All of these reasons are good enough to encourage you to get up, pack your luggage and leave, but what is also interesting about Panama is the fact that its culture is a combination between several other ones, allowing you to easily adapt.

9 Malaysia
Asia is known to have several countries where you can live a happy life due to their low cost of living, but Malaysia always comes at the top of the list. In Malaysia, you can rent a room for under $250 in a month and not mention that the essential utilities that include electricity, water, garbage, and heating will not even be exceeding $50, giving you the opportunity to enjoy spending the rest of your bucks on whatever you want. Besides, Malaysia has a place for all of the Americans who might miss their country and feel homesick and it is called Times Square Mall. It is not only about the name of the mall, but also it is about the fact that it has got a hotel, shops, and alleys for bowling that quite resembles that of New York City, so you will always find a way to be impressed and satisfied in Malaysia.

8 Guatemala
In Guatemala, a single person can spend a whole month covering all of his needs from housing and utilities with under $450 a month. It is rated to be one of the cheapest countries where you can live with the lowest rate of living cost and still enjoy everything. Besides, this country is rich with history that will always make you curious to explore all around the place and get introduced to the culture of the country where chocolate and blue jeans were born.

7 Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been known to have its prices falling down during the past few years, making it one of the highly considered destinations when it comes to living a happy life and keeping your budget in check. If you are going to travel with your partner, both of you will feel quite satisfied with spending only $1500 per month, so imagine how things will be when you are a single person; you will actually be living the life of luxury with as little as $2000 per month. The only downside of this country is that the healthcare will not be at its best or of a high quality in case if you will be heading to anywhere other than Managua, but it is an enough reason to keep you from travelling there, for whatever city you will choose, it will almost be like two hours away from Managua.

6 Georgia
If you thought that there is no country to consider in Europe when it comes to a low cost of living, you were wrong because not all of Europe is as expensive as you think and if you still believe so, then you have got no idea how perfect Georgia is. It is highly known to be one of the best and tax-free countries in Europe where you can spend the lowest rate of money, but still enjoy a happy and satisfying life, besides; you can get your beer with a price that is equivalent to 70 cents.

5 Ukraine
Ukraine should be your destination if you are thinking of having a life that costs about 65% less than that of America and incredibly cold weathers do not bother you. It is known that salaries all across Ukraine are pretty low that it might not exceed $200 per month, but that is not a number to freak you out because, with a salary as low as this one, you will be able to purchase all of your monthly essentials and much more items you used to purchase in America.

4 Nepal
Here is one more country that lies in Asia and is considered cheap, Nepal. This country might be the cheapest among all of the other countries because with $120 per month, you will be able to cover your renting and utility’s needs, leaving some extra cash for you to spend all of it on entertainment, not to mention that you internet bill will not exceed $20 per month. Nepal is also a pivot that welcomes a lot of diverse cultures and that is probably because it is located right between China and India, so you will be highly enjoying the experience of exploring the traditions of several cultures, besides; a lot of people have considered it to be the best place to resolve any issues with your spirituality and truly find yourself as well as the reason you have come to this world.

3 Colombia
Colombia has been considered to be a terrific bargain as a place to live in for the few past years and it is expected for it to remain that way for a long time, but let us hope it stays that way for an eternity. Colombia has the lowest rates and prices when it comes to housing, so definitely you will not find difficulty when it comes to residing in such a beautiful country. It is also the place where independent workers head to, so if you are one of them, you will easy establish a good network with all the freelancers and the entrepreneurs there. Well, when it comes to health care, the prices are fixed, besides; they are quite low and affordable and not to mention the high quality of it.

2 Peru
Peru is an amazing country to consider when it comes to striving for a low cost of living and a massive bargain and the reasons are actually multiple; Peru has the best quality of food, great healthcare and the opportunities for foreigners to run their own business. It is a popular destination for tourists and it is not always common for foreigners to migrant there and they are only satisfied with tourism, but that is actually because they are not aware of the lifestyles that Peru is capable of offering for you with the lowest rate. Besides, it is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the scenery and explore all the valleys and mountains that are out there.

1 Ecuador
We have probably come to the destination that is deemed to be the best on the list among all of the other countries, Ecuador. It is the best destination for all the retirees who are looking for a different and cheaper lifestyle because the country offers for them, in particular, a lot of privileges and reductions, even including reducing the prices of the flight tickets. Ecuador is also known for its easiness for getting a residency where find a housing there can cost you as little as $800 per month or maybe even less than that, besides; the healthcare is generally of high quality, but the economy there might be a bit unstable, so it is also recommended that you stick to purchasing the goods that are locally made, for imported goods are known to have a relatively high taxes that might throw down your budget and certainly that is not what you are looking for.

It seems like the world is full of a lot of impressive places, but not all of us are really aware of them, but now that you have known all of the countries that can offer a better life for you, you should pack your stuff and head to your chosen destination as soon as you finish this sentence.


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