The Best 15 Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions to Explore

Saudi Arabia is a famous Muslim country that has been known because of its religious background. There is a lot to explore in Saudi Arabia, including the tourism spots and the mountains. The diverse culture of Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer. Tourists who are planning to visit Saudi Arabia must keep in mind that there is a long list of places to explore, the hotel booking for the weekend will not be enough. You will have to book the hotel for a longer time to explore every place.

The people from the west who are not Muslims might not have the chance to visit Mecca and Madina. However, you can still visit Riyadh and Jeddah. But all in all, there are plenty of places to visit in Saudi Arabia, which makes the trip excellent and offers you a lot to explore.

1 Mada’in Saleh

If you are interested in history and ancient buildings, and archaeology, this will be your favorite spot. It is the place where you will find the construction that connects you to history. It is the place where Nabataean, who were the ancient people, used to live. It is the modern part that is known for the wealth and archaeological sites. A lot of the people visit here to check the living quarters that were buried years ago. It will show you the archaeological sites of pre-Islamic times.

2 Pristine Island

One of the most beautiful spots of Saudi Arabia is Pristine Island. It is so beautiful and has Turquoise water. This Island is located at the Red Sea. You can call it the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. It is not only so beautiful but has luxury 5-star hotels around it. It is the perfect spot for the tourist. However, women do not dress immodestly here, but it is not uncommon for women to wear a bikini when they are in the water.

3 Najran

Najran is a vibrant city that is close to the border of Yemen. It is just the perfect place for Travelers to visit and see how the culture of Saudi Arabia blends with the culture of Yemen. It is a beautiful destination to provide people with an excellent experience. The archeology and the construction that is historic make the visit even more worthy.

4 Farasan Island

Farasan Island is a luxury spot that provides private beaches for every visitor. It is covered with mangroves and has a vibrant environment. There are historical sites also located at this spot. You can go to the father sun island for a luxury feel and enjoy your day while watching the sunset and the birds that are so beautiful.

5 Al Soudah

This place is located near Abha, which is a vibrant and luxury spot. It is the most visited place during the summers and offers a breezy Paradise Vibe. There is Park available for the visitors to enjoy trekking and camping. You can enjoy the cable car ride and other outdoor activities that include checking the architecture and historical sites.

6 Wahba Crater

This place is around 700 kilometers when you are on the way to Taif from Riyadh. This volcanic crater has the beautiful look of an oasis, and there are some salt pans also available. You can explore this unforgettable place and enjoy the fantastic Experience At Wahba crater.

7 Al lith 

Another one of the incredible location that is a small town. This place is around 275 kilometers when you are on the way to Jeddah. For a fantastic car trip, this place is the best destination. The Incredible waters and the pure sensation will make you feel a lot fresh. The marine life that is found in abundance in the Farasan beach bank is also excellent.

8 Edge of the world

If you plan to visit something edgy and out-of-the-box, then seeing the edge of the world is the best decision. It is one of the most spectacular locations in Saudi Arabia for visitors. This place is located around 800 kilometers on the Jebel Tuwaiq Escarpment. We can tell you this place is magical and will make you fall in love with that in no time.

9 Taif 

Taif, which is a famous city and known for its mountains. This city is renowned during the spring season because of the amazingly beautiful Bloom. This small city is famous All Around The World, and you can go mountain trekking and camping when you are in Taif.

10 Qassim

To experience the rich culture and history of Saudi Arabia, Qassim is the best place to go. This old and historical place is a perfect attraction for the tourist to experience the unique and vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia. The traditional market place is fantastic for the winners, and the beautiful mosques are the absolute favorite for the people.

11 Al Masjid Al Nabawi

When you are in Saudi Arabia, visiting Al Masjid Al Nabawi is a must. You cannot miss out on this famous mosque in the city of Madina. This Masjid was built by Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It is one of the most beautiful mosques in Madina. Also, it has essential for every Muslim. The breathtaking architecture of this Masjid and the construction is just gorgeous.

12 UNESCO World Heritage site

The UNESCO World Heritage site is the old part of Jeddah. It is known because of the Ancient homes and the history that is connected to this place. It has old masks and houses that were built in the 19th Century. This Heritage site is worth visiting.

13 Old houses in Jeddah trading port

Another place where you can explore the architectural importance of this place. The trading port has great significance. You can explore the rich history of Jeddah from this place.

14 Mecca

Mecca is the most famous spot in Saudi Arabia that hosts hundreds of pilgrims every year. However, during these days, pilgrims are maintaining social distancing. You can see diverse cultures here in Mecca, from the people visiting Mecca all over the world. This is the place that brings Muslims together from across the globe.

15 Explore Abha 

Why don’t you explore Abha? This vibrant city has a lot to offer. You can see the diverse culture in Abha and the bustling of the city. Also, visit the wonderland in winter; it is mesmerizing and magical. This city has a lot to offer that you must explore.

There are a lot more attractions that you can explore when you are in Saudi Arabia. But make sure that you do not miss out on booking the hotel or an extremely comfortable resort. You can check the Dana Beach Resort booking online for all the information regarding the resort. It is a luxury Resort to make you feel the best. There are some other luxury five star hotels also available to check out. Make sure you book the best Resort accessible.

If you have a money constraint, you can also find a perfect hotel in just your budget with absolutely excellent facilities. Just do a little research and look for the available options. Saudi Arabia is filled with luxury hotels for you to enjoy your vacation in the best way. Besides these incredible Saudi Arabia locations that we have listed above, you can also check out some other places. These places are not only just perfect for the best nervous but also great for the people who are in Saudi Arabia.


There are some wonderful beaches and islands you can also visit. However, dressing modestly is essential for women when you are in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are on the beach or going to the mosque, the dressing matter is a lot for both men and women.

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