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Top 10 Unusual Holidays Around The World

Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Easter are holidays that everyone around the world is very much familiar with. But, there are some holidays that are a bit unusual, to say the least. Below is a quick overview of the top 10 unusual holidays being celebrated around the world.

10 Night of the Radishes



Night of the Radishes is held every December 23 in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is radish carving contest where participants compete in carving radishes to figures that depict Jesus Christ’s birth or elaborate scenes in history.

9 Hangul Day


Korean Alphabet Day or Hangul Day celebrates the proclamation and creation of Korean Alphabet. It was celebrated by South Koreans on the 9th of October while the North Koreans do their celebrations on the 15th of January.

8 Lame Duck Day


Lame Duck Day is being celebrated every 6th of February for recognizing people whose position in authority will soon run out. Lame Duck can refer to a politician who did not win in the elections but need to stay in office until the end of his term.

7 Chau Bun Festival


Chinese calendar’s 8th day of the 4th moon, typically in May, is being celebrated in Hong Kong as Chau Bun Festival for driving away evil spirits and ensuring a smooth sailing of sea-faring residents. All the fun begins once three towers of 60 feet each covered from top to bottom with sweet doughty pastries or buns are set in front of Pak Tai Temple.

6 Lammas Day



Also called loaf mass day, Lammas Day is celebrated by most English speaking countries in Northern Hemisphere every August 1st. Here, the locals bring a loaf made from new crop to the church.

5 Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day


Held every 7th of February, it is a day for you to say hello to all your neighbors with a bright smile and a big wave at the same time.

4 Beer Day


Light beer and wheat near brick wall

If you love beer, you will definitely want to visit Iceland every March 1 for their nationwide drinking party. A great excuse for pub crawl or runtur, this celebration goes throughout the day, giving you lots of chances to raise your glasses to local brews.

3 Bean Throwing Day



Japan’s Setsubun or Bean Throwing Day is a holiday that is held during the first day of spring based on their lunar calendar, typically around the 2nd or 3rd of February. In the celebration, beans are thrown homes, temples and shrines for scaring away evil spirits.

2 Nenana Ice Classic


Nenana Ice Classic is Nenana, Alaska’s spring ice melting lottery. This is a contest of guessing the exact day and time that Winter ice is going to crack on Tenana River, making way for Springtime. Since the inception of the tradition, more than 10 million dollars of prize money were given away.

1 Nyepi Day


Nyepi Day or also called Silent is how the Balinese celebrate Lunar Year in Bali with complete silence. For the traditional Balinese, this is the perfect time for retrospection. This tradition is then followed by cleansing rituals like cleaning of effigies from the village temples and exorcism of demons.


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