Top 15 Best Truck Accident Lawyers in the USA

Hiring the wrong truck accident attorney can make you stand the risk of not being compensated in the right manner. It is why you need to ensure that all factors have been taken into consideration to hire an expert. There is no need to rack your brains as this post of Topteny U.S. online magazine is listing out 15 of the best truck accident attorneys in the USA.

1 Deena Buchanan

When it comes to defending the interests of clients on matters related to truck accidents, Deena Buchanan has proven to be an expert. A proof of this is that she has over 20 years of experience. Cases Buchanan handles are about explosions, trucking accidents, car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. She is the manager of Buchanan Law Firm, LLC, which is located in Wyoming. Ever since she got licensed in 1998, she has earned lots of positive reviews from clients.

2 Jennie Levin

There is no doubt that trucks are a serious threat to lives around the U.S., even though they are contributing economically daily. This is an integral part of Jennie Levin’s mission, who is an experienced truck accident attorney. Jennie has the edge over most lawyers, given that she speaks different languages (Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, and English). She has been nominated for various awards in the past, such as Best Lawyers in Los Angeles by Expertise, Lawyers of Distinction, International Advisory Experts Award Winner 2020, and National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyer.

3 Robert Mansell

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Robert Mansell has helped clients receive claims in millions of dollars. His practice areas include trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, brain injuries,  catastrophic injuries, and product liability cases. Over the years, Mansell has successfully represented the interests of clients in major lawsuits. Nothing short of the best is expected from someone who has been licensed for over 34 years.

4 Howard Craig Kornberg

Howard Craig Kornberg is another experienced truck accident attorney who deserves to be mentioned on the list. He has been licensed for over 40 years and has been the brain behind the famous Kornberg law firm, which is based in Los Angeles. His practice areas are Truck Accident, bike accident, car accident, product liability, bicycle accident, wrongful death, and premises liability.

5 Timothy G. Anderson

Timothy G. Anderson has been providing exceptional and professional representation for clients who are involved in automobile accidents over the years. This is usually done in line with professional and ethical standards, which has made him be the favorite of most people. For over 15 years, he has handled various cases successfully for clients.

6 Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris is one of the best when it comes to handling legal matters related to truck accidents. Having been licensed for over 18 years, there is no doubting the fact that he can be trusted. He is the manager of an award-winning law firm known as Harris Personal Injury, which has over 5,000 clients in its database. This firm handles various types of auto accidents, such as truck accidents, bus accidents, bicycle-auto accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

7 Bryan D. Caulfield

The trial experience offered by attorney Bryan D. Caulfield is proven. This is probably why he is highly sought after by clients on issues related to auto accidents and injuries. He has successfully handled various cases in the past that involve truck accidents, spinal injury, head injury, catastrophic injury, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Clients have benefited from his more-than-two-decades experience. He is held in high esteem by, which is one of the most recognized attorney rating services.

8 Kevin Staples

The track record of Kevin Staples is nothing short of impressive as it includes settlements as well as judgments valued at six and seven figures. A proof of his expertise is how he has managed to partner with Landerholm, P.S over the years successfully. This is one of the most successful and oldest law firms in the U.S., amongst others. Staples has been representing the legal interests of insurance companies since 1975. A year later, he would start delving into matters related to auto and truck accidents.

9 Manuel Maltos

Manuel Maltos’ achievement as a truck attorney is quite phenomenal. This is what has earned him recognition in the reputable St. Mary’s Law Journal on two occasions. According to him, being an experienced lawyer isn’t all that is needed to help clients. Rather, it also requires a commitment to make any kind of sacrifice. His areas of practice are defective products, auto accidents, and truck accidents. With more than 14 years of legal experience, clients can be rest assured to get compensated for damages.

10 Steve M. Burris

Steve Burris is an attorney with over 40 years of experience. Some of his areas of practice are hit and runs, truck accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Over the years, Steve has successfully received various recognitions like Nevada Super Lawyers (2007 & 2008), Mountain States Super Lawyers (2009, 2010 & 2011), Las Vegas Life Top 5 Lawyers, and others.

11 Jonathan D. Light

Jonathan D. Light has proven to be one of the most experienced truck accident attorneys you can rely on. With more than 30 years of experience, he has helped lots of clients in the past. His auto accident record on cases handled in the past has been nothing short of impressive. He is a certified member of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Lawyers and Massachusetts Bar Association. Some other areas of practice which he focusses on are automobile accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. He is the founder of Jonathan D. Light, P.C., which is a reputable law firm in Boston.

12 T. Chris Robson

Chris Robson has been representing the interest of clients under different circumstances over the past 15 years. These could be on legal issues about construction accidents, trucking accidents, auto accidents, or catastrophic injuries. He has managed to help members receive compensation of over $30 million. Ever since his law firm came into existence in 1999, it has been making a difference in the lives of clients.

13 William E. Clements

William E. Clements is an attorney with decades of experience. When it comes to truck accidents, he is not just one of the best in Ohio but also in the U.S. He got Best Lawyers recognition in the year 1995. Based on the cases he has handled in Ohio, it is easy to conclude that his CV is very impressive. These are Wesley Cmty. Services Ohio App vs. State ex rel. Feick ( 2005), Cincinnati Milacron Chemical, Inc vs. Blankenship,  v. Indus Comm vs. State ex rel. Gobich (2004).

14 Michael A. Kernbach

Michael A. Kernbach has over 25 years of experience in automobile accidents. This is probably why he has an impressive list of clients to protect their interests. He is a certified member of the American Bar Association, Fairfax Bar Association, and Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

15 Craig M. Ortwerth

Craig M. Ortwerth understands what it takes to defend the interests of clients in cases of trucking accidents. It is interesting to point out that he has handled numerous cases at various levels. Having been admitted into Missouri Bar in 1998, he has grown from strength to strength as one of the best. He is also one of the partners of McChesney & Ortwterth LLC, a big law firm in Illinois. He specializes in car accidents, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and more. A lot is expected from a company that has helped clients claim over $25m in compensation.

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