Top 10 Best US Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers are in demand these days due to increased crime rate. Few lawyers are considered the authority on the subject and are often seen in news headlines.
Criminal defense attorneys are the most demanded ones these days. With an alarming increase in crime rates, the demand for criminal defense lawyers has also increased manyfold. Whenever there is a big scandal or news regarding crime same, few faces come across every time. These are, no doubt, the leading criminal defense lawyers in the United States and have been dominating the scene for decades.

10 Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro was the member of a large team of lawyers that defended O. J. Simpson in the famous murder case of his wife. Another famous case he supported was for Kardashian family. He was recently Lindsay Lohan’s lowyer in the drug case, but he resigned after disagreements with his client.

Robert Shapiro

robert shapiro


9 Dick Deguerin

Dick DeGuerin is famous for representing politicians in their criminal cases. His most famous case is that of Tom Delay, a former Republican Party House majority leader. The list of politicians he has represented is too long, and few have made it to the news headlines. An extensive list of bankers also deals with Dick DeGuerin. He is expert in money-related criminal activities of politicians and bankers.

Dick Deguerin


8 Shawn Holley Chapman

Shawn Holley Chapman is a female celebrity expert lawyer. She has recently defended Lindsay Lohan, Kardashian Sisters, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton successfully. She has featured in many T.V shows and has been giving advice to women on legal issues they face. She has remained in the limelight now and then for representing famous female celebrities. She, also, has been appearing as a host of morning shows for several days and focused on legal issues faced by women.

Shawn Holley Chapman

7 F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey is well known as the attorney who represented O. J. Simpson, the case that made to every newspaper headlines. Bailey is known for his broad research and knowledge of his profession. It is said that when he speaks, his words are considered words from the textbooks of law. He is considered an expert in this specific type of cases and his juniors and seniors rank him quite high. Captain Ernest Medina’s case of war crimes in Vietnam War stirred the news all over the world. Bailey defended and took out the accused successfully. Another well-known case to his credit is that of Dr. Carl Coppolino, who was accused of murdering his wife and neighbor.

 F. Lee Bailey


6 Anne Bremner

Anne Bremner got the attention of the masses when she represented Michael Jackson in a child abuse case. She has handled the most controversial cases of celebrities with ease, and she has produced satisfying results for her clients. Michael Jackson’s case was very complicated, and the whole world’s eyes were on this Case. She managed to come out successfully in this case. Another famous case she represented was that of Amanda Knox; she was accused of killing a British student on her visit to Italy. Bremner proved her worthiness to be among top criminal defense lawyers by successfully defending her client.

5 Leslie Abramson

Leslie Abramson is specialized in dealing with high profile murder cases. If we look at the list of cases she has represented, we can find out the trend she has followed. She came into limelight after representing Melendez brothers in the murder case of their parents. Another famous case she represented was murder of actress Lana Clarkson; she was found dead in Phil Spector’s house. Leslie successfully defended Phil and rose further in the ranks of most successful criminal defense attorneys. She has been appreciated for representing such high-profile and high-pressure cases despite being a woman.

 Leslie Abramson


4 Gloria Allred

ofile cases she has been involved in. Whenever we talk about a person of a high profile, a controversial criminal case, her name is bound to be there. She has been the lawyer to many celebrities including Amber Frey, Peterson and Tiger Woods. She got fame from a case in late 70’s when she represented a woman who was denied her rights by a male-dominant society. She came out successful and this case became her first step towards her rise.

Gloria Allred


3 Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz got into the limelight from all famous O.J. Simpson case in which he was part of a huge team of attorneys. He, as a team member, played a significant role in winning the case. Other famous clients of Alan include Mike Tyson, Michael Milkan and Kirtananda. He proved his mettle in the most talked criminal case of Claus von Bulow, a british socialite of German and Danish ancestry. He was accused of attempting to murder his wife twice. At the first trial he was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison. Claus Bulow appealed and hired Dershowitz, the Harvard low professor. In the second trial, Alan managed to help getting a judicial decision in favor of his client. He was found innocent. This case gave Dershowitz a huge boost, and he was ranked among top criminal defense attorneys of United States.

Alan Dershowitz

 Alan Dershowitz

2Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos came into the limelight once he represented Susan McDougal, the famous case in which President Clinton, later on, pardoned the accused. After that, he has been considered as the celebrities’ expert criminal defense lawyer. He has represented many of them including Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Gary Condit. Another famous case that he was part of is the murder case of Peterson’s wife and his unborn child. This case drew a lot of media attention and attained Mark fame and appreciation. He has been often captured on camera regarding high-profile cases.

Mark Geragos


1 M. Gerald Schwartzbach

Gerald Schwartzbach has been a trial lawyer for over 40 years. He represented a defendant charged with shooting her police-officer husband and during so, he was one of the first to use the “battered woman defense”. He also helped acquitting Robert Blake, the actor who was accused of killing his wife. His law office in San Francisco specializes in criminal, habeas corpus, personal injury, product liability and sex discrimination cases.

Robert Blake, M. Gerald Schwartzbach


David Lee

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