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Top 9 Easy Ways to Be More Positive in the Last Days of Summer

Summer season presents the best opportunity to free your mind from work stresses, school stresses and a chance to spend time and bond with your family and friends. It is the best time to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. For you to always remain motivated, you need to take some time to yourself to rest your mind and body from the hustle and bustle, as well as reflect on your life’s achievements and failures.

Take for instance a machine. It will serve your needs for a period and then break down. In order for it to run longer and help you efficiently, you always need to service it once in a while. This is similar to us. Taking a breather once in a while is essential to help us run more happily and be more productive in our livelihood. Schools take a break after every academic year so the student can go relax and refresh their minds before commencing a new academic year. As long as you have attained your personal goals in life, you have to keep moving.

However, to do so efficiently, we need to remain motivated and positive despite the failures we may have encountered.

How to keep motivated

1 Reflect on what you have achieved so far and be proud of yourself. You could even go further to treat yourself to a spa date or take a short summer vacation. Although you haven’t yet attained your top goals, even the small goals, what you have achieved so far are worth celebrating.

2 Stop, reflect then restrategize. If your life goals, work goals, or academic goals are purportedly hard to achieve, probably you need to plan your goals afresh. For those looking to run a startup business but nothing has proved successful over the years, you can look into other business ventures or freelance jobs such as essay writing service in UK where you can perform better. Generate new goals that are more achievable and realistic.

3 Avoid being sad and be happy at all times. Do not dwell on the negatives for too long; it could be a failed work project, a contract you did not close with your client or the low grades you scored in the just-concluded academic year. It is okay to feel hurt and view yourself as a failure, but only for a little while. Accept what is done and move on. Indulge your mind on other meaningful stuff.

4 Generate a plan. Ensure your plan layout is logical and realistic this time around. Not everything can be planned out on pen and paper, but the main aim is for you to start generating a plan that enables you to move forward and keeps your motivation flowing.

5 Criss Jami says it best in his quote- “The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it”. Not being able to share all your experiences with anyone, both good and bad, is the greatest obstruction in our lives. Having someone to share it with keeps you sane. They will help guide you if you are on the right path or warn you to rethink your ideas if you are heading for disaster. Sometimes their advice may not be the right advice, but they will be there to boost your spirit when you’re feeling down and defeated.

6 Treat yourself when you have achieved something and even when you feel like a failure. It could be a summer trip abroad or something as simple as having ice cream at your favorite parlor. Your perspective of life is the key to your success.

7 Our worst enemy is ourselves.  We often judge ourselves too harshly. If you think about it, did you really fail? In reality, we have achieved far more than we set out to achieve in the first place. The issue with human nature is we tend to change our goals along the way that we no longer recognize the small successes we have achieved so far.

8 Never give up on yourself. Regardless of the hurdles you meet along the way, to remain positive, you must never give up on yourself. Even if years have gone by and you think you have used up every trick in the bag, you should keep that light of hope burning inside you. Facing challenges along the way is normal. What counts is how you make the most of the situation. Failure is meant to challenge you to be better, so keep pushing ahead.

9 You are only human. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Remember to take good care of your health, no skipping meals or eating unhealthy foods as a therapeutic means. With a healthy mind and body, you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.


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