15 Must Have Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas

Dark purple hair colours are the best and bold way to embrace vibrant colours. They are merely effortless to wear and can be tailored to suit any skin tone and face shape. All you need is the best stylist to style them for you.

The shades are flattering, beautiful and you can be sure to turn several heads if you do it correctly. Take a look at these cutest dark purple hair colour ideas that we are sure will provoke your thoughts…everyone likes them, and we are sure you will join them too.

1 Dark Purple Hair Colour for browns

Accents are a superb way of enhancing volume and depth to your tresses. For instance, this look has various lights reflecting locks that make it appear flattered. Therefore, if you decide to rock this dark purple hair, it is imperative to add different colours to give it some life.

2 Dark Purple Bob

This look clearly shows that you don’t need sleek extended strands to experiment with the variety of hues. The waves are included to give vibrancy to this style. This is a great idea for the ladies with fine hair and wants to wow it.

3 Purple Hair with Grey Roots

Grey roots are ideal for the lazy babes just as most of ladies here at When you accentuate a coloured style with a grey-rooted look, you get a lazy look that is easy to maintain. If you are blessed with naturally black hair, if the base is exposed, they will not be so significant with this chic look.

4 Light Purple Bob

This is a perfect hairdo for the ladies with an oval face. Though you may be anxious to try different colours of purple to see the one that is perfect for you, this long bob is an ideal way to award the hair some break. Sometimes you need to throw some things at your back and opt for a trim, but if you are going for a purple look as this, the change becomes easy.

5 Melted Purple and Mauve Hair

Dark purple and red complement each other perfectly as illustrated in this mid-length style. All the reds are painted at the upper part and vanish slightly into a purple mix. There are numerous shades included in this style, but that is indeed what keeps the style natural. The pure purple makes it look even more ‘natural.’

6 Velvet Ombre

Maybe you are a brunette and looking to paint your tresses purple; you should be ready to employ more background work. The dark purple hair shade looks as excellent as they do since there is quite a lot of work involved on them. They need much maintenance. However, the look is worthy of the efforts put.

7 Lengthy Curly Hair with Highlights of Purple

Darker hair colours are preferred more than other colours because they don’t ‘soak’ up the colours. That is why hair stylists advise choosing bleach treatment and lightening earlier if you wish to achieve a bold and bright look as well. Consequently, you will need to refresh the colour weekly.

8 Brunette and Dark Purple

One important thing to remember before choosing bright shade purple for your hair is to make sure it matches the tone of your skin. Choosing the wrong colour can make your complexion more of a gothic look than a vampy look. Start by consulting your hair stylist before executing this style, so you end up with the haircut and colour you want.

9 Subtle Purple Highlights

Subtle purple highlights are an excellent way of popping the colour of your hair, while still keeping everything down and low. The top strand is left untouched, and the tips are shaded ombre balayage. Various types of purple, dark plum and lilac shades are utilized to create this beautiful look.

10 Short Dark Purple Hair

The purple highlights expose the curls in this short style gorgeously. This is an excellent example of how to wear any shade when your locks are shorter, and not just dark purple. The highlights are included here with the underneath remaining dark brunette and natural.

11 Smoked Purple and Lavender

The only way to achieve a vibrant shade is to start by bleaching your hair, and then adding a tone to make it white and less brassy colour of bleached blonde. Once you have gotten those neutral roots, any hue you put on top would be vibrant. There are many toners you get in the market, and using silver shampoo is also a great tool.

12 Dark Purple Balayage Highlights

If you are a natural brunette, rather than choosing lighter or vibrant pops, go for something fresh such as purple. It is much effortless to apply on the hair and matches correctly with various skin tones too. However, if you decide to go too icy or dark, you will have to change your makeup entirely. Your old colours won’t go well with your new style, and you will have to get new cosmetics hues. Ensure that you select the perfect colour forehead.

13 Berry Ombre

Out of light and bright purples, and warmer and dark shades, the latter is easier to accomplish. The lighter shades like violets and lilacs need much more concerning pre-lightening treatments. They also need a lot of maintenance too. Red colours also need to be obliterated even with lighter tones first.

14 Short, Curly and Purple

Short and curly is an excellent hair if you can pull it off; it is beautiful and girly, primarily when you include these pink and purple accents of shade into the mix. If you don’t have curlers, don’t worry. You can accomplish a bouncing curl using your straighteners by flicking them in the right way.

15 Jam Velvet

When you have a mix of shades to showcase, the braided style intricately mixed is the best way to reveal them. When you blend two of this year’s biggest trends-fabulous locks with dark purple braids, you get an obsolete ingredient for success.

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