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10 Tips to Find the Best Online Graphic Design Tool

The competition amongst companies to gain a fair share of their respective markets is becoming very stiff. This has led to lots of outfits trying to adopt different strategies that will help to promote their brands in recent times more than ever before. Although there are various promotion methods that you can use to promote your brand, very few of them are capable of producing the desired results over a given period. This is why the use of well-crafted visuals is increasingly becoming popular amongst companies – it can help to enhance viewer interaction, attract customers, and strengthen a brand.

The Truth You Need to Know

Although there are lots of companies offering graphic design services, very few of them can help in creating of cutting edge graphics. If you do not want to pay for work of questionable quality, you can also consider crafting visuals by yourself with the help of online graphics editors like Crello that do not require any specific design skills. In any case, it is essential for you to carry out thorough research before making a choice.

Are you struggling to find the best one? Do you know that this is very important for the growth of your business? The major aim of this post will be to show you some of those factors to watch out for in tools available on the market.

1 Look for Tools that Work Smoothly

This is one of the most important aspects that you should be on the lookout. Avoid products that are still very raw and unstable. You do not want to spend an hour on crafting a visual just to lose everything when an online app suddenly becomes unresponsive. With software that is regularly tested and updated, it will be so much easier for you to focus solely on creating your brand image rather than solving problems with an instrument you have chosen for this purpose.

2 Ease of Use

You also need to check out whether your tool of choice can be used easily. There are many platforms for creating visuals for your business. However, very few of them are 100% user-friendly. So, look for a tool which is easy to understand, so you do not spend days on learning how to interact with it. There are some you will come across on the internet; they don’t require any experience on your part before creating stunning graphics.

3 Versatility Is Vital

A tool, which doesn’t have templates and formats for visuals your business uses, obviously isn’t going to help. You need a platform that gives you access to lots of templates you can customize depending on your needs – be it images, animations, or even short videos that gain their momentum now. The bottom line is that you need to avoid software that doesn’t give you lots of options when it comes to graphic templates. For instance, some of the graphics editors on the internet have thousands of templates that you can use for your designs.

4 Availability of Support

It can be very frustrating to struggle with creating graphics when you encounter problems, and there is no one out there to reach out for help. This is the reason why you need to ensure that a service you use also provides great customer support that will walk you through the whole process of creating stunning visuals. You need to be sure that you will get understandable answers in time, so you do not sweat blood while working on a single image.

5 Educational Resources Are Important

If you want to create cutting edge graphics that will sweep your competitors aside, there is no doubt that you need some specific knowledge to apply. You don’t have to take online to offline courses, but you definitely need educational materials to guide you through the design process. You will notice that companies which truly care of their users develop their own knowledge bases, guides and e-books, write blog posts to show you what trends you need to follow, how different elements and colors are combined, what mistakes you should avoid, etc. So, look for tools that provide such an option.

6 Customer Reviews

There are lots of business people who don’t consider customer reviews to be important. This is not the right approach when choosing a tool for work. While you cannot rely on reviews only, you have to find out what customers are saying about different solutions available on the market. This way, you can find details that could be the ones to decide on.

7 Take a Look at Features You Get for Free

You do not have to pay for every feature you use – may online graphic design apps offer a part of the functionality for free. You can also test tools by using their unpaid features before paying for the subscription to have advanced options. Avoid services that do not give you this possibility or reveal too little to understand what you are going to pay for – this way you will not get a pig in a poke and will not lose your money.

8 Visit Their Website

A company that claims to have made a quality app shouldn’t have a poorly created website. If it provides quality services, then it also has an eye-catching website. If a service provider you are interested in doesn’t have impressive graphics on its website, it is a red flag. There is only one thing that you need to do at such point which is looking for another one. Any tool that promises to meet your graphic design needs will show it through a well-designed website.

9 Emphasis on Social Media

Good graphic design tools have gone beyond what they used to be in the past. This is evident on how they have been able to provide adapted templates for both video and graphic visuals that would fit perfectly to any social network like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And this part is crucial since businesses mostly need visuals for building their online presence there. If a tool in question does not provide enough functionality for managing your business social media accounts, just skip it – you will definitely find better options.

10 Prices Should Be Considered

Pay attention to the prices of tools – they must be affordable and reasonable. You cannot save on creating quality content, but you shouldn’t overspend money on it as well – pursue a middle ground.


Based on the above tips, it is evident that choosing the best tool for creating great visuals isn’t difficult as you must have been thinking. However, in case you are still having a nightmare identifying which of them to choose, consider Crello that can enable you to create impressive images for your business.

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