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+80 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets That Are Cool and Useful

21 Herb Scissors

Not everyone feels comfortable using a knife to cut herbs. This is where a scissors-like this can become very useful. It can enable you to cut and chop vegetables as well as herbs into pieces.

22 5-Blade Spiralizer

This is probably one of the complete spiralizing kits you will come across in the market. Spiraling can be very difficult to do manually. This gadget can meet your needs today. Some of its blades that make such a process easy are flat blades, spaghetti blades, and angel hair blades.

23 Sugar Dispenser

Have you ever tried to put some sugar in your tea and ended up putting too much? This means you need a gadget like this. It will help you to put the exact amount of sugar. Every time the button is pushed, it dispenses half a teaspoon of sugar. Moderation is the key to this tool.

24 9 pieces of measuring bowls

These bowls have been stacked together neatly. It is better than having to buy them separately since such can consume space in your kitchen. All you have to do is choose the one to be used from the set.


25 Digital spoon

This is indeed a helpful gadget to have in your kitchen. It can help to measure the weight of tea, flour, milk, and spices. This means no more guesswork about what you are taking again.

26 Steaming Lid

This is another top gadget that can help you. When you use it, moisture will be trapped inside the pan, as you can see in the picture below. This means the problem of boiling over will be tackled.

27 Kitchen timer

One of the most amazing features of this clock is that it works without a battery’s aid. All you have to do is setting it to your preferred time while cooking and leave the kitchen. Once the time reaches, it will alert you with an alarm. Attend to other matters without worrying about your food getting burnt.

28 Cake Server

Getting the perfect slice doesn’t mean you have to mess up the kitchen. With this wonderful gadget, such can be possible. It ensures your cake is intact after being cut.

29 Strainer Grippboard

This is not just a strainer but also a cutting board. Whether it is being used on your countertop or sink, you will feel comfortable. The strainer can be easily removed and washed. Cut items like vegetables, fruits, and others with ease today.

30 Soap Dispenser

The problem of kitchen sanitation remains a major concern. After cooking, it is important to wash your hands properly. This soap dispenser will help out in such aspects.

31 Touch sensing faucet

Imagine completing some tasks in the kitchen and your hands are already dirty. Touching a faucet with such hands means you are messing up the place without knowing. With touch sensing faucet, such is impossible. Any part of your arm that touches the faucet can make water start flowing.

32 Led faucet

This is another great kitchen gadget. There is an LED light that changes as the water temperature changes. This means you don’t have to feel the water to know whether it is hot or cold. This is perfect for people with kids.

33 Stylish dish rack

This dish rack has been designed to help you save space in the kitchen. You will notice that it is different from the traditional dish racks that are available in the market. It can be placed on the countertop.

34 Tablet cutting board

This is a special cutting board that can make a difference in your kitchen. The tablet ensures you are following your favorite cooking tutorials closely. It also comes with a guard to ensure the tablet isn’t damaged through splashes.

35 Star wars toaster

Sometimes you need something special to catch the attention of visitors in your kitchen. This toaster is perfect for such. It comes with a unique heating system.

36 2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet Stand Wall

This is one of the best unusual kitchen gadgets you can take advantage of today. With this gadget, you can mount a tablet on the wall of your kitchen. It enables you to follow up with cooking tutorials without missing any section.

37 Air Fryer Max XL

Given its capacity (5.8 quarts), it is easy to conclude that Air Fryer Max XL is perfect for family usage. Frying has become easier and safer with this innovation. For instance, it fries foods with about 85% less fat. Don’t worry about the taste as nothing is compromised.

38 Claw Pot Pinchers

Picking hot pots can sometimes be very difficult. With these pot pinchers, such a task will be fun. They only cover the thumb as well as index fingers.

39 Cereal bowl

Most people don’t like soggy cereal. They consider it irritating. If you are one of these people, using a bowl like this will help. You can see that while your puffs are on one side, milk is on the other side.

40 Digital kitchen food scale

This is an amazing product that every homeowner must have in his kitchen. It becomes more important when you are trying to lose weight. Just as the name sounds, it can help you count the exact calories going into your system.

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