Trip to Boston: Things to Do, Things to See If You Have Just 2 Days

A place steeped in American history, Boston is the perfect amalgamation of culture and modernity. Though it is not as massive as a metropolitan city, it is also not quite as unassuming as a town. It combines the best of both worlds.

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If you are going on a 2-day trip to Beantown, go through this list of attractions to visit on your stay.

1 The New England Aquarium

If you are in Boston with kids, they will love this stop. The New England Aquarium will take you on an aquatic journey with seals, penguins, sharks and other sea animals. An hour or two will pass by swiftly witnessing the beautiful life of the ocean captured in the heart of Boston.

2 The Boston Gardens

In need of some tranquility? Visit the lush gardens of Boston. The lap of nature surrounds you here, and you are shielded from the noise of the city. The garden can be a wonderful place for a little break on your excursion. A stroll will be soothing and enjoyable.

3 The Freedom Trail

The 2.5-mile-long hike takes you through 16 historical landmarks of the city. On a guided tour, you will get to learn about the rich history of the town. You will start at Boston Common, and the journey will end when you reach Bunker Hill. It will take about two hours at most. A must if you visit Boston.

4 Brattle Book Shop

Bookworms unite! A stay in Boston wouldn’t be complete for a bibliophile without a peek into the famous Brattle Book Shop. Opened way back in the 1800s, the iconic bookstore has survived till now. The shop consists of three floors and an outdoor area filled with second-hand books. If you like collecting rare editions, you might score some here.

5 The Back Bay 

The posh part of Boston, the Back Bay is filled with luxurious shopping and dining outlets. Even if you’re not interested in the high life, you should still visit the area for its beautiful avenues and buildings. The Victorian influence is evident in the architecture here.

6 The Coit Observatory

Want a Fancy night under the stars? Then book a ticket to The Coit Observatory. Located in Boston University, you can see constellations on a good, clear night. It’ll make for a beautiful experience with your partner.

7 Harbour Cruise 

For a full appreciation of the Boston skyline, go on a harbor cruise and watch the city. Better yet, do so during the golden hour. If you can want the best time, a private boat ride would make for an unforgettable memory.

8 Museums

Home to an abundant history, the city also has a lot of museums to document it. There is the famous Museum of Fine Arts with over 450k artifacts, the Boston Tea Party and Ships Museum that have restored ships where you can go inside, and The Museum of Bad Art or MOBA that is home to terrible artistic creations. There is also the Museum of Science, which is one of the best in the United States.

What if you are in Boston for a day?

There it is – a list of Boston attractions for a short trip. We’ve tried to include a variety of places that might interest you. If you like history, go on the Freedom Trail, science buffs should give The Museum of Science a go, and the aquarium is sure to excite your little one. Pick and choose what catches your eye. Enjoy your weekend!

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