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Top 10 Oldest Cities in The World

History is full with amazing countries and cities. The most amazing ones are those the oldest, as they reflect the antiquity of the history. These cities are wonderful pieces of the past. If you are interested in the antiquity of the history and the passionate oldness of cities, follow up this article, including the top 10 oldest cities in the world.

10 Alexandria:

It is ranked the second largest city and the second largest urban area in Egypt. In April 331 BC, it was established by Alexander the Great. Alexander’s head architect for the project was Dinocrates. Alexandria was not simply a hub of Hellenism, but also the residence to the main urban Jewish society in the world. The city was officially under Roman jurisdiction in 80 BC, in line with the will of Ptolemy Alexander.

9 Marrakesh:

It is a chief city in the northwest Morocco and the fourth largest city there. Marrakesh was populated by Berber farmers from the Neolithic times, and plentiful stone executions have been uncovered in the area. Marrakesh was established in 454 in the Hijri calendar by Abu Bakr ibn Umar. Because of its cultural reputation, Marrakesh drew a lot of writers and artists, particularly from Andalusia.

8 Cape Town:

It is the second-most heavily populated city in South Africa. The first well-known bits and pieces in the region were discovered at Peers cave in Fish Hoek and date to about 15,000 years ago. Britain arrested Cape Town in 1795, although the Cape was returned to the Netherlands as it was the ruling country at this time by treaty in 1803.

7 Benin City:

It is a city about 25 miles north of the Benin River. It is located 200 miles by road east of Lagos. The native people and founders of the Benin Empire are the Edo people who were at first ruled by the Ogiso dynasty who named their land Igodomigodo.

6 Cholula:

Cholula is a city; it is situated in the middle west of the state of Puebla, beside the city of Puebla de Zaragoza, in the middle of Mexico. Cholula is famous for its Great Pyramid. Settlement of Cholula dates to between 500 and 200 BCE, with two little villages founded near water sources in what is at the present the eastern side of the city.


5 Baracoa:

It is a city located in Guantánamo Province near the eastern side of Cuba. It is the most aged Spanish settlement in Cuba. The native inhabitants of it were Taíno. In the 16th century, the remote location made it a safe place for illegal trade with both the French and English.

4 Panama City:

It is the capital of the Republic of Panama. The city of Panama was established in 1519, by the Spanish conqueror Pedro Arias Dávila. Within some years of its founding, the city turned to be a beginning point for the journeying and invasion of Peru as well as a transportation point for gold and silver.

3 Oraibi:

It is a village located in Arizona, United States, in the northeastern side of the state. It is famous as Orayvi as the native inhabitants called. Oraibi was established before the year 1100 AD, to be one of the oldest constantly inhabited settlements inside the United States. Archeologists consider that a series of harsh droughts in the late 13th century obliged the Hopi to desert numerous smaller villages in the area.

2 Quebec:

It is the capital city of the Quebec. Quebec City is one of the most aged European settlements in North America. A French explorer, named Jacques Cartier built a fort at the site in 1535, in which he stayed for the winter previous to going back to France in spring of 1536.

1 Cusco:

It is a city located in southeastern Peru. The Killke seized the area from 900 to 1200, previous to the entrance of the Incas in the 13th century. It became the capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th century till 1532.

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