Top Ten Most Desirable Cartoon Characters For Kids

Cartoon industry spread widely in the Europe and Middle East.  Today, All people with all ages like to watch and interested with cartoon films.Cartoon characters effect on viewers especially kids. So we should protect our kids from any down and bad cartoon character. Now we will discuss the best ten cartoon character.

10 Winne the pooh:

Called pooh bear. Famous for kids with yellow big bear. It’s a fanciful character attracting kids with its shape.

Created by A.A. Milne. The first collection of stories around pooh written and published in Winne_the pooh book in 1926.

9 Popeye the sailor:

Famous for eating the spinach. Spinach is the source of power for him.This character created by Elzie Crisler. This cartoon character had an effect on kids and American people, they started eating spinach after watched this cartoon. This cartoon was published after the death of Elzie in 1919.

8 Scooby Doo:

This carton contain interested and desirable characters including Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma ,Fred. The best friend to Scooby is shaggy and both of them not brave enough. The bravest one is Fred and he always led his group for the solutions. They use their Mystery machine van to move around for collecting solutions. This carton created by Hanna Barbara in 1969.


7 Dora Explorer:

She is a famous cartoon character loved by kids. From its name and picture Dora is a short girl likes to explore things and help people with the best friend Monkey. She also uses a backpack and talking map. This created by Chirs Gifford and Eric Weiner. This carton spreaded first in America but now famous in Asia and Europe.


6 Clifford:

The male big red dog that is a cute dog likes helping people. He goes around the way to help everyone who need his help. The problem that he gets into troubles because his big and huge size. This cartoon was first published in 1963.

5 Bugs Bunny:

It was first created by Leon Schlesinger Production and later by Warner Bros.Cartoon. It’s considered the most famous character in 2002 with its famous saying ‘Eh…what’s up doc? And he says it when he eats a carrot. He has a shape of cute rabbit with gray color.

4 Donald Duck:

A cute duck characterized by yellow-orange  feet, red bow tie and blue suite. The most famous playful cartoon from Walt Disney. All kids all over the world love Donald Duck character because it’s cheerful and funny.

3 Tweety:

 It’s a cute tiny bird with color yellow. I thought that it a female bird because of its beautiful voice but I shocked when I know that a Tweety is a male bird. Personally I love Tweety and I thought that there is any one doesn’t know tweety.

2 Mickey Mouse:

This character was created by Walt Disney like Donald Duck. Mickey is the short of Mitchell. This carton not only famous for kids but also many adults adore Mickey and Minnie a cartoon character. Minnie and Mickey is a funny and interested couple.


1 Tom and Jerry:

When we hear the music of Tom and Jerry cartoon we all run and set in front of TV to watch and interested with this funny characters. Tom is a violent cat and jerry is a small weak mouse but he is more intelligent than Tom .tom always knows how to escape from Jerry. This cartoon is considered the most famous and desirable for kids and also adults.


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