Top 10 Best Earl Nightingale Books

Earl Nightingale is one of the best inspirational speakers known throughout history. It is mind-boggling that he grew up in the depression era then took motivating people as a career! This sole fact is the first lesson you can learn from Earl Nightingale, that no matter what the environment you grow up in, you have the ability to circumvent it.

10 Insight

As Nightingale used to put his ideas in audio books, this Insight is one of them. It is one of Nightingale’s books that gives you the insights that were always there but you did not see.

9 Acres of Diamond

Acres of Diamond is about seeing the opportunities that are always there in our lives waiting us to knock the door.

8 This is Earl Nightingale

The book is divided into short sections, each one deals with a specific trait that if acquired will help you to reach your potentials.

 7 20 Minute that Can Change Your Life

Eye-opening, insightful notes that resonates Nightingale’s life. Since his childhood in the Depression era, Nightingale was infatuated with the question of what makes a person successful and rich and what makes him a failure. Because Nightingale was one of the have-nots himself, he worked diligently until he found the answer.

6 Creative Thinking

Earl Nightingale helps us to think better and reform our stereotypes through this book of the way to Creative Thinking.

5 Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery

The book is recommended for young people who is trying to figure out their life ahead. Read this book to know whether you are a river person or a goal person.

4 The Essence of Success

As you have guessed, all of Nightingale’s work revolve mainly around the question of how to achieve success. In this book he answers this question giving major steps.

 3 How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds

Now you can test Nightingale’s ideas yourself. Ask yourself those questions: is it feasible to change the way you think? If you changed your ideas to be positive, will you see change in your life? Does thinking negatively bring negative incidents to your life? When you find the right answers you will have the feeling that you are liberated from within.

2 Lead The Field

First published in 1976, the book is about success through specific traits a person can obtain. Nightingale speaks about attitude and how changing it will definitely change your whole life. Attitude is the feeling or opinion about something or someone, and the way of behaving that is caused by this. Lead the Field is one of Nightingale’s best fruits of mind. It is our attitude towards life that determines how life is going to return to us. “We get back what we put in,” this is what attitude means. It is not about you as a person reacting to life’s situations. No! It is actually about life reacting to you, to your own actions,

Remember this: the world would give you back a REFLECTION of your own attitude. If you give good attitude, you get good results, poor attitude, poor results, and if you put fair or average attitude, you absolutely get fair or average results. Most of us do this last one. We do not put a poor attitude on a dily basis or an extremely good one. The majority of us put a moderate fair attitude, and wait to react to whatever stimuli they encounter. If life gives them good they reflect it, if bad they reflect it as well; a chameleon!

In order to wear an excellent attitude every day, Nightingale suggests putting the seeds of two character attributes; gratitude and expecting the best. Wake up every day and feel grateful for being given the chance to live. Second, find the idea of fulfilling your goal agreeable.

1 The Strangest Secret

This is the number one book I would recommend for anyone. What Earl Nightingale speaks about here is not a secret, yet not many so people know it or heed it; and that exactly what makes it strange. Whatever I may say about this number one book could not substitute reading it.

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