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Top 10 Weirdest Things to Buy Online!

The Internet is a scary and a weird place and it is getting weirder and scarier every day. Not every thing you need you will find in stores. Anyways, you will find services, products and merchanidise will not find at any palace. However, you will find what you never imagined or dreamed of on the Internet. From haunted glass figures to banana guards. Top Teny is offering you 10 of the weirdest things that once were for sale on the Internet.

10 Haunted glass figures for sale

Do you believe in ghosts, haunted dolls and teddy bears that may talk, run and move their eyes whilst you are asleep? Actually, in movies, when somebody has an experience with a ghost or a supernatural creature they either run away or try to pour holy water all over the house. However, this New Zealander woman had the courage to catch two ghosts in two funny-looking glass bottles and, of course, to seal them in holy water. Not only did the brave heart lady captured the ghosts but also put them on sale on the Internet. Here comes the surprise, the haunted glass figures brought their lady owner $1,300. Believe it or not!

9 Someone to stand in a queue for you

Waiting in queues for a long time is tiresome and it may take forever to make a reservation. However, a smart company thought of an proceeded product that people direly need and will definitely take. Yes, the product is someone to wait in a queue for you. From now on, The Linestanding company says no to bureaucratization, to the wasted time and to the endless lines in front of the desks. The Linestanding website says: “We provide persons to stand in line anywhere in the greater Washington DC area, and specialize in [the] United States Congressional hearings and their respective committees as well as the US Supreme Court. Submit your details and our secure reservation form takes care of the rest. We also offer real-time rendezvous confirmation”.

8 Hogwarts acceptance letter

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”. This is quite the introduction Harry Potter fans are dying to hear or read, and some Harry Potter hardcore fans may walk on air or jump for joy on the occasion. Interestingly, such service offers you, Harry Potter fans, a personal Hogwarts acceptance letter for less than 10 bucks only. Harry Potter fans be like “Shut Up and take my money!” J.K Rowling would be proud!

7 Justin Timberlake French Toast

We all look up to celebrities. We feel that they are heaven-like creatures and they are not human beings just like us. As a teenager, I used to think that they may not eat, drink, sleep or get dressed like regular people and till now, one thinks that their lives and belongings are an unsolved mystery. However, this guy totally got over the top when he took Justin Timberlake French toast after he, Timberlake, had had breakfast on a morning TV program in March of 2000. The half-eaten French toast cost nearly 4,000 dollars.

6 The World’s Largest Cheeto

Here is the imagined scenario and that is totally a made up story by the writer. In 2003, a teenager brought a big bag of Cheetos to have it during launch time and he opens it and gets surprised by the large size of a Cheetos in the bag. Actually, a friend of him stops him and asks him to take a picture of it and put it on sale on the Internet. Finally, the teenage kids dream of getting the money so they can be filthy rich and buy many bags of Cheetos. Okay, this is a made up story; there is no real indication to the buyer or the seller. But a large Cheetos on sale is something worth mentioning.

5 An Imaginary Friend

Okay! Enough internet for today. Yeah, you have just read this. A man called Jon Malipieman offers the most bizarre service ever, but at least, the guy is trying to help. If you are, for some reason, lonely and friendless, Jon Malipieman’s imaginary friend is ready to be your best, loyal and fun companion. It is utterly invisible and it usually talks in your mind, but he is a great friend. This is getting weirder and weirder to acknowledge that the transparent pal sold for around $3,000.

4 Wigs for children

There is no apparent reason for putting a weird wig on a baby’s head, even if it is bald. Babies, in general, are cute. Anyways, imagine those cute cupcakes wearing such funny-looking wigs. The Internet has a wide range of wigs such as Lil Kim’s and Samuel L Jackson’s. Yeah, when you come to think of it, you will find that it is a great opportunity for parents to take pictures and capture the moments where their little teddy bears smile and look irresistibly adorable.

3 The Banana guard

“With over a million sold, the patented Banana Guard has allowed people of all ages to enjoy the world’s most favorite fruit at work, school or play without the worry that it will become smushed and inedible! Remarkably this device fits over 90% of commercially available bananas. How? Highly curved bananas can be straightened slightly to fit into an upper curve and very straight bananas can be bent ever so slightly to fit into the mold” The banana guard website says. In other words, you love bananas and you tend to take them with you at work so you have them during breakfast, you will face the dilemma of having the bananas smushed. Here comes the banana guard’s role which is a yellow banana shape mold that keeps your banana fresh and edible.

2 Hugs app

To hug a person, you do not have to hold them between your arms and put your chest against theirs. Technology has all the answers and all the solutions. So, if you have a dear person who lives far away, you can send them a hug via an application. You just have to open the app and put it on your chest and hug it for as long as you want. Then, you can hit the send button. The one to whom you sent the hug will open the app and receive vibrates that will last for as long as you held the phone to your chest.

1 NoPoPo Batteries

Regular batteries are history in some Asian regions now! After such jaw-droppingly bizarre invention, the NoPoPo batteries can charge everything just with liquid inside it. The wide range of liquids varies from water, juice, cola, tea, coffee and, yeah, that is right, human urine. How to use the NoPoPo batteries. It is quite simple: fill any liquid you want in the syringe, then squeeze it till it fills the battery. Interestingly, the NoPoPo batteries are user-friendly and earth-friendly; they are toxic material free and they can work for 10 years.

Finally, the article is a quick reminder that the world is not that boring as long as there are people who can buy Hogwart’s acceptance letter, large cheetos and imaginary friends.

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