Top 10 Wedding Looks and Trends

Every bride to be would agree that wedding planning is probably the most stressful part of getting married. With so many options out there, from the choice of church and reception venue to naming the entourage and coming up with your dream wedding dress, this part of the engagement takes so much work.

If you’re getting married this year and still can’t decide what look and style to go for, fret not! Below is a list of the best 10 wedding looks that are on fleek this year.

1 The Timeless Updo

The classic bridal updo never goes out of style, and it still is one of the best looks for the brides. Brides can never go wrong with this look, as it looks sleek, feminine, and ultimately elegant. It displays the bride’s natural glow, accentuating her features, keeping her face bright and radiant. It goes with basically all types of veils, dresses, and accent pieces.

Although typically sported by brides who want a more formal celebration, this polished style is limitless and can go with a laid back, more relaxed occasion.

2 The Half-up, Half-down Trend

Some couples opt to go for a relaxed wedding vibe, breaking the traditional wedding rules, as not everyone wants the classic look. For the mellow, laid-back bride, the half-up, half-down hairdo is an excellent style to choose.

This casual hairdo is best sported with soft layers especially in front to frame the face, giving the overall look more drama despite its simplicity. Perfect for a wedding in a luscious garden or on a white sandy beach, brides can rock this look with an off-shoulder or backless dress!

3 The Masquerade Belle

Another classic look that’s huge this year are masquerade ball-themed weddings. Couples who want to showcase a fairytale-like celebration with a dance party can always go the extra mile of incorporating masquerade masks in their ensemble. Involve the guests and the rest of the entourage by having them wear their masks of choice.

Sparkly masks of silver and white color always look exquisite in wedding dance parties. For the bride, a simple eye look, a statement lip color, and a soft hair updo will undoubtedly complete the whole look.

4 The Braided Bride

For the bride who’s in between modern and traditional, braids are the way to go. Braids add a modern twist to traditional bridal hairstyles, giving them texture and accent. Braids can be added in many different ways, and it can also be used to frame the bride’s face beautifully.

A messy, fishtail braid or a regular three-strand braid that pass through the crown is a foolproof choice. If you’re feeling a little frisky, incorporating a French or Dutch braid can also make an unforgettable statement look.

5 The Wavy Bob

Summer weddings are in, and sporting a softly curled bob cut with a no-makeup makeup look is the perfect ingredient. Soft curls on short hair are certainly irresistible, as it gives a very mellow, feminine look that goes with any bridal style. While this look is ideal for a celebration on a sunny day, there are no rules – you can rock this style even on a fine-dining indoor setup.

The best thing about this look is that it goes well with almost all dress and veil types – whether a cathedral type tulle veil, a birdcage, or a scalloped veil. This hairstyle also couples with natural makeup that can be paired with coral lip color.

6 The Sparkly Siren

Choosing the appropriate accessory for a bridal look is just as significant as the look itself. To complete the bridal style you’re aiming for, pick the accessory that would complement your hair, makeup, wedding dress, and even shoes! The accessory is part of the flair. Hence it should be chosen carefully.

On your wedding day, you want accents that are bold yet subtle enough not to steal focus on your face. A sparkly hair accessory placed on one side of the hair typically does the trick, adding drama to the look without being too much.

7 The Vintage Missus

If you’re looking for a tasteful, timeless style for your wedding, you can never go wrong with going vintage. Beautifully set curls, naturally arched brows, soft cat eye, and a classic red lip give life to classic beauty while still accentuating your best facial features. Finish the look with a rosy drunken blush, and you’re sure to have the bridal glow every woman dreams to have.

This look is worn best with a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress with a birdcage veil, but also fits a ball gown with the traditional tulle. Certainly one of the most stylishly flexible wedding looks one can wear, going vintage is such a fun and elegant fashion to rock on your wedding day.

8 The Low-key Look

Going for the classic updo doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be all polished and formal. Sometimes, a low updo with a natural-looking makeup does it all. A style that’s perfect for the low-key, relaxed bride, it is formal yet subtle, simple yet elegant.

This look showcases the bride’s natural radiance, especially when accented with a floral hairpiece. Because of the simple hairstyle, one can be bold when it comes to the makeup. A soft smokey eye with a statement plum or red lips will complete the look.

9 The All Natural Bride

For this year’s wedding trends, it’s the subtlety that captures the memory. Hair down in soft, beachy curls, natural coral lip color, softly blended smokes on the eyes, and a charming smile are all you need to rock that bridal peg. When it comes to wedding styles, there are no rules – you can showcase your simplest, most raw, and most real form.

Not every bride will opt for a look as simple as this, but for those who will, your natural bridal glow and captivating smile are enough to make your style stand out.

10 The Goddess Beauty

Another look that blends the modern and traditional is this messy, pseudo-braided updo. Among all the styles on this list, this is possibly the most versatile, as it goes well with either a simple or dramatic makeup look, a nude or bold lip. This look is best for wedding gowns with sheer lace accents, as well as tube dresses.

Couples want their wedding day to be as personal as possible, that their own style should be seen and felt by everyone in the room. Choosing a look on your wedding day shouldn’t be difficult, as you’ll always have an affinity for the style that is closest to your taste. The most important thing is that you’ll able to show your personality and still be on trend. Your wedding style will certainly make your wedding more memorable, and shall I say, Instagram-worthy!

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