10 Reasons Most Relationships Fail

Most of us create meaningful relationships throughout our lives, and these relationships teach us different things. If we think about relationships from a different angle, we’re all going through life learning different things at different times. Furthermore, we interact and respond to each other based on our past experiences. Most of the time, when we leave a relationship—or when we’re smack-dab in the middle of a dying one—we have no idea why it’s playing out the way it is. We understand how confusing relationships can be, which is why we’ve compiled the top ten reasons why relationships fail.

1 Lack of Communication

Communication comes easy for some people and extremely hard for others. Some couples start out on the same page. Along with the duration of the relationship, communication becomes strained and impossible. Some couples seek the help of counselors to help them navigate through the static of their conversations. This works for some, but others are not that lucky. If you’re having communication issues, try listening to them to understand, instead of listening to respond. This is an excellent first step to good communication.

2 Control Issues

Some people are naturally controlling. They want to know what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, etc. This behavior is a horrible way to start a relationship because you’re giving the green light to this acceptable behavior. Once you’ve “approved” this behavior, it’s tough to reverse it. What happens most of the time is that one person allows the behavior. When the honeymoon phase is over, the behavior annoys them and makes them feel uncomfortable. However, when the lay of the land has already been established, the relationship has no other option but to continue on the same track or part ways.

3 Intimacy

Intimacy starts to dwindle in relationships for many reasons—kids, stress, or general disdain for each other. Some couples can function as “roommates,” but the vast majority of couples cannot. One or both end up seeking comfort outside of the relationship and causing more issues than what they started with. There are many ways to explore a new take on sexuality with your partner. It just depends on how invested you are in making it work.

4 Trust Issues

This can occur on either side of the relationship, especially if someone has cheated in the past. In most cases, the party who was “cheated on” can’t get past the indiscretion and references it repeatedly. In all honesty, they have every right, but if you’ve agreed to move past this with your loved one, then you should do that. Going back to feelings of hurt and neglect is a typical relationship issue. It’s harder for some of us to let things go, which makes the perfect breeding ground for trust issues.

5 Gaslighting and Narcissism

This isn’t a relationship we’d wish on our worst enemy. Gaslighting and narcissism go hand in hand, and if you’re on the receiving end of this type of treatment, you’ll feel like you’re losing your mind most of the time. Those who go through these types of relationships end up suffering a great deal of anguish that affects their self-esteem and their overall confidence in everything they do in life because gaslighters and narcissistic people tear down the moves and mental states of those close to them.

6 Financial Stress

Financial stress affects many of our population, especially when pay wages remain relatively low, and housing and food prices continue to rise. The burden of financial stress on the relationship has only intensified since the onset of COVID-19, along with an increase in domestic violence that comes with couples being out of work, stressed out, and stuck in the house together with nothing else to do but argue about not having enough—of anything.

7 Children

Kids are most certainly a gift from the heavens, but there’s no doubt they come with an insane amount of time and responsibility. This responsibility is more than some can handle; furthermore, the increase in stress and demands leads to a great deal of stress in relationships. Some couples disagree on how to raise their children.
Vaccinations or no vaccinations?
Plant-based or meat?
Homeschool or public school?

These are all examples of how parents can disagree on the upbringing of a child. You have to think about couples who are just flat out stressed because they have more than one kid. That’s a lot of playing, fighting, dirty diapers, buying diapers—you get the point?

8 Growing Apart

As we mentioned before, people grow at different levels and at other points in time. You and your partner may have wanted the same thing when you got together a few years ago, but now your goals and aspirations have entirely changed. In some instances, there are salvageable overlapping aspects that can save the relationship. Still, in other cases, the differences pull couples too far apart.

9 Unrealistic Expectations

Men and women alike are guilty of having unrealistic expectations of their partner. It’s quite alright to want your partner to change for the better, but if you’re trying to change them—stop. When you enter a relationship with someone, you have some expectations, but make sure they’re realistic. When you hold your partner at unattainable expectations, you stress yourself out and them, and they may leave the relationship with a complex.

10 Displaced Anger and Stress

Once again, this goes both ways because both men and women are capable of taking their anger or stress out on their partner. We all accumulate all kinds of stress throughout our days, but you have to leave it at the door, or you risk unloading all of it on your partner, and they don’t deserve it. If you find yourself here too often, there’s always CBD gummies to take the nerves down a couple of notches. This is a non-psychoactive compound that produces calming, therapeutic effects. All the extra stress and anxiety you feel will melt away, and you can enjoy spending quality time with your loved one without lashing out. You can also look into meditation and yoga to calm and center yourself when you’re feeling off-balance.

Moving Forward in Your Relationships

These are only a few things that cause relationships to fail. If you read something that resonates with you, take it seriously, and try your best to work on it if you want a long-lasting, healthy relationship. None of us are perfect, but we can try to be the best versions of ourselves for the ones we love.

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