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Top 10 Most Expensive Bed Sheets in the World

Imagine lying on your bed, drinking hot chocolate and watching television, rubbing your back against Egyptian cotton and soft threads combined in one of the most expensive and the softest bed sheet in the world. Paying much money for bed sheets to guarantee deep sleep is pretty important, for some people who cherish their sleep time that they can show millions for bed sheets. Yeah, you read that well! we said million! The following list shows you 10 insanely expensive bed sheets.

10 Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cotton [$329.99]

Like every luxurious, smooth bed sheet made of Egyptian cotton, Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cotton deserve its place among the world’s most exorbitant bed sheets. The wave of the border is sateen giving us the pleasure of touching the supple linens. The price of the best linen is about $329.99. Yes, of course it is costly, but it is worth it and it is a brand name, as well. These sheets successfully made it with a jaw-dropping count of 1500 threads. As aforementioned, the sheet is made of Egyptian Cotton, the most expensive and soft cotton in the world, so be prepared because you will find that such high quality defines all the bed sheets on the list.

9 Sferra Milos seamist Egyptian cotton sateen [$595.00]

Top Teny proudly presents Sferra Millos, which is said to be the world’s ninth most expensive bed sheets. Here we go again, the amazingly soft, mushy bed sheets are, like most other bed sheets, imported from Italy. these lines have been quite repetitive, but these bed linens are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. The wave of the sheets feels pretty mushy. These linens are part of Sferra Milos’s set of “ne ultra plus collection”. Show $595.00 and the Sferra Milos seamist is yours.

8 Sferra Palace Ivory 1020 TC [$620.00]

Okay, it seems like making jaw-droppingly expensive and luxurious bed sheets is Italy’s game in which no one can beat Italy in it. These sheets exceed the $600 thanks to the high thread count, Egyptian fabric of high condition, and ornamental hemstitched on every sheet. The weave is a soft, velvet sateen. Sferra Palace Ivory is deemed the world’s eighth most pricey linen. It feels like the Sferra Palace Ivory 1020 Tc is too high-priced to be purchased, but the smooth, soft sheets provide a relaxing stay and guarantee a good, sleepy night.

7 Dreamsacks Seamless Silk [$655.00]

Dreamsacks sheets present a velvet trim and silk on the edge of the sheet, a satin weave sloping one side prismatic and the other matte. The matte hem was created by washing the silk. The process includes washing the silk then sand manufacturing. Indeed, a superb touch was added by the manufacturer! It is said that Dreamsacks’ smoothness outdoes sheets made from ultra-high thread-count cotton. It seems that the company is pretty aware of its reputation, knows how to attract customers and how to please its clients.

6 Sferra Capri Honey Egyptian sateen cotton [$670.00]

Meet the sixth most expensive and luxurious bed sheet. Made and spun in Italy, the sumptuous sheet is comprised of high thread count, fine satin and Egyptian cotton interwoven together. In addition, these sheets present adorned and sophisticated designs. Each sheet display an inset border of jacquard weaving, having embellished and ornate designs to be made in such fabric. Who much does the sixth most exorbitant bed sheet in the world coast? It is not quite affordable as it hits $760.

5 Milos 1020TC Sateen [$745.00]

Milos 1020TC Sateen sheets are made with the longest-staple Egyptian cotton that is spun into “gossamer yarn” which is an authentic and superb fabric that is similar to the texture of cobwebs. The whole process of spinning the cotton takes place in Italy, where the sheets are interwoven using a sateen weave. These sheets, moreover, are adorned with hemstitch border. One can purchase for $745.00 which does not do its authentic condition justice.

4 Millesimo by Sferra [$1,395.00]

Italian Sferra is globally known for luxury bedding, fine bathroom linens, high-quality tablecloths, and stylish home décor. Millesimo by Sferra is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The sheet has 1020 threads per square inch sewn together, forming this luminous and downy sheet. Like most highly priced bed sheets, Millesimo bed sheets are made upon request. It means that one cannot simply head to the stores to buy one. Because Sferra cares for their earned reputation and for their clients’ satisfaction, they send the clients personal letters, ensuring that their products’ condition is original, satisfactory and of high quality.

3 Frette Hellas Seaweed Border [$1,695.00]

Reputable designers usually have their designs implying a symbol or motif that gives a clue about what inspired the designer to think of making it. Here, one can think of the ocean as a motif when it comes to Frette Hellas Seaweed Border. the bed sheets carry an Italian name, which refers to the country where the sheets were designed and made. The sheets come in a set that includes seaweed-pattern borders and sea anemone designs on the top sheets and shams, and each sham has four frills. The weave included is made of cotton sateen, rendering it velvet and furbished. It costs $1,695 per a set, comprising seaweed-pattern borders and sea anemone designs on the top of the sheets.

2 D. Porthault Jours de Paris [$1,900.00]

D.porthaults Jours de Paris is deemed the second most expensive sheet in the world. The sheet is made of pure cotton and the outer white-cream weave are made of sateen. Of course, the materials used are the reason why the bed sheets are rendered costly. The bed sets have one top sheet, one flat bottom sheet and two standard pillow shams or two king pillow shams for King sized beds. Some of these bed sheets are stitched with spellbinding green threads that give the design an intriguing style. Ones will do The Jours de Paris bed sheets justice and admit that it is worth the $1,900.00 and it nailed the second place.

1 Charlotte Thomas “Bespoke” [$2,400.00]

Here we come to the most expensive bed sheet ever. So, what renders such a bed sheet so expensive that its value reaches millions? It features 22-carat gold woven directly into Merino wool fabric. The wool is sewn with a silk jacquard and then 1000 thread count sheets are added to it, made of Egyptian cotton which is the best cotton materials in the whole world as it remains with no other rival. So, can one just head up to stores and show the cash to buy those bed sheets? Of course, no! It is made upon the clients’ requests. Surprisingly, making such a bed sheet takes 12 weeks; in other words, it takes nearly three months to be made upon. Charlotte Thomas “Bespoke”’s value stands at $2,400.00.

Finally, with a bedding market like the one that exists in the United States that worth around $9 billion, you can deduce that bed sheets account is worth around about $3 billion. Yeah, the bed sheets mentioned are not affordable on any level, but, it is super interesting to know that such bed sheets and such luxury exist in our world.

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