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Top 10 Toughest Prisons All Over The World

From a sanction to a life, prisons are loaded with many cases that may feel rejected or oppressed there. Human rights organizations are watching prisons to spot the unaccepted actions done there, as these actions are considered against to the humanity, even if against the guilty people, they are by the end human beings that should be treated in a polite manner. Also, some of them experience brutal actions from the prisoners themselves. Some prisons are highlighted to be the toughest all over the world, the top ten of them are recorded in this article.

10 Attica Correctional Facility, New York

It is built in 1930, it has the dodgiest criminals in the world. Indeed, it has become infamous after the Attica Prison riot took place on September 9, 1971 when the prisoners asked for better living conditions. About 2,200 prisoners rebelled and detained the prison captivating its 33 staff as detainees. The negotiations caused 39 people to be dead including 10 guards and civilian workers.

9 Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

Vladimir Central Prison was built in 1783, it has been a place for political prisoners since the Soviet Union era. The overfull prison is well-known for the sadistic violent actions, that the prisoners suffer from. Prisoners are forced to hang their hands on the wall and beaten in an extremely cruelty, some of them fall dead. In another way of torture, they are also forced to beat each other in a tough manner.

8 Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

It is a prison which has become infamous for human rights offenses happening there, it is a place for guard brutality and overloading. It has been usual for prisoners to die or to commit suicide due to chronic diseases, if not whole vanishing from the prison. Prisoners are suffering from torture and beatings, that cause them many inabilities, injuries and deaths.

7 San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru

San Juan de Lurigancho is deemed to be the toughest prison in South America, indeed it was built to have 2,500 prisoners but it is a place for has 7,000. The prison is very neglected as prisoners can sell anything including drugs. Cockfighting is a familiar action to be seen there. Prisoners are not separated committing murders and other deeds of violence.

6 Rikers Island Prison, New York

It is one of America’s most infamous prisons, it has kinds of tortures as beatings, and brutal treatment. It is depicted by the to be a source for violence and cruelty, in 2007 an 18-year-old prisoner was compressed senseless by other teenage prisoners. It is also well-known for its mal-treatment of mentally ill prisoners, who end to suicide.

5 La Sante, Paris

La Sante is not a fine place for prisoners’ mental and physical health because they were obliged to live in awful conditions in congested places with rats. There is an undermanned torture chamber of agression  that leads any prisoner lose his health. 122 prisoners committed suicide because of absolute desperation in 2002 and other 73 by 2003 as many ate mobs to put an end to their depression.

4 Diyarbakır Prison, Turkey

It is one of the most places that offer sadistic actions that has been known as having the maximum number of human rights violations. It is full of actions of physical and mental torture, awful conditions and sexual abuse of prisoners are the main traits of this prison. Prisoners there prefer hunger strikes and commit suicide.

3 Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

The ‘Bangkok Hilton’ is a place of prisoners, whom many of them are crazy as a result of the torture, happened in detention. It is considered to be the most harsh prison in all of Thailand. It is famous for being congested, and having horrible living conditions.

2 Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

It is one of harshest prison in the world. It became more famous in June 1980 when President Hafez al-Assad commanded the killings of all prisoners to revenge for the attempted assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood. The onslaught massacre lasted for 2 weeks, it claimed lives of about 2,400 prisoners.

1 Carandiru Prison, Brazil

It has become famous, as about 1,300 deaths have happened throughout its 46 years. It was closed in 2002 because of the campaigns of Amnesty International Organization after receiving reports of disgusting human rights violations occurred in the prison.


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