Top 10 Shoe Trends for Women in The World

We do not wear shoes and other types of footwear such as sandals and boots for just covering our feet and protecting them from being harmed while walking on the ground. Shoes are also worn as elegant pieces of accessories that are capable of complementing what we wear and catching the eyes to our fashionable look. Wearing the right shoes is necessary for increasing our elegance and achieving the catchy look. We can do that through tracking the latest shoe trends that are always presented by famous fashion houses in different countries around the world. There are countless fashion shows that present to us new shoe trends for the next year to allow us to know what to choose for the upcoming seasons. Some of the new shoe trends are really creative and presented for the first time, while the others are inspired by the retro looks that were common in the last years. To help you to know more about the latest shoe designs, styles and colors, we present to you the following top 10 shoe trends for women in 2015.

1. Chunky heels: There are some women who find that those shoes with thin heels are uncomfortable and this is why the chunky heels are presented to them in the next year. There are chunky heels that are designed to be wider at the bottom while there are others which are decorated with studs to be catchier.

2. Flats: Sometimes we feel that we need to wear something more comfortable on our feet and the best solution for that is flats. Flats are comfortable and practical which allows your feet to move freely. There are flat shoes which are inspired by the middle ages such as those with T-straps, while there are others that are embellished with beads and jewels to be more luxurious. You can also opt for sneakers which give you a sporty look.

3. Wedges & platforms: Heels are created in different forms for the next year as you can find wedges and platforms that were present before in the last years and come back to be found in the next year. There will be platform sneakers for those who like to get a sporty and fashionable look.


4. Luxurious shoes: For those who always like wearing different luxurious items even shoes, you can go for the new shoes that are adorned with jewels, beads and other sparkling elements that can make your shoes eye-catching and complement what you wear especially in the evening.


5. Cuts at different parts: You can rarely find boots or booties with cuts, but the next year transforms the traditional boots and booties that we used to see and wear into new designs through using cuts whether they are at the front or top of the boots, on the sides or at the back. You will also find backless boots that are really creative and are presented for the first time.


6. Catchy patterns & prints: If you feel that the plain boots and shoes are boring, then why do not you opt for those which are created with catchy patterns and prints that are presented in the next year?


7. Low heels: Do you like wearing high boots but do not want them with high heels? You can do it now as those high boots with low heels are among the latest boot trends that are presented in the next year. There are also other shoes with low heels to make you more comfortable.


8. Gladiator boots: They were seen in the last year and they are still present in the next year since they are catchy and decorate your leg with the several cuts that can be found in them.

9. Thigh-high boots: The complete comfort, the needed warmth and the catchiest look are the main things that you can get through wearing thigh-high boots or even knee boots that are presented to you for the next year. Thigh-high boots are the most noteworthy trend in the coming year and they provide you with the elegant look that is really eye-catching.


10. Weird & creative shoes: If you find that the high-heeled shoes which you have are boring, then you can opt for the new designs that are presented to you in the new year. They feature side cuts, creative and non-traditional heels such as the nuts and bolts heels, ankle straps, stiletto finishes, buckles, sneakers which are turned into boots and other new and creative designs which are unprecedented.


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