Top 10 RV Destinations to Visit across the US

Recreational vehicles allow travelers to see their most dreamt about sites throughout the US with the comforts of a home. As a traveler planning on exploring the United States via RV, you need to make a list of destinations before embarking on your road trip. This is especially crucial because while there are fully-equipped, safe RV parks, there are many unaccommodating ones as well. To ensure that you have the road trip of a lifetime, read on and discover the top RV destinations to visit across the US.

1 Yellowstone National Park

Include Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming on your list of RV destinations to visit across the US during your road trip. Between the wildlife and the unforgettable views, Yellowstone makes for a great RV stop. Visit the famous geyser, Old Faithful, in person before heading to one of the available RV parks nearby. Then, you can check this top RV destination off of your list.

2 Acadia National Park

You will also want to check Acadia National Park off of your list of RV destinations to visit across the US. While the state of Maine offers tons of beautiful scenery for RV travelers, Acadia National Park tops the list for many adventurers. The coastal park offers tons of activities including hiking, climbing, and canoeing. This destination provides you with numerous activities to stay in shape while traveling.

3 Bar Harbor

After visiting Acadia, take a trip to Bar Harbor for your next must-see destination. Also located in Maine, Bar Harbor offers beautiful scenery from Acadia National Park. From the ocean to the mountains, you can take in as much nature as you and your travel companions desire. When you get hungry, take a trip to Downtown Bar Harbor and enjoy some of the state’s world-famous lobster.

4 Horse Thief Lake

Travelers enjoy setting up camp in their RVs at Horse Thief Lake, South Dakota for numerous reasons. Firstly, the lake is located just a couple of miles away from Mount Rushmore. Secondly, there are tons of other nearby attractions worth visiting like Jewel Cave and Black Hills National Forest. Check out as many as you can before hooking up your RV for the night at this destination.

5 South Dakota Black Hills

Another great destination to visit in South Dakota is the Black Hills. Avoiding some expensive hotels, you can park your RV in the hills and then partake in the numerous activities the scenic place offers. If the weather does not permit outdoor activities like hiking in the Badlands, you can visit the Sioux Museum that is located nearby. You will not get bored at the Black Hills during your road trip.

6 Redwood National Park

If you enjoy viewing natural treasures, you must make Redwood National Park one of your must-see destinations when traveling across the US. Various cultural traditions stemmed from the park’s prairies and oak woodlands. The park holds over 30 miles of wild coastline as well. Upon visiting, you will also see the tallest trees in the world. Do not skip over this top RV destination.

7 Yosemite National Park

Adventurers often dream of visiting Yosemite National Park because of how scenic a destination it is. For this reason alone, you should visit it during your cross-country RV road trip. To prepare for a long road trip, learn about a Good Sam extended warranty to cover your RV. This way, you can make to the park’s ancient giant sequoias, waterfalls, and deep valleys. You will want to bring your camera along to this destination. After all, it is picture-worthy.

8 Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is the perfect destination for RV travelers who prefer sleeping near the ocean. You can park your RV under the trees, near the water. That way, you can fall asleep and wake up to the sounds and site of South Carolina’s oceans. Furthermore, you can do so with accommodations like water and electrical hookups. Add Hunting Island State Park to your list of RV destinations to visit across the US during your trip.

9 Sawtooth National Forest

Similarly, include Sawtooth National Forest in your list of want-to-visit RV destinations in the United States. To get to Sawtooth National Forest, you need to drive through the Rocky Mountains. Therefore, the journey to this destination provides breath-taking views in itself. Once you arrive at the forest, you can climb mountains, ride horses and admire the herds of elk that occupy the land. Enjoy the scenery and the wild animals from the comfort of your RV or from atop the mountains.

10 Borrego Springs

Finally, visit Borrego Springs, California during your RV road trip across the US. Since so many travelers love gazing at the night sky, Borrego Springs holds Star Parties frequently. By attending a Star Party, you will be able to view the Milky Way while listening to music and dancing with fellow travelers. Do not miss out on the special experiences this destination offers.

To fully take advantage of your RV road trip across the US, you need to visit the top destinations. See Yellowstone National Park, Acadia National Park or Horse Thief Lake. You can also visit the Black Hills and Redwood National Park. Of course, Yosemite National Park and Hunting Island State Park are some of the best destinations. Moreover, visit the Sawtooth National Forest or attend Star Parties at Borrego Springs, California. These are the best RV destinations to visit across the US.

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