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7 Major Reasons You Should Go For Automation Testing

For smaller companies, automated software testing is considered difficult to carry out, or in some cases, too expensive. So, they keep running manual tests alone. But for bigger companies, it is not just necessary, but critical. That way, they get machines to do what a human being would normally do, except that it will be done with very little error and also done quicker.

Apart from that, automation testing generates higher revenue for the company, improves its brand image, ensures a higher customer retention rate, and generates higher revenue for the company. This way, the company would be able to establish their superiority and rise to higher heights in the market because there would be an increase in process innovation. To increase the effectiveness of your software testing, it is always better to use automation testing tools, because defects have a way of creeping in even with the best manual testing methods. And in case you are still on the fence, below are seven reasons you should go for automation testing instead of manual testing.

1 Quicker Results

With the use of automation testing tools, a lot of time is saved no matter how enormous a particular system is. That way, the tests can be carried out over and over again, and better and faster results are gotten in less time and effort.

2 Lower Business Costs

Although investing in automation testing tools may be expensive at the onset, the investment saves the company money in no small way. This advantage can be traced to the first benefit which is the sharp reduction in time needed to carry out these tests over time. That way, the quality of the output will be increased, and less time will be wasted trying to fix glitches, thus reducing the cost of the project.

3 Automation Produces Larger Output

Automated testing is able to simulate thousands of virtual users who interact with software applications, web applications, and a network. And no matter how large a QA department is, it cannot perform this type of controlled web application test where thousands of users are involved.

4 Defects are Detected Earlier

Unlike manual testing, automation testing prompts the early detection of software defects. It also makes it easier for testing teams. This particular factor affects the whole process by increasing the overall speed of development and equally ensuring that all key areas function correctly. This is because early defect detection reduces the cost of fixing the glitch.

5 You can run Your Tests 24/7

With the use of automation testing tools, you can run your tests even when you leave work and get your results when you return to the office in the morning and continue working without a break. And the most beautiful part is that you can do that anywhere you are in the world, especially if you don’t have a lot of devices available.

6 The Feedback is Faster

The use of automated testing makes communication among designers, product owners, coders, and developers better. This is a relief at the various phases and levels of the software project. That way, it makes for a higher grade of efficiency among the team of developers.

7 It is More Reliable

Automation testing tools make for a more reliable process, especially when running repetitive and boring standardized tests that cannot be skipped over. Automation tests come in handy here because testing them manually may cause a lot of errors.

In conclusion, automated testing can be trusted to always yield the best results especially for simple use and repetitive cases.

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