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21 Superior Tools for Every Entrepreneur to Find the Newest Trends

Being an entrepreneur surely comes with a lot of responsibilities. Everything that ranges from managing teams, hiring employees, dealing with finances, and managing the brand can be a lot of task for one person. Therefore, as an entrepreneur that wants to record more success, become more productive and efficient, you could use the assistance of certain tools during even pandemic times. Here are 20 Superior Tools for Every Entrepreneur to Find the Newest Trends.

1 Due

This is an online platform with various features such as payment, estimates, and invoicing. It has a time-tracking tool that can assist an entrepreneur in keeping tabs on various business activities as well as help them automate most of their processes. On this free platform, you can find invoicing templates, a database for project and client information, reports, and auto-reminders.

2 Asana

Asana is not just a free project management tool, but it also provides teams with the opportunity to communicate with one another without using emails through a central data location. This is becoming a great tool for most entrepreneurs since virtual teams are becoming a familiar experience in the business space.

3 Milanote

One of the qualified tools that can be used for serving numerous purposes including blogging. Using this tool, you can organize creative projects and place them into excellent visual boards. It will provide you a feel like you’re working on the wall in a creative studio. Milanote would be a great fit too for workers and designers who work remotely.


4 SoundGecko

The peculiarity of this platform is that it helps you translate blog posts and news into audio files, giving you the freedom to read any online content that can impact your business, such as articles on sales and branding, productivity, etc.

5 AngelList

Should you be in need of some funding for your business, AngelList is the right place to get such assistance as well as connect you to the right set of people.

6 Fiverr

If you ever need a social media cover photo, podcast intro, logo, website content, and many more, be sure to visit this place. Just because the gigs commence from $5 doesn’t mean you will be getting your jobs done at low quality. To be on the safe side, you can check out reviews and actual Fiverr samples before you commit to any freelancer.

7 Upwork

Should you desire a freelancer for an extensive or long-term project, explore Upwork, as you can advertise a project in minutes and get qualified candidates that can do the job just the way you like it.

8 Wix

Building an original website is always a brilliant idea; the only catch is that they are usually expensive. But if you lack the budget to handle such endeavors, you can always turn to Wix as a viable option. This is a website builder that can be used by even the average Joe.

9 Google Now

For those who own an Android mobile device, all they need to leverage Google Now is have their Google accounts linked, and that is all. It is capable of giving you reminders and notifications on your favorite activities. This virtual personal assistant can help you manage your activities even though you have so many responsibilities to play with at a time.

10 Tripit Pro

Do you get involved in a lot of travels all in a bid to meet investors, go for conferences, Tripit Pro can keep you up to speed concerning frequent flyer numbers, flight changes and many more.

11 NerdWallet

The Startup NerdWallet do offer a variety of airline credit cards for flying, helping you gather enough points that can be enough for you to fly to any part of the world where you need to do your business. Just try to put all of your business expenses on one card, ranging from your office supplies to Dropbox subscriptions and see your points accrue.

12 Audible / Kindle Unlimited

This service is exclusive to Amazon, and it allows you to read and listen to numerous books monthly. Similar to SoundGecko, it is just another means to keep you informed on self-improvement, business, and many other subjects.

13 MeetUp

Optimize your efforts to gather support for your local business by using MeetUp to locate networking groups, speakers, and industry meetings.

14 Pinterest

Amazingly, Pinterest can be the right place to spark up inspiration for a particular product. It is also a place for you to share your products with others.

15 LinkedIn

The moment you are successfully registered to the LinkedIn content publishing platform, you have the license to publish as much content as you please. Some marketing experts recommend that original content should be posted on LinkedIn. This is because given its size and other features it could help to advertise you much better than an ordinary company’s blog.

16 Contently

This is a great place for you to set up profiles for your employees, as it automatically creates a website portfolio for your employees based on their competence.

17 Talkwalker

Talkwalker is like Google Alerts. It is just that it is a lot better. It provides you with more comprehensive results that can help you search your company online. It provides you with the golden opportunity of engaging interactively with people who are interested in your brand.


This is an email that is normally broadcast a couple of times in one day, carrying requests from reporters for the sources to their stories. Your company can leverage on this free publicity strategy. Try to respond as soon as you can.

19 HelloSign

This is a digitally legal binding service that provides you with the privilege of getting your contracts, agreements, and other related documents signed without any delays. You should, however, check your state’s position regarding the regulation of these documents. In many states, they are already considered as valid.

20 Join.Me

Having fun working with a distributed workforce? Join.Me is just what you need to share your screens and collaborate on a project for free. You need the free version of the software and others can have a view of your screen via their browsers.

21 Google Drive

You may think that you are familiar with this one but Chromebooks coupled with the ability to edit and convert MS Office document make Google Drive an excellent choice for sharing documents and collaborating with freelancers, clients, or employees.

Trust me; the most successful entrepreneurs are those who leave nothing to chance and are always ready to explore better ways of coordinating their business activities. You can become one today by simply leveraging any of the above tools for your business.

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