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Top 10 Presidents Who Invented Things

There are many things you can remember for political leaders. These may be the policies they introduced when they held public office, and how they were able to influence the people’s lives positively. However, there are other ways to remember those individuals, some of whom have been able to invent over time.

There are presidents in the history of humankind who invented impressive things that you benefit from today in one way or another. If you still can’t believe this information, be sure to read this post from start to finish because it will present some presidents who invented things. Not only are these individuals celebrated for their outstanding political achievements, but also creative ideas.

 1 Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s name rings the bell in politics. However, you may be interested to know that  Abraham Lincoln‘s accomplishments go beyond politics. He had a creating device that would act as a lift for sandy barriers and shallow water. This device had two rooms that were inflatable on both sides of the boat. At any time it had been inflated, the rooms will lift the boat. This invention aim is to ensure the protection of the vessel at any time traveling through shallow spots. This idea came into existence as he was frustrated that his boat was always stuck on sand barriers.

2 George Washington

If there were one thing made George Washington distinctive at the time, his agricultural innovations would be able to provide new and different meanings for intellectual property. He determined to ensure that his real estate properties were highly productive resulting in the development of a fold (15-sided). His goal was to ensure that the wheat lesson became more efficient. This invention was the drill plow that was planting the grain. Washington is the person who managed to revive the field of agriculture during his time.

 3 James Madison

One of the things that made James Madison unique among other presidents is his passion for discovering more about nature. He was constantly exploring nature to discover many facts. This led to the invention of a walking stick with the microscope. The function of the microscope is to inspect anything that seems to be fascinating. With this stick,  there isn’t any need to bend before knowing what is on the ground. But the only disadvantage of this stick is that it tends to be limited regarding height. For example, men over five feet tall will not be able to benefit from it.

 4 Herbert Hoover

Although Herbert Hoover was not the inventor of the Hoover-ball, he played a vital role in its entry into existence. This is a sport that tends to combine both tennis and volleyball. The teams that usually play in the game consist of 2–4 persons. The ball weighs about 4–6 pounds will be thrown by these people across the net. This game isn’t widespread because it is boring compared to other sports.

 5 Thomas Jefferson

Almost no president has ever succeeded in discovering any species of animals. Jefferson actually did by naming a species of ground sloth Megalonyx Jeffersonii. Megalonyx is a mammal from the Ice Age.  It is one of the most enormous animals among other species.

6 Grover Cleveland 

For every tradition in each country, there is always a starting point. Grover Cleveland was behind the creation of the lights placed around Christmas trees during December. He didn’t make the lights, but he began putting electrical lights around the Christmas tree that was in the White House in 1895. This is what people in the United States didn’t know about using electric lights in Christmas trees. Before the appearance of this idea, they used candles to light.

7 Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson may not be known as someone who invented something positive but who really cares. He brought in a practice that most political leaders are making use of today to destroy systems they are supposed to develop. Andrew Jackson was prominent in giving political appointments to friends who gathered behind him during elections. This made him the father of favoritism.

 8 Theodore Roosevelt 

Theodore Roosevelt is known as the main source of inspiration behind the Teddy bear. Although Morris Michtom was the inventor, Theodore Roosevelt granted permission to use his name. Clifford Berryman’s editorial cartoons were what the design was then based on. You can see that there is a relationship between the Teddy bear and America’s history.

 9 Jefferson Again 

Here we are with another achievement of Jefferson. This idea of Thomas Jefferson seems to be the most creative of the various inventions of presidents. It deserves a patent even though he didn’t consider it that way. He created wheel cipher which was known as Jefferson disk. With this invention, he was able to send encoded messages to his home. He did so through the years in which he served as US secretary of States in France.

 10 James A. Garfield 

James is the 20th president of the United States. He wasn’t behind the development of the metal detector but played a vital role in the experimental process because it was used to look for bullets inside his body when he was injured. Also, while he was dying, there were efforts just to sure that he was comfortable which led to the development of air conditioner.

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