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Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a Roman general, Consul, and distinguished author of Latin prose. Indeed, he played a vital role in the happenings that terminated the Roman Republic and caused the emergence of the Roman Empire. His achievements offered him supreme military power. There are some facts you probably do not know about this great general. This article makes a collection of the top ten interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

10 Caesar’s Pedigreed Family

His father’s family belongs to the aristocratic gens of the Julii. It traced its ancestry to the first king of Rome, Romulus One patrician division of the Julian gens was named Caesar. Indeed, Julius Caesar’s parents were Gaius Caesar and Aurelia, she is the daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta.


9 Caesar’s Promiscuity

Julius Caesar himself was responsible for many extra-marital issues, with Cleopatra, among others. Indeed, one of the most momentous relations was with Servilia Caepionis, she is the half-sister of Cato the Younger. Due to this relationship, it was believed likely that Brutus was Julius Caesar’s son. Julius Caesar was mocked all his life with accuses of having been the fan of King Nicomedes of Bithynia.


8 Caesar’s Prose

As well as invading the Gallic tribes, he discussed the Gallic Wars in obvious, stylish prose, pointing at himself using 3rd persona. It was throughout his movements that Julius Caesar lastly worked his way out of debt.


7 Caesar’s Heirs

Even though Julius Caesar had a living son, Caesarion was an Egyptian, he is Queen Cleopatra’s son, so Julius Caesar assumed a grand nephew, Octavian, in his will. Octavian has become the first Roman emperor, called Augustus.


6 Julius Caesar was not born via Cesarean Section

The medical term “Cesarean”, was named after Julius Caesar who was thought to be born through C-Section. However, Julius Caesar was not in fact born this manner. Even though C-Sections were an alternative at some stage in Caesar’s time, they were characteristically a last option to save the child.


5 Julius Caesar as a Priest
Julius Caesar was totally lived up to these standards. Frequently a small amount of dissimilar decisions could have radically changed the course of their lives, moving them towards a totally dissimilar life path. Moreover, Caesar was very close to becoming a priest. If the circumstances had been constant at that way Caesar would have lived another life.


4 Pirates Kidnapped Caesar

Julius Caesar traveled regularly. When he was young, he lived for a while at the court of King Nicodemus of Bithynia, partially because he did not think he could come home. When he found when 22 that his most pitiless rival could, so Caesar thought that he had the opportunity to return home.


3 Caesar’s Assassin, His Son
It is well known that Caesar had a lot of lovers all the way through his many marriages. His most villainous affair was with Cleopatra, as aforementioned. Suetonius, a consul member who was present at the assassination, reports that Caesar’s last words to Brutus were, “You too, child?” assuring the father-son connection they had. Caesar shows how somebody who he had a very intimate liaison with betrayed him.


2 Meaningless of the months names
In Roman times, it was an ordinary practice for the people in power to have cities named after themselves. Concerning months, Caesar wanted to take account of his name into the calendar, and made the month of July named after himself. The same was with Augustus, his adopted heir.


1 Julius Caesar Had a Mystery Disease
it is possible that Julius Caesar had malaria. There is a sturdy possibility that he may have had epilepsy. It is a mystery. The reasons for the mystery are that attention to detail that they are in today’s medical society was not present at that time.




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