Top 10 Most Famous Yoga Poses in The World

The word ‘yoga’ has its origin in the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ that means ‘to yoke’ both the spirit and body. Yoga is one of the exercises that have a good effect on our  mental, physical and spiritual health. It would increase your belief in spiritual power. It represents a kind of treatment for many lifestyle diseases.  Practicing yoga helps you improve strength, flexibility and balance. It would make you relax because it makes you pay attention to your breath. It reduces stress and increases your energy. There are different kinds of yoga poses that varies according to type or the degree of difficulty. Some postures can be practiced while you are standing and there are others that can be done while sitting.  Today, there are professional yoga instructors who provide us with wonderful online yoga classes. Here are the top ten yoga poses that would inspire both men and women.

 10 The Lotus Pose

It is considered one of the meditative practices of ancient India. This is one of the sitting positions that would focus the mind and make your knees flexible. It would be very useful for your abdominal organs. It is considered by Hatha Yoga Pradipika as the “destroyer of all diseases.” It is named after lotus flower because it looks like a lotus flower in its calm beauty.

9 Downward Facing Dog

It is called Adho Mukha Svanasana in the Sanskrit language. This position can be  practiced by putting the hands and knees on the floor. Our hands should be under the shoulders, fingers spread wide, knees under the hips and about (17 cm) apart, with the spine straightened and relaxed. This position would make your hamstrings, calves, arms, and back stretch.

8 Mountain Pose – Tadasana

Although this position is not as famous as the previous two, it is a good one. It is all about alignment. Your body looks straight from your head till your heels. Your feet would be together with your hands at the sides of the body. This position makes you look like a mountain in its immovable stability and strength. It provides improvement to your posture and helps in reducing back pain.

7 Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasana or Virabhadrasana)

This attractive pose was named after the name of one of the fierce warriors called Veerabhadra. Bhadra means good which would add a sense of morality and goodness to this pose. It is an easy pose for beginners. It is very helpful for those with frozen shoulders. It is a source of inspiration that would provide you with grace and strength.

6Extended Side Angle Pose – Utthita Parsvakonasana

This is one of the best positions that would open the hip joints and stretch the groins. It helps strengthen and stretche the legs, ankles and knees. In this pose you are going to bring your right foot to the front of the mat. Then you would place your foot on the inside side of your right hand.

5Cat-Cow Stretch – Chakravakasana

In this pose, you would look like a scared cat with an arched back. This is one of the perfect poses for those people who suffer from back pain whether it is regular or occasional pain. It would make your spine more flexible, strengthen your abdomen and improve your digestion.

4Staff Pose

This pose is called dandasana. It would help you sit with correct posture and make you feel a kind of flexibility in your hips and pelvis. The upper part of your body would be erected while the lower one is grounded. You can use a supportive wall for your back.

3Cobbler’s Pose – Baddha Konasana

It is also known as Bound Angle Pose. It has a good effect on the functions of prostate glands and ovaries, kidneys, and bladder. It would activate heart muscles and enhances blood circulation.  This pose was named after the way Indian cobblers in India sit to work on footwear.


2Child’s Pose – Balasana

The aim of this pose is to make your forehead touch the ground while your buttocks stay in touch with your heels. However, this pose is not suitable for pregnant people or those who suffer from diarrhea. It is recommended for those people who have dizziness.

1Cobra Pose

This is a perfect posture for people who suffer from respiratory disorders. This pose looks like a serpent with a raised hood.  You would lie on your belly, extend your arms in front of you and raise your head off the ground.


These are ten poses that you can practice anywhere you want. They would make you live a life that is full of health, tranquility and contemplation. 

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