45+ Unbelievable Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

Holidays have warm spots in our hearts, but Christmas; will always stay a special holiday as long as we live. The reasons may be several or maybe unknown, but for some reason, Christmas has always been one of the best holidays for everyone. It is always related to a lot of nostalgic feelings, reminding you of how excited you got whenever Christmas was around, the presents you received, or even how very true Santa Claus seemed to be at that time. Some of us prefer to believe that Santa Claus is as real as we used to believe as kids and it is still unknown whether he lost the way or kids are the only ones he gives presents to, but even if your wish has not come true yet, the spirit of Christmas will make you have hope in life once again. Christmas is still a few months away, but that does not mean that we cannot start getting some ideas about how to make that time feel special.

To be honest, decorations have great power in creating the spirit and atmosphere of whatever you want, so decorating your house into a Christmas-themed scheme and furnishing is always a great idea to relive your childhood and enjoy winter as it should be. If you are willing to turn your house into a Christmas scheme this year, you should check out these top 10 unbelievable décor ideas.

10 Ice Lantern

Since Christmas and winter are intertwined, you should make use of that fact by creating some fun stuff with ice. Thank goodness, ice is everywhere at Christmas, so mother nature is going to help you get whatever you want, but even if you happen to live somewhere where ice is not compatible with, you can get assistance from your own freezer and that is exactly when inventions come in handy, especially the ones who are taken for granted just like the freezer. Well, making lantern is fun, but making ice lanterns is way more fun for sure. All you need to do is fill some plastic cartons with water and put them into the freezer, so they turn into ice and you surely won’t have to worry about it melting when it is already Christmas. Make sure you leave a spot in the center of your ice, so you can place a candle and enjoy having an ice lantern either indoors or outdoors.

9 Glittery Lights

Lighting your trees up always make your backyard look beautiful, right? Well, lightening any tree anywhere, not only your backyard gives a nice sensational atmosphere where everyone can’t help but feel cozy and warm. However, these days, people are used to things that are ready-made and fast, for life became so busy for everyone, but remember when trees used to be decorated with old-fashioned lights that were covered entirely in colored glitter? Well, let’s admit that they look much simpler yet so pretty; besides, that coat of glitter that you are too lazy to apply to your light bulbs will prevent them from burning out. So, it is going to be a great idea to step your game up this Christmas and apply a perfect layer of glitter coat to your bulb and enjoy a colorful lightning tree.


8 Snowy Wreath

The wreath can easily and effortlessly brighten up your front door, no matter what they are made up from; hanging up a wreath on your door is always a great decoration idea, but to let it match the theme of Christmas, a snowy wreath should go a long way. However, you may not need to buy a new wreath and decorate it all over again, you can either make one on your own or upcycle an old one if you happen to keep any. It is so easy to do on your own and you may find a lot of different tutorials online on different shapes; besides, you can keep this wreath hung on your door all the way through the months of winter.

7 Dress the Chairs Up

Dressing your chairs up to fit the theme of Christmas is a great way to change your home’s decorations a bit without taking any extra space. The way you decorate up your furniture pieces is totally up to you and you can get to choose whatever Christmas flair would go accordingly with your chairs, but hanging a small wreath or a ribbon may be the easiest and simplest decoration idea to do. Besides, it will not take a great effort as some people tend to believe and, in the end, you will have nice decorations scattered around your place that revamp up your interior design and create an amazing Christmas scheme.

6 Photo Ornaments

We all love those nostalgic feelings that we get whenever we look at old photos, seeing captured moments that we once happily lived. Looking back at the old times may make you tear up, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t perfect in any way, it just means that you are missing those times that you wish to live once more. However, we know that time can’t be taken back, so thanks to the invention of the camera; it is the only device that gives us access to see what once had been. For those exceptional feelings, it is really a great idea to have your photos involved somehow in the design of your Christmas scheme. You can easily do that all by yourself; just print out your favorite photos and get a small Christmas tree in a pot. Instead of decorating your tree with expensive bells and Santa Claus, decorate it with your printed pictures by hanging them on the tree. Not only will they give your interior design a nice touch, but they will also be a great contribution to your emotions and memories.

5 Fold a Mini Forest

Forests are beautiful because they present nature in its finest form and the vast trees that exist make everything look peaceful and beautiful, but have you ever thought what if the forest was full of Christmas trees? Yes, it is a very unusual thought, but we can’t deny that if this ever happened, it might be the best forest that has ever existed on the planet. However, we have no clue how can this ever happen and unfortunately it would never work as a DIY project, but you can do this by having a mini forest full of Christmas trees on your own because, why not?
Here is exactly what you are going to need; you need to use a pair of scissors to cut cardstock into circles of different sizes. Once your circles are ready and set, start folding the paper in order to create an old time favorite green boughs and then, start piling up the folded rings, attaching them to a small rod made of wood, so you create the shape of a mini Christmas tree. Do several ones of them and secure them on a wooden base; you can choose to either cover them with glass or just let them free, but either way; they will grant you a nice Christmas-themed decoration.

4 Boxwood that Lasts For a Long Time

Creating wreath is a great way to celebrate winter, in general, and Christmas, in particular, but since most of them only last for a few weeks before they dry out, they can be a bit frustrating for those who love to keep their effort lasting as long as it can. This decoration idea is actually dedicated to those particular people; you can create boxwood instead of wreath if you want to keep your effort hanging at your door for longer. Boxwoods that are made up of fresh plants can last even for years if it is given the proper care it needs. Besides, you can choose whether you want to enhance it with Holiday’s ornaments and remove it when we are on regular days. So, keeping your boxwood all year long is very tempting to try, is not it?

3 Substitute a Branch for a Tree

Before you freak out, you do not really have to do this. If you have a space in your house reserved solely for the Christmas tree, then good for you, but this idea is actually bestowed for those who struggle with space when it comes to finding a spot for the Christmas tree. If you have been ditching the Christmas tree due to small space, we actually have a solution for you; however, it may not involve a whole tree, but it will give your interior design a Christmas touch. This solution is actually to substitute the tree with a branch. Yes, you read that right; just a branch can do the trick.
How? Get a green vase and place a fir green branch of a Christmas tree into it; frost it with tiny ornaments that can fit this adorable size and place the vase somewhere where it can be visible in your house. A tiny alternative is always much better than ditching the tree altogether, isn’t it?

2 Shelves Deserve a Makeover Too

Well, decorating your shelves may take your room’s design to a whole new level and you will be able to feel the change as well as enjoy it; besides, they only need minor changes that will go a long way. Go to a local store where you can purchase stuff like simple star garland, preferably black ones, lights, and logs of firewood. Once your stuff is collected, hand the black star garland above the shelves and place the lights and the logs of firewood on the shelves in whichever way you prefer.

1 3D Upholstered Stuff

Creating 3D stuff is not as complicated as it may seem; all you are going to need is just some basic fabric, upholstery materials, and techniques that can be used for crafting. Besides, most of this stuff can be folded and stored for the next upcoming holiday as a walk in the park. Learn how to make your own with these easy and simple instructions (Tutorial).

Enjoy your holidays to the peak. Merry Christmas.


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