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Top 10 Most Annoying Things Women Do!

The woman is a beautiful creature that makes life more interesting for many men if it is not all of them. When you first know a woman, you feel that the life which you live with her is like a beautiful dream and you refuse to wake up. After several days, months or years, you will find that many things start to change and this beautiful dream may be turned into the worst nightmare. What is this? It is all about discovering new things in the woman whom you know and this also happens with men. When you first know a person, you feel that this person is the best in the whole world and you will never meet a person like the one whom you, but spending a longer time with this person will make you discover more about his\her character and the defects that sometimes come to be impossible to be endured. It is well known that recognizing the character defects in others is much easier than recognizing those in our characters. For this reason, we have to consider others’ opinions trying to avoid the mistakes that we usually do even if it is unintentionally. There are many things that women do and annoy men making some men hate to live with women. Do you know anything about them? Below are the top 10 most annoying things that women do to help you avoid them.

10 Carelessness

It is not about neglecting the responsibilities of the woman at her home, it is about the way she looks. Most of the women start to gradually change in their appearance after marriage and this is caused by their responsibilities as wives and mothers. This shocks men as they find that the women with whom they live are not the same women whom they knew before marriage. Men always want to be with an elegant and beautiful woman, so do not ignore this part in your life in order not to annoy your man and lose him.

9 Hesitation

Some women are hesitant and do not have the ability to make a decision which annoys men. They do not know what to choose, wear, purchase or even eat. They cannot decide where to go, how to do something and other things that any person can easily do without depending on others. Men get angry when they face situations like these ones which makes the life boring.

8 Acting like a mother

Some women think that they are responsible for their men and they act as if they are their mothers. They start giving orders “do this and don’t do that”. Such a thing annoys men because they are not children; they are mature enough to depend on themselves and do what they want whatever it is. So, do not try to control your man.

7 Refusing to smile

Those women who do not smile or rarely smile and keep their faces straight all the time are really boring for anyone and not just men. Sometimes you feel that life is tiring and you are really exhausted needing somebody to just smile when s\he sees you. For this reason, seeing a woman who is always serious annoys men.

6 Complaining about everything

There are some women who complain about everything and keep doing this all the time. They do not find anything without faults making it impossible to satisfy them. Those women do not just make men hate them, but they also make men hate the whole life wishing to die instead of living with them.

5 Making troubles & shouting

Those women who always make troubles and shout are highly hated by men. There are some women who do not let anything go easily without commenting on it, while there are others who try to argue and solve their problems in front of other people which increase the problem and may lead to destroying the relationship between the woman and the man whom she knows.

4 Do not stop talking

Most of the women are believed to be talkative creatures and do not stop talking. Do not ever try to encourage any woman to talk because if you do this, she will not stop and you will regret. The worst thing is that you have to listen carefully to what women say and you also have to pay attention to the details. Men do not hate listening to what you say, what they hate is caring about telling everything even simple details that are not important at all.

3 Forgetting their responsibilities for the sake of shopping

When a woman decides to go shopping, she may forget everything and spending the whole day for purchasing what she wants is not enough at all. What about her responsibilities? You do not need to mention this because they even forget to eat or drink. They do not have time for anything of this when they go shopping. The worst moment for men comes when women decide to take men with them. You have to give your opinion about what she purchases or it will be the worst day in your life because you do not care about her.

2 Crying over everything

Cry Cry Cry, this is what women do when something bad or good happens and even when they watch movies making us think that they are the most sensitive creatures on Earth. They start crying over anything and at anytime which annoys most of the men. Men hate the way women cry on their shoulders as they are forced to deal with what is happening. Men have to solve the problem, comfort women and ease their emotional pain or they will be described by women as insensitive creatures.


1 Stupid jealousy

What can you say about it? It is number one on our list and for most of the men. Most of the women are jealous of each other and it is difficult to find a woman who praises another woman like her. It seems that most of the women see nothing in other women except for the bad things. They start criticizing everything in the beautiful woman whom they see such as weight, clothes, hairstyle, accessories, the way she talks and walks and more. They try not to attract the attention of their men to those beautiful women thinking that they succeed in doing this. What you do not know is that men will keep looking at those beautiful women whether you started criticizing them or not.

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