Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results]

There are lots of ways that humans have been discovered to be unique compared to other species of animals in the world. One of such has to do with the instinctive behaviors that they display at different periods. The principal aim of this post is to expose some of the human instincts

It is majorly to reveal to you the reasons why people act or interact with circumstances that occur around them. It is also important to note that not everyone displays all of the behaviors in this post, they are always likely to be shown in one time or another.

 1 Fear

We always respond emotionally to circumstances that are happening around us. These are situations that we believe can threaten our lives or lead to diseases. The harm here not only causes physical damage but also a threat to someone’s emotions and mind. People that are living in fear ensure that the highest level of caution is applied most especially for incidents that will be a threat to their emotional states. The sad thing about fear is that it makes the individual avoid taking risks that would benefit them.

fear 1 Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 1 human instinctive behaviors

fear 2 Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 2 human instinctive behaviors

 2 Anxiety

Anxiety works alongside fear. That is to say; one doesn’t work without the other. Because fear is a feeling that is normal for us to experience, it can bring about anxiety. It is an uneasy feeling which you usually experience anytime that you are going through a difficult situation. At this point, you want to get reports on the results of such a case. One of the positive sides of anxiety is that it can help you take action on a particular issue to bring the fear of any danger to its end. We can achieve that while taking advantage of it in a healthy way.

laptop upset woman financial issues Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 3 human instinctive behaviors

anxiety.. Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 4 human instinctive behaviors

 3 Frustration and Anger

When you are trying to achieve a particular goal and nothing seems to work after all your attempts, frustration tends to invade you. When failure continues, it can lead to anger. It can be very annoying to try to do something and discover that it doesn’t work. There are lots of situations that can make someone frustrated. These could be leaving a piece of equipment behind, damaging something essential, not having enough time to get a task completed and more.

Frustration and Anger 1 Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 5 human instinctive behaviors

laptop online work Woman angry looking at computer screen Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 6 human instinctive behaviors

 4 Survival 

The survival instinct seems to be one always exists in every human; they want to survive in every situation that they find themselves in. It is the innate behavior that is responsible for humans fighting themselves over a particular position or office. According to experts, it is that part of humanity which makes them selfish towards specific goals. They only think about themselves at this point, and they will stop for nothing to get what they want. An individual who finds himself in a society is another perfect example as he will only think about how he survives.

success Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 7 human instinctive behaviors

human survival instinct McLeans triune brain Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 8 human instinctive behaviors

 5 Holding Grudges

It is another obvious instinct present in humans. People always have grudges against those who feel they wronged them in one way or another. It is a natural feeling that you experience when someone offends you. As experts explained, holding a grudge against the people is not the best way to solve problems.

Holding Grudge Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 9 human instinctive behaviors

relationship couple argue Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 10 human instinctive behaviors

 6 Feelings of Guilt 

Usually, you encounter this when you survive something very terrible. It may be an accident or something that has to do with life. At such point, there is always a sense of guilt. You will wonder why you managed to survive the accident. It is a feeling that once used the right way,  can make you feel motivated to escape from a situation that seems hard.

Feelings of Guilt Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 11 human instinctive behaviors

Feelings of Guilt. Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 12 human instinctive behaviors

 7 Depression

Humans always feel depressed over a certain period that it may lead to other abnormal conditions if not handled properly in the initial stages; there are cases led to committing suicide. Depression is a product of frustration that if it continues without defeating, it will bring about depression. It is an indication that such a person has reached a point in this case where he or she is helpless and hopeless.

Depression 1 Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 13 human instinctive behaviors

Depression Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 14 human instinctive behaviors

 8 Feeling of Being Lonely

Humans love associating with one another, and this is evident in Maslow’s popular theory. They want to socialize and known among their peers. There are very few people who go against this rule as it is normal. One of the best sides of loneliness is that it helps you to discover yourself more. Sometimes when you contact others around you, you will begin to place them in very high esteem thinking that they have abilities you don’t possess. However, when you spend some time discovering more about yourself, you will see that you can do much better than these individuals.

lonely. Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 15 human instinctive behaviors

lonely Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 16 human instinctive behaviors

 9 Smiling

When you smile as a result of favorable circumstances around you, you can say that you are behaving instinctively at that point. It is one of the natural solutions to the problem of frustration and depression. The opposite of smiling is crying as responding emotionally to unfavorable conditions. There are times when people shed tears through which they will be able to achieve something extraordinary.

Smiling Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 17 human instinctive behaviors

smiling Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 18 human instinctive behaviors

 10 Resistant to Changes

Also, it is another an instinctive behavior in humans. Although change is the only thing that seems to be constant in life, it does not always work well with everyone. Even when humans eventually accept it, they assure that it will not be easy as they are going to resist mightily.

resistant Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 19 human instinctive behaviors

Resistant to change Top 10 Instinctive Behaviors in Humans .. [Shocking Results] - 20 human instinctive behaviors

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