Top 10 Amazing Ways HGH Influences our Bodies

As the name suggests, the Human Growth Hormone supports growth and development of human body. This peptide hormone is synthesized by the pituitary gland and is popular for its immense uses. Read on to know in what ways HGH influences our bodies. Some of them may even surprise you!

1 Increases Lean Body Mass

One of the reasons why HGH is popular among bodybuilders and athletes is because it increases muscle mass and strength without any extra effort. Although the increase is minimal (about 9% increased body mass without exercises), athletes have to take Insulin, IGF-1, and other anabolic steroids in combination to become bigger, leaner and faster.

2 Helps in Calcium Retention

Senior people complain about knee pains and back aches very often because their bodies could not store enough calcium at an early age. Moreover, people over the age of 50 are more likely to experience osteoporosis, especially common in women. The human growth hormone can be used in such situations. HGH locks calcium inside bones to make them stronger.

3 Speeds Up Weight Loss

HGH is known to stimulate the process of lipolysis that helps in breaking down fat into energy. The body can use this energy to carry out important functions while keeping you active. The change may not be noticeable overnight, but within a couple of months, you’ll start feeling a gradual decrease in weight. So all those weight conscious fellows out there, we recommend using HGH supplements for no longer than 3-6 months for weight loss purpose (expert supervision is strongly recommended). It is very effective fat burning hormone only if you take the proper dosage, otherwise, instead of losing weight you’ll just become a real-life bobblehead.

4 Supports Cell Repair and Cell Regeneration

The major function of Human Growth Hormone is to promote cell growth, but that’s not all it can do. This peptide hormone also supports cell repair and cell regeneration. Consider a situation when you get injured, the skin cells need to repair themselves quickly to stop blood loss. The more time it takes, the more threatening it becomes. Similarly, in case of brain injury, brain cells require quick healing to prevent any chronic damage to the brain. The process of repairing and regeneration of cells is vital for a human body to survive. The inability of the body to regenerate the blood cells can lead to blood deficiency.

5 Prevents Bone Fracture

As mentioned earlier, HGH makes bones stronger and prevents fracture. A normal HGH level accelerates the healing of bones. So, even if you get a fracture, you will recover speedily. Moreover, you don’t have to face issues like knee pains, backaches, and hip injuries as you grow older. You can improve HGH production naturally by sauna (HGH secretion is temperature dependent too) or by jogging daily for an hour. Vitamin-enriched diets and a proper sleep keep the HGH levels normal too.

6 Normalizes Child Development

Child development is a major concern for every parent. Parents compare their child with the children of same age group, and that’s when the difference becomes noticeable. Whether they have underdeveloped teeth, slow hair growth, premature features or shortage of height, know that something is wrong. Most HGH deficient children are moody, irritable and hungry all the time. FDA has approved the use of HGH injections for treating the affected children; however, their use for off-label purposes is not permitted. HGH plays a huge role in the proper growth of children.

7 Limits Genetic Diseases in Kids

HGH injections are primarily used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency and development disorders. These disorders are genetic and have a huge impact on the normal development of a child. The symptoms may include short height, premature features and delayed puberty in comparison to other children of the same age. Turner’s syndrome is a medical condition in which girls undergo abnormal development, while in Prader-Willi syndrome, children are continuously hungry. HGH deficiency can also lead to a chronic kidney disease. HGH treatment can overcome all these genetic disorders.

8 Reduces Nutrient Deficiency and Risk of Diseases in Adults

Besides children, HGH can overcome nutrient deficiencies in adults. A medical condition known as short bowel syndrome is common in adults. In this disorder, the body is unable to absorb the nutrients properly because of a severe intestinal disease. In other cases, it happens when a large portion of small intestine is surgically removed. Additionally, the patients with HIV/AIDS suffer from muscle deterioration, which can be treated with HGH therapy.

9 Accelerates Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Another interesting fact about HGH is that it increases the resting metabolic rate (RMR) by almost 20%.  In the resting state, your body will still be able to burn a considerable amount of fat to support other functions like breathing and blood circulation. This means you can lose excess fat without exercising. On the other hand, normal HGH levels can improve your hunger. When your metabolism rate increases, you don’t feel hungry very often and eat sufficient amount of food, which is healthy for your digestive system.

10 Removes Signs of Aging

Do you know HGH can restore your youthful glow? I bet not! Yes, it is common knowledge now that HGH makes you strong, tall and lean, but you should know it also makes you beautiful. It’s good news for all those women who complain about wrinkles, dry skin and hair loss in their late 30s. The HGH sufficiency improves your looks making your skin wrinkle free and flawless, while also protecting the color and health of your hair. So, you end up looking young, fresh and dewy even at an old age.

Other prominent benefits of HGH include improving sleep cycle, strengthening the immune system, improving vision, increasing memory and giving you an energy boost. But all this does not mean HGH is a magical potion. You need to be very careful with HGH dosages. The excessive use of this growth hormone can cause acromegaly, which can cause overgrowth of areas like brows, jawbone, hands, and feet. In severe cases, it can also result in death. We highly recommend medically prescribed quantity and doctor’s supervision. For more information on HGH, click here.


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