5 Reasons to Use Kratom for Depression and Anxiety?

Kratom is the new medical marvel that has been thrust upon Western markets over the last 12 months, but people are still unsure what exactly Kratom is and what it does. Kratom is a plant that is found growing in the pacific region, in dense jungles in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia amongst others. It has been used in ancient medicine for millennia and is only now being openly marketed in western countries. Kratom has been used to treat a variety of ailments, from diarrhea, aches, pains, and sores, and now it is being used to treat depression and anxiety. So how can Kratom help manage symptoms? Well, we have five reasons here for you to help!

1 Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

The renowned website deals with such matters Kratom Crazy suggests that the plant is highly effective at managing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Low-level dosing can alleviate social anxiety, making social situations more palatable for people by increasing sociability, which is larger where social anxiety comes from. Higher doses can help people who are having depressive episodes, by helping to level you off and bring you into a euphoric feeling. High doses help to sedate if you are unable to sleep or settle due to anxiety, and it has been known to help induce a dream-like state.

2 Natural and Legal

Kratom is a leaf that grows in dense jungle and is collected and either used as it is or turned into powder form so it can be used as a supplement. There are very limited things added to it, so it stays in its natural state to help people treat their ailments. Some people prefer alternative therapies to the widely-prescribed medicines; therefore, Kratom is a good option for people looking for ways to manage their symptoms in a more natural way. Unlike other plants that can be used to manage symptoms of depression and stress, Kratom is totally legal in all of its forms. No grey areas are surrounding its legality and use. So, it can be taken across states with no fear of any issues for trafficking.

3 You Only Need Small Doses

You only need quite small doses of Kratom for it to be effective. The leaf is metabolised by the human body very quickly; you can expect to feel the effects within 5 to 10 minutes of ingesting it. This means that it is easy to microdose to keep yourself at a level, with each dose lasting between 2 and 5 hours. A small dose will increase your sociability, which can help to limit your anxiety about social interactions. A slightly larger dose can help you become calm, especially if you find yourself having a particularly bad day with increased symptoms. Like with all things, it is possible to take too much, so be wary when you begin taking kratom for the first time. Start small and start slow; the effects come on a lot faster than other drugs, so your dose will be easy to manage.

4 Kratom Is Safer Than Opiate

Large amounts of people battle opiate addiction; it really is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. If you are using opiates to bring you into a calm state, then Kratom can help. It has been suggested that Kratom can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms from opiates. Addiction, depression, and anxiety are an extremely complex being; if you can effectively manage your withdrawal symptoms with Kratom. In turn, kratom can help manage anxiety and depression symptoms by helping calm you. Some people have even reported that it put them into a dream-like state with feelings of euphoria.

5 There Are Many Ways To Take Kratom

Unlike other supplements, kratom can be taken in many ways; CBD oil, especially commercially made, have very low levels of the active ingredients, which are lost through intense processing, such as extreme heat or pressing. This doesn’t happen with Kratom; you will be able to benefit from the full effects of the plant as you can ingest it in its purest form. You can sprinkle kratom powder on food, boil the leaf in tea and simply ingest the leaves. This will all help alleviate anxiety and depression as you will be able to measure your intake and what effects these have on your symptoms and make adjustments accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Kratom can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety across all levels of doses. It is natural and effective treatments that can help you reduce sever episodes and help you get on with your day to day life. Kratom is a fantastic alternative to opiate-based drugs as it does not have the same addictive properties, and doses are easy to regulate. You can take Kratom a variety of ways, making it an exceptionally versatile plant.

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