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Top 10 Most Filling Foods Make You Don’t Feel Hungry

The main problem people face when having a diet is that they still hungry. They have to lessen the amount of their meals, so they feel unsatisfied and low in energy. So, when having a diet, it is important to take in mind that you should pay attention to the most filling foods. For your health, we searched enough to bring you the top 10 filling foods.

10 Baked Potato:

In a study conducted to measure the satiating index of foods, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread, boiled potatoes were ranked the highest, since they felt fuller and had fewer two hours after overwhelming them. The baked or boiled potato is full with vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.

Baked Potato

9 Eggs:

Eggs are one of a small amount of foods that are a full of proteins, meaning they have all nine necessary amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. Adding together vegetables to a mix up of eggs increases its volume and fiber for a small amount of extra calories. Yet, eggs make you full of longer hours.

Improving performance

8 Greek Yogurt:

Researchers conduct a study about the eating habits of 120,000 people and found that yogurt was the sole best food for decreasing pounds. Nestlé Nutrition Institute study proved that having dairy proteins augments satiety, decreases food intake and maintains blood sugar fixed. Indeed, Greek yogurt includes double protein and a smaller amount sugar than the standard yogurt.


7 Apples:

Apples are one of the fruits that have pectin, as they slow digestion and give a feeling of fullness. Those eating an apple in their meal felt fuller and ate less than those who have a calorically equal amount of juice. That means you can eat many of these low-energy-foods, high-fullness fruit and stay away from feeling deprived while bringing up the rear weight.


6 Popcorn:

In a night, while watching a movie, you could intake 3 cups of pop corn. This funny meal occupies more space in your stomach, and when you see a big bowl of popcorn sitting in front of you, it makes you feel that you are having more calories and that you will feel satisfied when you finished your bowl.


5 Figs:

It is a great natural heal for a sweet tooth; bright figs have an opaque consistency and sweet tissue that are rich in fiber. It decreases the release of sugar into the blood, avoiding the irregular high by cookies or a cake.


4 Oatmeal:

It is a filling meal, as it is rich of fiber content and because of its eerie skill to soak up liquid, just like a sponge. It is added to water or skimmed milk, and then it thickens and passes in your digestive system in longer time, to make you feel fuller. Moreover, if you add some nuts, you will get a very healthy meal.


3 Wheat berries:

Wheat berries are whole-wheat kernels that have one of the highest amounts of protein and fiber. Protein existing in wheat berries stimulates the hormone ghrelin, so that our brain gets that we are satisfied. Mix wheat berries with apples and nuts to have a super yummy salad.

Wheat berries

2 Avocado:

This fruit is not full of fat that gain you weight, as claimed. This fat let you feel satisfied between meals, so as not to take some snacks. Avocados have slowly digested fat that let you full for longer time. You can add them to salad, or omelets, to have a tasty meal.

Fights cancer

1 Smoothies:

According to a Penn State University study, these amazing drinks let people feel full and have less food at their next meal. Mix ice and skimmed milk or yogurt together, and then add a fruit to the mixture.


These foods should be taken when you are going to follow a diet to lose weight.


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