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Top 10 Hardest Marine Accidents in The World

People are reported dead or missing in many accidents, even by buses, cars, planes or ships. Victims are to be exposed to dangerous scenes that cannot be endured. One of the ways people are reported dead or missing is the sea. Ships despite being one of the most important means of transportation, they claim the lives of many people. Here in this article, a list of the top 10 worst ship accidents will be shown.

10 MV Doña Paz:

On December 20, 1987 this Philippine ship sank after crashing into the MT Vector. With a likely death toll of 4,375 people, the crash caused the deadliest ship disaster. Since most of the passengers were sleeping during the night the ship crashed into the Vector that was having 8,800 barrels of gasoline. A fire was inflamed immediately that speedily spread to the Doña Paz, and in the surrounding water.

9 RMS Lancastria:

It is a British ship that was seized by the government during the World War II. It was sunk in 1940, claimed about 4,000 lives, perhaps many more. This is deemed to be the most horrible loss of life and the bloodiest solitary engagement for the UK forces in all of the World War II.

8 MV Goya:

It is a German transport ship that had 6,100 about passengers on board, when it was sunk on April 16, 1945, in the World War II. Just after being struck by the torpedo, MV Goya sank, to murder almost all of the passengers inside the ship and outside it by drowning in the icy waters.

7 USS Indianapolis:

On July 30 1945, after delivering the critical parts for the primary atomic bomb used in combat to the US air base at Tinian, USS Indianapolis was struck by the Imperial Japanese Navy submarine, to vanish under water just after 12 minutes. About 300 were reported drowned with the ship.

6 SS Mont-Blanc:

It is a French ship that exploded when carrying shells in Halifax Harbour on the day of December 6, 1917, to lead to the Halifax Explosion, and kill about 2000 people in the city of Halifax, Canada. The outburst was a result of a crash with the Norwegian ship SS Imo.

5 RMS Titanic:

The Titanic was ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on the day of April 15, 1912, after crashing into an iceberg throughout a voyage from UK to New York City, US. The dipping of Titanic led to the deaths of about 1,514 people in the third most lethal marine tragedy in history. The crash unlocked five of its sixteen waterproof sections to the sea. In excess of the subsequently two and a half hours, the ship slowly filled with water. Passengers and some of the crew were abandoned in lifeboats.

4 MV Le Joola:

The Senegalese government-owned ship that overturned off the coast of The Gambia on September 26, 2002,  to lead to the death of1,863 people. The plummeting of Le Joola is believed to be one of the maritime disasters.

3 RMS Lusitania:

This ship traveled from Liverpool, England and New York City. During the World War I, the ship was struck by a German torpedo, and then sank in only 18 minutes of being struck on May 7 1915.

2 MV Wilhelm Gustloff:

In 1945, the German ship was struck by 3 torpedoes in the Baltic Sea during taking part in the migration of civilians, military personnel, and the Nazi officials that were besieged by the Red Army in East Prussia. An expected 9,400 people were reported missing in the disaster.

1 RMS Empress of Ireland:

It is a Canadian ship that sank in the Saint Lawrence River after a clash with a Norwegian collier in the morning of the day of May 29, 1914. The catastrophe killed about 1,012 people.

These marine disasters are very painful for their victims.


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