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Top 10 Most Famous Lies In History

We always search for the truth, but in this article we shed light on lies made in history. Many facts we believe in are simply lies, created for a purpose to hide a secret, pretend to be another, or to gain propaganda. Here is a list of the top 10 lies in history.

10 Han van Meegeren’s Vermeer Forgeries

This lie appeared because of a classic case of desire to satisfy the critics. Han van Meegeren was an artist who felt underappreciated and believed he could deceive art experts into confessing his mastermind. In the beginning of the 20th century, scholars were squabbling about whether the great Vermeer had painted a sequence of works portraying biblical scenes.


9 Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

When Bernie Madoff confessed that his investment firm was just one great lie, it was an irony. In 2008, he admitted to having conned about $50 billion from investors who have confidence in him with their investments. Madoff made use the f­ormula of a Ponzi scheme to carry on implanting the fraud for more than ten years.This classic lie is called after the infamous Charles Ponzi, who made use of the trick in the beginning of the 20th century.


8 The Trojan Horse

When the Trojan Paris escaped with Helen, wife of the Spartan king, war burst out. It had been raging for a decade when the Trojans thought they had in conclusion overcome the Greeks. In a caress of genius, the Greeks built a massive wooden horse with an empty belly in which men could put out of sight.

The Trojan Horse

7 Anna Anderson, Alias Anastasia

With the attack of the Russian Revolution, the survival of a royal family was intolerabl­e to the Bolsheviks. In 1918, they slaughtered the royal Romanov family, Czar Nicholas II, his wife, and the rest of the family to make sure that no legal heir could later come back and unite the public for support. Almost immediately, rumors floated around that some members of the royal family had fled and survived.

Anna Anderson, Alias Anastasia

6 Titus Oates and the plan to Kill Charles II

When he produced his infamous plot, Titus Oates already had a history of dishonesty and ­general knavery. He had been ejected from some of England’s finest schools as well as the fleet. Oates was even convicted of lying under oath and fled imprisonment. However, his main lie was still ahead of him. Oates joined Cambridge as a young man to study for Anglican orders. Following bad behavior got him dismissed from his Anglican post, he started connecting with Catholic circles and pretended conversion

Titus Flavius Josephus

5 The Dreyfus Affair

This scandal was based on a lie that radically influenced national politics and was brought about for years by abhorrence. Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish officer in the French Army in the concluding stages of the 19th century when he was convicted of a treasonous crime, which is about revealing military secrets to Germany.

The Dreyfus Affair

4 The Cherry Tree Anecdote

The famous story of how George Washington reduced a cherry tree as a boy is an enormous irony sandwich. The story is supposed to show to Washington’s firm honesty, which would be vast if the tale wasn’t forged by his biographer, Parson Weems. The tale still has some hoard as honesty is the most excellent policy, as well as a prompt that hatchets produce great gifts for children.

The Cherry Tree Anecdote

3 Einstein Failed Math

Einstein said that he had already been successful at differential and integral calculus by 15. Certainly, he was very talented as a teenager that he came up for an interchange proof for the Pythagorean hypothesis, for FUN.

- Albert Einstein

2 The Cuban Missile Crisis

Krushchev lied about putting missiles in Cuba, JFK named his trick, and the world approximately exploded. Because of an entire ton of luck and expert negotiation, it stay behind unbroken.


1 The Unsinkable Titanic

Throughout the lead-up to the RMS Titanic’s only voyage, the ship was depicted as unsinkable. Without a doubt, when news of the tragedy reached New York, the VP president of White Star Line refuted it, saying, “We rest unqualified trust in the Titanic.

The Unsinkable Titanic



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