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Top 10 Strangest Phobias Can Affect You

Fear is always a feeling deep inside in every soul. Everyone has something that represents a fear. It causes many problems to the people, sometimes physically and others psychologically. This chronic fear is called phobia. It shows up when the causes leading to the phobia take place. If you are interested in this topic, follow this article that reviews the top ten strangest phobias.

10 Ergophobia:

It is a kind of phobia that many people suffer from, although being weird. It revolves around the fear of work or the place of work environment. Psychologists think it is a mixture of a variety of fears such as not achieving the assigned tasks, having social unease, and public conversation. Indeed, any normal person is afraid of having a new workplace, but this fear is decreasing gradually. However, many people are not accustomed to their new environment.

9 Somniphobia:

Somniphobia includes irrational and unwarranted fear of sleep. Somniphobes fear falling asleep as they link going to bed to dying. It may also caused by feeling of need of control or because of suffering recurring nightmares. Somniphobics can fear wasting time while sleeping.

8 Coulrophobia:

Coulrophobia is moderately a widespread phobia, and typically exists in children in line with various surveys. The frightening clown has often been employed in popular culture. Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp are deemed to be Coulrophobia sufferers.

7 Trypophobia:

Sufferers of trypophobia are afraid of things with small holes. Thousands of people are discovered to suffer from this phobia. A new research states that trypophobics links holes to danger. It interprets holes as dangerous things. There are some symptoms accompanying Trypophobia such as nausea, prickly skin and full panic attacks.

6 Eisotrophobia:

This phobia is for people who are really afraid of one’s own reflection, therefore the people with this phobia are not able to take a look at a mirror or anything that reflect their shapes. They are afraid that they have an irregularity, or that there is a person hiding behind them. Some people who do not accept their body shape refuse looking at the mirror to an extent that causes Eisotrophobia.

5 Didaskaleinophobia:

This is a phobia that focuses on people who are afraid of going to school. Indeed, kids hate school but some kids hate it to the extent that they are afraid of it. This phobia is usually due to the fear of departing the house and family, and facing peer pressure, harassment, etc.

4 Ablutophobia:

Having a shower is necessary to personal hygiene. Yet, there are people called Ablutophobia-sufferers, they do not believe that washing is attainable because it is something that terrifies them. This phobia is found in women and children passing with emotional volatility due to past shocks.

3 Scopophobia:

Indeed, it is deemed to be a fear of being stared at. It may seem unbelievable but Scopophobics have this great fear of drawing attention to themselves. So, they become cold and unfriendly with others. They become suspicious of being looked at, thus they want to stay alone or at least at home far from people’s eyes, they reject to be grabbed out of their own world.

2 Chrometophobia:

Chrometophobia is an over fear of money that is certainly one of the weird phobias you might not be conscious of. It seems absurd that a person will ever have a fear of money whereas almost all people else need large amounts of it. People suffering from this phobia prefer having credit cards rather than having cash money.

1 Chorophobia:

There are people who are afraid of dancing, they prefer stay seated in social events when they are anticipated to dance, as they are just too shy. This excessive fear of dance is named Chorophobia.

Concluding, phobias are excessive and irrational fear of something. There are some therapies to them. If you are suffering from one of them, get a psychiatrist’s recommendation.

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