Top 10 Biggest Navy Ships in the World

This world where we are living is not always as peaceful as we all wish for it to be. For as long as the earth was brought into being, wars have always been one of the most inhumane methods used for taking over lands or resources; and no matter how much people hate wars, they never seem to ever stop for a lot of reasons, mostly political ones. The existence of wars and terrorism have destructed the trust between human beings, especially between those who are not living on the same land, so protection has become essential part to every country, and this is when the military role come into play; they protect their own countries; their land, air, and water. In order to protect their territorial waters, they build up naval ships, not actually regular ones; they are bigger, faster, and stronger. Of course, this is how these ships could provide the ultimate protection and face any challenges. Navy ships are always loaded with guns and weapons and usually have bigger vessels than ordinary ships. Check out the list below that introduces you the top 10 biggest naval ships around the world.

10 Izumo Class Naval Ship

Izumo Class is a Japanese fleet that is almost about 813 feet long. It is deemed to be the largest naval ship that Japan has ever constructed since the Second World War. The ship’s astonishing length has made it capable of acting as a great carrier for helicopters; it can carry up to fourteen helicopters at once, showing great space as well as strength. The ship is loaded with some guns and weapons as well as shells that are able to defend the surface against air attack, however the defensive methods of this ship are not considered that powerful, for it has no offensive missiles because such weaponry would be considered as a violation of the constitution of Japan.

9 People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)

Well, the fleet’s name is a bit long, but it is most commonly referred to as PLAN, and let us also emphasize on the fact that the abbreviation is well-chosen for something that is related to the military since they always need a plan. The PLAN is a modern fleet that was funded by China after its economy has significantly improved; it consists of boats which main purpose is to attack as fast as possible, and it is also capable of carrying an aircraft. PLAN usually provides helicopters too in the crucial times as well as fighters that are shore-based, in case the attackers have been able to make it past the ship and reached the shore.

8 Admiral Kuznetsov Class

The Admiral Kuznetsov Class is a relatively large ship that is able to carry several air crafts and it is operated by the navy of Russia. The length of this Russian Admiral Kuznetsov Class is almost about 1001 ft. and it is capable of carrying almost about 55,000 tons. The Russians usually call it the beast since it has been successfully on a great number of services. The ship is also provided with a lot of offensive weaponry for either defensive or attack purposes, and that includes about sixty rockets, fifty-two air crafts as well as about a hundred and ninety-two missiles.

7 Charles de Gaulle Class

There is no need to mention that the title of this ship is definitely operated by the navy of France, and it is quite obvious from that sophisticated language of the French people. It is one of the biggest navy ships around the world with a length that reaches almost 858 ft., and it is actually the first French naval ship that is generated by a nuclear reactor. It is capable of carrying about forty air crafts, and provided with the minimal amount of weapons including light guns and some missiles for defensive purposes. Charles de Gaulle Class is considered one of the ships provided with the largest tank ever that it is said that the ship is capable of sailing for long years before refueling is needed. This ship has faced challenges when it was first constructed, but fortunately, it could make it through all the obstacles that, later, it participated in several operations around the world, including the war against Taliban in Afghanistan.

6 Invincible Class Naval Ship

The Invincible Class is one of the best warships that are operated by the Royal Navy of the Great Britain. It is thought to be the smallest naval ship among all the other ones around the world, for the ship’s length reaches almost about 686 ft., but it is the largest aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Despite its relatively modest size, it is still capable of carrying about twenty-two air crafts and it is provided with systems that are capable of guarding the ship against any violent attacks.

5 Modified Clemenceau Class

Well, it is obvious that the ships of the Clemenceau Class have been modified because it was first operated by the French navy, but later it was sold to the Brazilian navy. This Clemenceau Class ship was first named as Foch, but after it was bought by the Brazilian navy, it was renamed to be in harmony with their own culture, so it is currently known as the Sao Paulo. The ship is one of the largest warships in the world as it is about 868 ft., and capable of carrying about thirty-nine air crafts. Once it was introduced to the Brazilian navy, it was witnessed to have undergone several modifications regarding the engines, weapons that are used for the defensive purposes, sensors and also the decks that are primarily made for the air crafts.

4 Sejong the Great Class Naval Ship

The name of the ship might sound weird, but do not frown upon hearing or saying it out loud, for probably that is how the Asian names sound and this Sejong the Great Class is operated by the navy of the Republic of Korea. It is deemed to be the biggest ship destroyer in the whole Republic; it is almost 541 ft long and it is capable of carrying two helicopters. The warship also uses electric motors and it has several modern weapons as well; it is also provided with sixteen missiles that guard the ship against the attacks.

3 Modified Kiev Class Naval Ship

The Kiev Class is originally Russian, but later it has been known as the Modified Kiev Class as it was sold to the Indian navy at the time when Russia realized that it was not capable of supporting the budget of its naval equipment, so it sold a significant quantity of its military utensils, including the Modified Kiev Class. The warship is one of the largest navy ships around the world as it is about 930 ft. and it is currently operated by the Indian navy, but all its equipment are still of a Russian origin because, as a part of the deal, Russia agreed to adjust the ship to accordingly meet the requirements of the Indian military.

2 Zumwalt Class Navy Ship

You definitely have expected for the navy of the United Stated to be featured somewhere on this list, and your guess was surely right as the Zumwalt class is one of the biggest as well as the most powerful warships in the world that is operated by the navy of the United States. Its length hits almost about 610 ft and it is known to be bulky and well-equipped with highly advanced capabilities of craftiness as well as a high-tech system of missiles to powerfully guard the ship. The Zumwalt Class is also provided with innovative armaments that are capable of hitting the target even if it is almost sixty-five miles away. It was also stated that the ship may get more innovative advancement in the future, including weapons that are powered by laser reactors as well as electromagnetic barrier gun.

1 Nimitz Class Naval Ship

Since the United States of America is definitely known to have the most powerful military around the world, there is no wonder that it is featured on this list for the second time for operating one more naval ship by its army, but the Nimitz Class Naval Ship is actually not listed on the top of the list haphazardly; it is number one because it is the biggest naval ship that is currently participating in operations around the world since its length is about 1092 ft. This navy ship is also expected to be in service for as long as fifty years from now for several reasons; one is the fact that the ship can sail for as long as 20 years before it  need to be refueled, and it is also provided with the most innovative systems that are used for defensive purposes.

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