Top 10 Life Hacks You Should Know In Summer

When winter says goodbye, we are ready for the summer. Weather starts to tell us its news feed. Clouds starts to slide gently to leave the place for the shiny sun playing in the blue sky. When summer is approaching, you should be ready with the life hacks. Here is a list of the top ten life hacks you need to know for summer in 2015.

10 Icy Drinks Everytime

When you call for a drink to cool down, hot water can be ghastly. Try to fill your bottle with water till the quarter and put it in your freezer. When the water freezes, it makes an icy layer around its sides without blocking the bottleneck. Every time you want to drink and cool off, just grab the bottle from the freezer, pour your favorite drink in it and enjoy the tasty cold drink.

9 Mango Hack

Grip yourself a mango and undertake this little trick. Cautiously cut off the two sides of the fruit, and grasp one piece in your hand. You can lightly cut some lines vertically, and others more across, awaiting the pattern is like a checkerboard. Take it with both hands and smoothly press on from the back. You’ll see taste sized pieces appear, and they’re standing by to eat. You can bring into play a spoon to rub them into a bowl. It’s fast, and they won’t get fixed in your teeth.

8 Anti-ant hack

In summer, ants welcome us, you’re searching for an expected form of pest control, what about measuring out a goblet of popcorn kernels. Crash those in a blender for about 30 seconds, and you’ll have with a group of fresh cornmeal. Just put together a few piles in the region of the ant trails and during a few days, your ant problems will fade away.

7 Eat Your Hamburger Upside Down

The next time you chomp a massive hamburger, what about turning it upside down. The tops are almost twice as wide as the bottoms, and many more hard-wearing.

6 Covert Container

When being at the beach, decrease the chances of stealing your things by creating a covert container. Take your old shampoo bottle and curl the top. Clean it then cut a hole in the top, to hide your expensive items inside.

5 Soda Cans and Straws

When putting a straw in a can of soda, it doesn’t stay. So, bend the tab of the can above the hole and glide your straw down through the tab. Now, your straw will be steady

4 Deodorize at bedtime

Apply deodorant prior sleeping. It is stated that the active ingredients can absorb better then for the reason that your sweat rate and body temperature are lower when sleeping. You can use it again in the morning if you shower.

3 Remove sweat stains with a lemon

You can retrieve your sweat-stained shirts with a blend of equal lemon and water. Rub the mixture into the stained fabric, and then bathe the shirt as you repeatedly would. In case it is a sunny day, dry the shirt externally. The sunlight will do the best alongside with the citric acid to get rid of the stains.

2 Lighten hair with natural ingredients

You can get bright locks without spending hours in the sun. Spew wet hair with a fusion of two fractions lemon juice to a fraction water. Do this again once every some days for one or two weeks till you get your preferred shade. If you own darker hair, you can get better results with this recipe.

1 calm sunburns with milk

If you need to reduce painful sunburn, you should pay attention to your kitchen. Mix equal amounts of milk, water and ice cubes in a basin. Immerse a dish towel in the combination and push it onto the burned area for about five minutes. It is stated that the fat as well as protein in milk contain anti-inflammatory profits, plus that the ice decreases swelling.


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