Top 10 Cheapest Places You Can Live In

Price is not all the time an evident for the good quality; these words are true when you are going to choose a place to live in. When you want to live in a good place, you will ask yourself about the cost of living in it. Here in this list, you will see 10 of the most inexpensive places in the world.

1 Kiev, Ukraine

This place is known for the middle income. It has good and cheap restaurants that offer delicious foods such as: fajitas and jumbo drinks. It is also known for the slums that work for the benefit of any one wants to live in. So, if you want a good and a cheap place to live in you can choose Kiev.


2 Bogota, Colombia

It is the most famous city in Colombia. It is the source of industry and economy there. This town has the ability to link between the state and economy and it works for the benefit of its people. So, it is an awesome place to live in and start your life.

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3 Santiago, Chile

It is called Santiago de Chile, and is known for the growth of economy. This city can overcome the world financial crisis by the low debt and the strong economy. It has many projects that will refresh the economy more and more such as the tallest building in Latin America. So, it is a very good place to live in.


4 Johannesburg, South Africa

It is one of the metropolitan areas in the world. The main source of economy is the trade of gold and diamonds. This place is known for the low cost of living. So, it will not cost you too much to live in, if you compare it with similar places.


5 Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico was ranked as the second richest city in Latin America; because of the growing income. The cost of living it too low there. It will not cost you too much to live in, so your wallet is going to be heavier, or you will be a rich one. This shows that your life will be happier, if you choose Mexico as a place to live in.

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6 Vilnius, Lithuania

It is a large financial city and the wealthiest city in Eastern Europe. Also, the population is over 535,091.  The economy is based on solar and laser technologies. Vilnius is considered a Gamma global city and it is known for its old town beautiful architecture. This city also will not cost too much as a perfect place to live in.


7 Lima, Peru

It is one of the most powerful industrial towns in Latin America. It is known for the Callao seaport which is one of the most important fishing and commerce ports. This city is the oldest institution of higher learning in the world which is the National University of San Marcos which was founded on May 12, 1551, and it is the biggest city in Peru. The economy is based on the quality workforce and cheap infrastructure.


8 Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world and Africa. It is also called the city of a thousand minarets. Cairo is full of publishing houses, media outlets and film studios. It is a metropolitan area. It has a lot of awesome places such as: the pyramids, Cairo Tower and many other good places. It is one of the cheapest places to live in.



9 Sofia, Bulgaria

It is the economic center of Bulgaria and  has many international companies that operate Bulgaria. This town has a great growth of economy; because of the powerful industries. As a result, the price of things increased such as the price of apartments. So, it is a cheap place but not the cheapest one.

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10 Quito, Ecuador

This town has the second highest income and the highest tax collection. It is also the most important economic region in the country. You will not find life in this place a very cheap, but it is one of the cheapest among the other expensive places. So, it is a perfect destination to live in.


In a nutshell, all of these places are excellent destinations to live in for anyone needs to live in a cheap and a good place.

Jack Thompson

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