Top 10 Things Americans Need to Know Before Visiting Paris

Visiting a place is really exciting and preferred by everybody. Even so, a lot of people want to travel to different places. Mostly, people love to visit a place that has natural and historical beauty. Among them, Paris is one of the most stunning cities around the globe. That’s why people love to travel to Paris because of its stunning beauty. Americans also have a tendency to travel to France, especially by Chicago-Paris flights. But it is vital to know some basic things before traveling to Paris. It will give some satisfaction and an idea of how to visit properly in a safe way. Even, it will make your visiting plan worthy.

The beauty of Paris

There are plenty of cities around the entire world. Among them, Paris is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. It is the most splendid city. The most familiar nickname of Paris is ” the city of lights”. In French, it is also called la Ville des Lumières. As it was the first among cities to have electricity, it has got this popularity. The city turns gorgeous, looking for its brightest lights. Paris is famous for so many things that have attracted a lot of tourists. Including them, the Eiffel tower is the symbol of this city and also the most known feature. It is a monumental city both by size and heritage. Actually, it is a wealth of historical heritage. A lot of people come to visit Paris to enjoy the unsurpassed view of the “Iron Lady.”  It is a boldly romantic city with numerous cafes. It is famous for its vivid cafe culture. The people of Paris are the most stylish in Europe. In a word, Paris is the most elegant and beautiful city in the universe.

The things Americans need to know before visiting Paris:

1 Learn the French language

Language is the basic medium for talking with someone. It is essential to know French. You can speak in English while visiting Paris, but it will be more beneficial for you if you know some basic words. You can practice for them before your trip.

2 Where to stay?

It is very important to arrange where you will stay after reaching the spot. As an American, you have to be aware of the following fact. In America, the floor number counts from the first floor. Whereas, in Paris and Europe it starts from the ground floor. That’s why you should keep this in mind. There are plenty of charming neighborhoods in Paris. But you have to check the cost and hotels before visiting. You should keep the changes to you for bathrooms if you want to go to a public toilet in your traveling way.

3 Take a flight

You can travel from the United States to Paris using different routes. But before traveling, you have to get the proper idea about their flight cost and duration. Especially, it is very much important to know the cost. The flight should be comfortable also for having a good trip. As New York is one of the most stunning cities in America, you can take a flight from New York to Paris. It will take 7 hours and 35 minutes to reach Paris. You can take the flight from Chicago to Paris. It will take 8 hours and 47 minutes. The cost for both flights is pretty much affordable.

4 Never involve in gamble or buy anything on the streets

In Paris, you will find some people who are playing gamble on certain tourist streets, especially the little cup game. You can see it seems like fun. It is harmless also. Actually, there are a few people who are working together to assure you the game is safe. But it is a scam to steal money from you. That’s why you should ignore these games. Otherwise, you will lose your money.

5 Don’t throw a cigarette on the street

If you are a smoker, you have to be more conscious. You should not throw your cigarette on the street. According to a new law, the government has declared a fine of 68 euro for throwing cigarette butts on the street. That’s why you should throw them in the trash. Otherwise, if a cop catches you, you will definitely be punished.

6 Be conscious of the restaurant opening time

You should be aware of the restaurant opening time. Otherwise, you will be starving. Lunch is served around noon to 2 pm. Whereas, the dinner is served around from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. You can make some reservations if you can. It is also an essential fact before visiting Paris.

7 Avoid expensive buildings

Money is a great matter while traveling, and you should avoid expensive rooftops. As Americans are always excited to enjoy the mysterious views, they are less aware of the expense.  You can try to search the hidden gems such as the Printemps Terrace or the George Pompidou Terrace. These will offer you a killer 360 view for free. But as it is the thirst for every tourist to enjoy the view of Paris from the skyline of the Eiffel tower, as an American, you can also do that. But try to manage the expenditure.

8 Stand right

The people of Paris tend to walk fast. They are a little bit impatient also. That’s why they have the rule to stand on your right so that you can walk smoothly without any struggle.

9 Avoid expensive cafe

Paris is famous for its cafe culture, but the cost is also very high in fancy cafes. That’s why you can avoid fancy cafes. For a cup of coffee, you can search out a few cafés in less touristy locations. Here you can pay less, and the coffee will be even better.

10 Learn about August

In August, most of the Parisians go for a vacation, and the whole city has a great vibe. But shops and restaurants will also remain closed at that time. For this, you have to walk for a few whiles to search out a restaurant. Hopefully, you will find a restaurant that is good in quality.


Paris is always vibrant in looking and a preferred place for visiting by the Americans. If you gather some important knowledge and follow them, it will make your trip more worthwhile.

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