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Top 10 Benefits of Bitcoin Investment for New Investors

Ever since Bitcoin came into existence in the world of digital currency in 2009, there is no doubt that it has been growing from strength to strength regarding popularity. Most financial experts have made predictions that in the next two decades, over 70% of investments online will be carried out using Bitcoin. This should explain a lot about its potentials and why you need to start considering this option of investment.

In case, you aren’t taking part in Bitcoin SV or any form of this investment at the moment; you can say that you are missing out on the numerous benefits it offers to investors around the world. The primary aim of this post is to expose you to some of these benefits. Discovering them will make you see genuine reasons why you should be part of this investment platform.

 1 Simplicity

There are lots of other ways to invest your hard-earned money while expecting it to yield some returns later on. However, lots of these methods are too complex for the average investor to understand and make the most from his investment. Bitcoin investment is simple to understand. For instance, anyone can understand the market conditions to determine whether a profit has been made from his invested amount or not. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge of the market as in the case of those stocks, shares, and many others. A company such as Crypto Members Club makes Bitcoin investment look like a walk in the park. It offers top investment tips to subscribers and also makes sophisticated tools available for investors.

 2 Stability of Prices

Perhaps this is why investors are using Bitcoin more than ever as a significant source of investment. The price has been very stable for almost two years which makes it very safe for investment. When the cost of any financial instrument isn’t permanent, there is always a problem in predicting what the future holds for investors. However, Bitcoin investment seems different as it has shown a very high level of stability over the last 24 months.

 3  It is Convenient 

Bitcoin investment is more convenient for investors than traditional methods used in the past. This makes it a reliable means of not just investment but also making payments. It comes with smart features which ensure that every investor gets the highest return from any amount invested. Another example is the absence of paperwork required to invest. Traditional investment methods need you to get some signed documents and even have a bank account. However, the Bitcoin investment takes away all of these hassles by ensuring that the process is as straightforward as possible.

 4 Absence of Third Parties 

Your bitcoin investment can’t be tampered by anyone who isn’t authorized to do so. This means that your investment is safe and you can sleep with your eyes closed. Every transaction is stored effectively in the database so you will not have to be bothered about information reaching third and unauthorized parties. The only unfortunate thing which an investor can experience is when an amount of Bitcoin is mistakenly sent to another account. Despite this drawback, it has proven to be very useful over the years.

 5 Minimal Taxes for HODLers

According to the government, the tax payments made by individual taxpayers contributes to the development and expansion of society. However, contrary to how positive that statement sounds, the majority of investors around the world would be happy to rid themselves of such a payment. The good news here is that Bitcoin—as well as every other cryptocurrency—isn’t taxed as heavily if you hold the investment long-term. If you’re a short-term investor, you will have to report profits on your federal income tax form as a capital gain and pay taxes on it. The decreased tax rate for long-term investors (HODLers) has made it a desirable form of investment for traders over the years. In its infancy, cryptocurrency didn’t have any tax legislation imposed on it, but now that more governing bodies are accepting it as a legitimate form of currency, you can expect these tax laws to change frequently.

 6 Zero Tracing 

This is another great benefit of investing in Bitcoin. In a world where cybercrime seems to be the order of the day on the internet, there has to be a much better and effective way to protect accounts. Bitcoin provides such means as its security system ensures that the accounts of individuals can’t be traced. Most of the Bitcoin investment platforms on the internet have a system where addresses of investors’ wallets are changed continuously.

 7 Diversification 

Bitcoin gives you another option to invest your money safely until the market goes in your favor. It isn’t just an option to invest your hard earned money like other platforms but comes with some of the most modern and sophisticated features that can enable you to get the best returns from your investment. Simply put, it gives every investor the chance of scaling their investments.

 8 Significant Returns

This is one of the reasons why financial experts claim that Bitcoin is the future of cryptocurrency investment. Are you searching for a financial instrument which offers very high returns on investment? Do you know that Bitcoin ticks all the boxes in such regards?  The returns on investment whether short or long term are always significant. This makes it a desirable investment platform that anyone can take advantage of today. You will be taught the A – Z of Bitcoin investment in Crypto Members Club. Just imagine some of the best experts coming to offer you some great investment tips that will enable you to make the most from your investment.

 9 Increasing Value

This makes Bitcoin one of the most profitable investments that anyone can take part in today and smile to the bank. Back then when it came into being in the year 2009, they were only worth some cents. However, all of these seem to be changing very fast as Bitcoins are now worth over $7000. The future looks good for every potential and existing investor. Most experts are predicting them to be worth over $50,000 in a few decades from now. Of course, with all the signs, you wouldn’t want to bet against such development.

 10 Low Charges 

Investors are usually put off once charges are high. This is because they have a significant impact on their ROI (Returns on Investment). Bitcoins don’t charge investors high. For every transaction, about 0.005 Bitcoin will be charged. This gives you the chance to make as much money as possible since normal transfer across banks usually costs thousands of dollars sometimes depending on the amount you plan to transfer.

Having seen all of the above, it is evident that Bitcoin has some great benefits which you can take advantage of today.

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